Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doughnut or Toast

As I was sipping on my cup of coffee this morning, my stomach was bugging for something to eat. I said leave me alone later ok!. Grrrrr! Wow you are a fighter aren't you? There's a war going on in there and it needs it firearm. I said ok a few more minutes and I'll give you your fuel. I need to do this work and I'll take care of you as soon as I can, I'm pressed for time. Working trying to get things done and grrrr! It still puts up a fight no matter what! Hunger don't play.

Trying to finish up this last little job and then I'll take a break, but my hunger wasn't having it, grrrr. Finally I gave in and was stuck between a doughnut and toast. I had a doughnut yesterday my conscious said, I said this is between me and my stomach. Shut up! So stomach what should we have today? Don't have a real meal in front of me. Conscious jump in and said "toast" Completely ignoring that. Doughnut is what stomach wants and Doughnut is what it is going to get.

As I reached in to grab my delicious soft and moist cinnamon breakfast, all of a sudden I turn to the fridge and grab two slices of bread toasted it. It's no doughnut but I'd rather eat right then to eat with guilt. I said good job conscious, even though I wanted that doughnut sooo bad, my mind was telling me no and I listened to it no matter what I was craving.

Smart choices can be hard to make when it comes to food. If you have the willpower then making those choices will be just as easy as eating the wrong foods. When I ate my toast I felt so good and was proud of myself. My body was happy too!

When u make the right choices most of the time, then you get to enjoy the foods you love sometimes

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