Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love Poetry: I Love To Love But It Don't Love Me

I give, I give and give, but there's no appreciation. I love myself as well as I love others, one thing I see and I know is there's no love for me. Words are only words, it's action that I need. I take my heart and put it in the palm of his hand, there is doubt and confusion. Don't know if trust is lingering, I not sure I'm secure.

I love to love, but it don't love me

I dedicate time to build a bond of a sister, instead she dedicates to knock it down. Go away, go away with your troubles, because I don't have room for yours and mine. I love family I really do, in time they are the ones who will challenge you. Family are the ones who will love you and then deceive you. It is what it is.

I love to love, but it don't love me

He say he loves me and I truly believe it. In the back of my mind there is the growing vines of negativity. His sweet lips speak what my ears need to hear. The body feels so good, so warm and so sensual, the air captures me with the scent of his Cologne.

Security needs to be like titanium. Not only do I want to be love correctly I want to be surrounded in a world of you and only you. Your inner love is what I need, all you can give. When I look at you something is missing, my heart. What happen to it, I put it in the palm of your hands and now it is missing.

I love to love, but it don't love me

Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Magic Sensational Tension Reliever Body Massager And Vibrator

The best way to get stress out of your head to me is taking a walk, getting a massage, listening to music or having great sex. If you had to choose which two would you choose? I think it would be a massage and great sex great, I know it would be for me.

If your favorite stress reliever is to have a orgasm that is by far the number one relaxation ever. Sometimes your partner could be gone or busy and you are left alone to wait, that's your choice. He probably gives you the best massages and the best sex, but he's not even there to put his soft, strong hands all over you. He has a job, but not fulfilling his job in he bedroom.

What do you do?  You wait or try to pleasure yourself until he comes back home, but it's not the same. That's why sex toys are so popular because some women just can't be satisfied the right way unless they do it for themselves. Vibrators are a woman's best friend, some of us anyway. They are also a way of recreating the passion in your sex life. Sex toys can turn a dull and cold bedroom into a furnace of fire!

There is this one hand held massager that claims to work like magic. The Hitachi Magic Wand is quite prominent in the sex world. It's a personal massager that delivers relaxation, stimulation in every aspect of the word. This magic wand is great for sore muscles, neck tension, back stiffness and much more. Read reviews

The Hitachi Magic Wand has given women the best orgasms they have ever had. It is a multi-tasker of self pleasure, it even can be used on men. One operation can last for about 25 minutes and shoots out 5,000 vibration per minute. You can adjust the speed to your liking, either way it makes you happy from the inside and out.

This ordinary looking personal massager might not be attractive to the eye, but is packed with power. Never judge a book by it's cover. The hand held massager has been a best seller for 30 years. If you want to be good to your body, have mind-blowing, intense and multiple orgasms, you should give the Hitachi Magic Wand try. Not sure? Go here to read reviews about the best vibrator ever made.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Effective Tips For Preventing Gas

The bloating, aches, and irritability that comes with flatulence is so uncomfortable. Constipation is even a bigger problem, you can pass gas, but you can't go. It can be a nightmare and tamper with your social life. There are many things that can cause gas including foods, juices and spices.

To avoid the embarrassment take a step back and look at what you are eating and drinking. The foods that are your friend could be your enemy. Here are some foods that can cause unwanted gas. You also may be suffering from a condition called; lactose intolerance. It is when your stomach cannot digest dairy products and cause stomach problems such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, nausea and gas.


Garlic or garlic powder
Jalapeno and bell peppers
Spicy foods
Onion powder
Greens such as spinach, kale, turnip and collard
Sour cream


Fruit juices
Vegetables juices
Alcoholic drinks

There may be other things that may be causing flatulence. You should watch what you eat, monitor yourself to observe the reaction afterwards. Whatever is causing it, try to avoid it as much as possible. If there are more complications, see your doctor.

One home remedy that will reduce stomach irritability is baking soda. Take a teaspoon of baking soda with a 8 ounce cup of water. This is a effective way to relive the pressure from your belly.

Other culprits that may set off stomach gas is stress and nerviness

The Most Healthiest, Natural and Safest Way To Get Bigger Breasts

The body is a temple. And beautiful breasts are a testament to the beauty of a woman. Yet why does it feel like beautiful breasts are only attainable by getting lucky in the genetic lottery pool? Simple, beautiful women, with beautiful breasts, are everywhere. They're on magazines, on tv, on movie screens. As women we're consistently reminded in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that beautiful breasts are consistent with beautiful women.

