Friday, April 10, 2009

Spicing Up The Bedroom: Sexuality

Hey! everyone loves sex, you can get it from anywhere. Lovers, friends, one night stands and even from your bestfriend's man LOL! just kidding, it's true though. Paying for it, I don't know I think it's pathetic if you pay for sex. Sure prostitution is a million dollar industry and it's the oldest profession, I still think it's pathetic. To each it's own. I think sex should never get boring, it's too much of a great feeling for it to be boring. Keeping the fire going in the bedroom is very important. Keep your lover happy, you don't want them to go astray.

Try a few of these tips to keep that fire going or to get it started in the bedroom, or on the counter tops, living room, car or where ever you like to have it.

Try some new exotic lingerie. There's nothing more sexier then wearing some hot lingerie with your boobs showing or butt hanging out.

Sexy Costumes, role play is fun and exciting. Pretending you are a cop or a hot nurse is sure to set a spark.

Foreplay, take the time to caress and get to know the body. Touch is a very powerful way of showing emotions.

Eatable underwear
that feeling of having your lover biting off your underwear will just make u want to jump out of your skin!

Sex toys are fun and can be an pleasant experience. You'd be surprise how many couples use them.

Porn movies, some think it is tacky, but porn movies can get the mood going and you might learn some different positions that you are willing to try.

That's all I have for now and I hope these can be of some help to you. Sexuality is a beautiful thing when shared only between to people that love and care for one another. Make it fun and adventurous, it'll make you feel good and have more confidence in the bedroom.

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