Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Natural Remedies For Dog Fleas, Bad Breath And Soar Throat

These days natural remedies are more sought after than buying over the counter medicine. Natural remedies if they work can save you money and experiencing side effects from certain meds. According to the TV show The Doctors here are some easy home remedies that will help you with:

Dog Fleas

This is an easy to make mixture that will get those annoying fleas off your dog's back.
Get lemon juice and water, mix it together and spray on your dog. Use until you see results, the good thing about too is that is have a great smelling scent. You can use this mixture to wipe of counters, stoves and more while leaving a nice clean scent.

Bad Breath For Spicy Foods

I love spicy foods but do not like the odor they leave in my mouth. I usually go for a mint or some gum, but according to The Doctors cranberry juice is very effective at eliminating bad breath after a spicy meal. Cranberry juice has a odor fighting bacteria that helps freshens breath and prevents bladder infections from occurring.

Soar Throat

A soar throat is so painful and annoying. There are many options to choose from to cure a soar throat such as lozenges, soar throat relief spray and more, but would you ever believe that one of your favorite snacks can treat this condition. To get relief from a soar throat just grab a bag of Gummie Worms! These chewy and fruity candies contains glycerin which offers great relief towards the pain in your throat.

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