That doesn't make us evil, or wrong, if we weren't blessed with bountiful boobies but wish we had them. Total Curve takes the approach that beautiful breasts are nurtured and grown with a woman's natural balance of tissues and phytoestrogens. Some women opt for silicone breast implants, and there is no disputing their popularity as the most often-performed cosmetic surgery in the United States. But are breast implants the healthiest option to breast augmentation? Let's look at the issues involved.

Breast surgery is not without risks, either. Complications from the surgery include scarring, thinning of breast tissue and potential problems with breast feeding. The silicone implants can trigger a capsular contraction, which is an immune response to a foreign object introduced within the breast area, causing collagen fibers to tighten and squeeze against the implants, which is unsightly at best and often painful.

Finally, there is the issue of coming back for more surgeries. The silicone breasts do not last forever, and while they can last for several decades, implants do, at some point and time fail. Then you have to worry about the silicone leaking or rupturing. It can be frightful, you have to be careful not to bet bumped into something too hard, or fall the wrong way. It can be harmful and costly.

What is a woman to do?

Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy is a natural and non-surgical breast augmentation process for women that nurtures your body and encourages beautiful breast growth. Using a daily supplement of safe phytoestrogens, a lifting and firming gel with Volufiline and an exercise program to increase the tone of the muscles supporting your breasts, Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy is clinically proven to grow bountiful breasts in women using her natural hormone balance and her existing breast tissues. No surgical knives, no silicone. Honest. Give Total Curve the chance to nurture your body with beautiful breasts.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Better Way Burn More Fat And More Calories With Interval Training

When you workout you have to make sure it is challenging your body for greater results. Once you get that heart rate up you are burning calories and fat. A high intensity workout is more beneficial for you if you want to achieve a better body and improve your well-being.

"Low intensity exercises don't get the heart rate up and don't burn as many calories as the high intense ones" says, Jillian Michaels fitness expert. This is a effective way to burn more fat. Interval training starts off at a slow pace, the exercises look easy, but it's a little more to it.

Any activity can burn calories, If you are looking to get that added burn and boost your metabolism do these fat-burning techniques that will give you quick and powerful results.

Treadmill users start off slow, then turn up the speed as far as you can go. This should last 20 seconds. Then reduce speed to slow down heart rate. You can repeat this for 20 or 30 minutes.

Same goes for bikers, for 20 seconds petal the bike and then turn up the speed and slow down. Repeat method for about 20 or 30 minutes.

Jumping rope is another way to do it too. Just jump for about 30 seconds and then take a break, repeat for about 20 or 30 minutes.

Interval training is very important and more effective then a low intense workout. It not only gives you that the power to burn lots of calories and lose fat, it also boost metabolism and keeps it going even after you are done. It challenges the body making it stronger.

Get the heart rate up and then slow it down that is the key. These are great fat-burning workouts that will help you establish a great body.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coffee Can Calm A Headache

Everyone don't like taking pain pills to get relief. Some just tough it out and others find other ways. If you love coffee, then you are on the right path. Drinking coffee can counter a headache by temporarily constricting dilated blood vessels, which may be causing pain, says Dr. Sheftell, cofounder and codirector of the New England Headache Center in Stamford, Connecticut.

But don't overdue it with the coffee. Too much java will after will cause the blood vessels to dilate painful again. I love coffee, but never knew to drink it for a headache. This is a good thing to know about caffeine.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nutrition Facts Putting The Puzzle Together With Calories, Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats

We all know what we need to eat to survive, lose weight and to get a significant amount of nutrition. Eat less calories, add more protein, lose bad carbs, consume good carbs, eat less fats, but eat the right ones. What does it all mean? How do these nutrients work together to provide us with greater health?

If you know more about nutrition you can get more results from it and have a stronger and better body. We count calories to manage weight, but how do they work for our bodies? Here are facts about how they work and benefit us.

Calories is the term used to describe the energy that food provides our bodies. Calories comes from the three main nutritients in food; carbohydrates, protein and fats. Foods that have more calories gives you more energy and foods that don’t give you less. Your body functions like a car the more you travel the more gas your car will need. People who are more active eat more calories and burn more fat. If you are less active and eat too many calories than you burn they store as fat and causes weight gain.

