Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Body Of 8 Year Old Girl Found: Crime

Every time you turn to the news there is always something about death on it. It just breaks you heart when you hear of a innocent child being in the hands of a sicko and being murdered. When I see awful news, the only thing that goes through my mind is the the terror and fear that went through that little girls head. I can't imagine how scared she was, it is so sad. I give my heart out to the family and pray that these innocent babies stay safe. You can only do so much you know? Just try to keep your kids safe, because this world is not safe anymore. There is terror and phycos around every corner and the bad thing is, you don't even know who they are. I'm going to pray for this family, we all should.

Here's the video of the sad tragedy.

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adiaha.com said...

I saw this on the news too and was horrified. I too will pray for her family. Goodness that is so hard to digest.