Healthy weight loss is decreasing 500 calories from your daily diet and losing about 1-2 lbs a week. Increase physical activity.

How do carbs work?

Carbohydrates gives your body fast acting energy that our bodies prefer to use. A gram of carbs equals 4 calories. Foods that contain these carbs include breads, pasta, rice, starchy vegetables (like corn, peas and potatoes) milk, yogurt and fruit or fruit juices. The catch is that carbohydrates can raise blood glucose levels, so it is very important to consume carbs at healthy amount.

Protein is made up of amino acids that are used by the body to build and repair tissue. Protein is also needed to make hormones and enzymes, and keeps the immune system working properly to fight off diseases and infections. Animal sources of protein are meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, cheese, milk and yogurt. You can also get protein from plant foods, such as dried beans and peas, soy products (such as tofu and soy milk) and peanut butter. A gram of protein equals 4 calories. Learn how GenF20 can strengthen your immune system, your body and boost metabolism for better health and healthy weight loss.

Fat is good

Fats play a crucial role when it comes to the health of our bodies. Eating a lot of fat is not needed and is bad for you. Fat keeps our skin healthy, make certain hormones, carry fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and help build cell membranes. Fat-based foods, such as oils, margarines, butter and nuts, also provide the body with calories. One gram of fat has 9 calories, which is a little more than double the amount of calories discovered in carbohydrates and protein. That’s why foods high in fat are so fattening.

Diabetics Need To Know These 2 Types Of Depression

People that have diabetes are twice as more vulnerable towards getting clinical depression as those without it. Those who suffer from diabetes are highly more at risk of letting their disease worsen. They tend to miss more days at work and lose a sense of their everyday well-being.

There are several types of depression, but the two main ones are dysthymic disorder and clinical depression.

Dysthymic disorder is a very mild form of depression that lasts for at least 2 years.  The symptoms of this disorder is:

  • Poor appetite
  • Overeating
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Sleeping too much
  • Fatigue
  • Feelings of hopelessness

The symptoms of dysthymic depression are not so serious, you or family members might not even recognize that it is there. Although the signs of this type of depression are not so obvious, it still can be hard to function.

Clinical depression is very visible. It is when a person has lost an interest in daily activities and pleasure most of the time. These feelings last for about 2 weeks. The mood change must be so severe that it disrupts your usual daily tasks at work, home or school.

Other symptoms of this type of depression are:

  • Significant weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Change in appetite
  • loss of energy
  • Hard time falling or staying asleep
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Sleeping too much
  • Sense of worthlessness or guilt
  • Thoughts of suicide

If you think that you or someone you know has these signs of depression, then you should seek help. It is important to learn about depression if you or someone you know may be prone to it and have diabetes. Sometimes it can be easy to miss. Depression also runs in the family as well.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stress Can Be A Mess On Your Body Learn How To Relax

Stress can be difficult to avoid, but there are effective ways to reducing stress in your life. Stress plays a major role in medical issues and health problems. It can cause high blood pressure, weight gain, hair loss, bad skin and destroy or damage relationships.

If your body is less stress you can be more happier and more healthier. Try these steps that will help you live better and relax more.

  • Take time to relax by taking a long bubble bath.
  • Go for a walk, if you have one bring your mp3.
  • Listen to music
  • Drink a small glass of red wine. It is very healthy for you and safe enough for you to consume one glass everyday if approved by your doctor.
  • Working out helps you tremendously be stress free.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, get some friends to help you out. That's what they are for.
  • Take it one thing at a time, multi-tasking can be frustrating. Finish one thing first before moving on to another.
  • Call mom she is always there to comfort you. Moms have that healing touch.
  • Put on a drama movie or watch a comedy. These movies are so good at making stress go away. Laughter is healthy for you and when you look at someone else's problems, you realize that yours might not be that bad.
The most crucial thing to always think about is yourself. You are top priority, if you are not 100% settled then you it's a problem for you and anyone else around you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Most Safest and #1 Way To Reduce Hot Flashes In Women

Who ever invented hot flashes needs to be dragged out in the street and shot.

That's sarcasm talking of course. No one invented hot flashes. And considering that 80 % of menopausal and post-menopausal women suffer from it, it's pretty darn unlikely that anyone would conjure up such a torment.

Ok, so how do you stop hot flashes? Or at least reduce them?

In a disturbing trend that has some critics second-guessing the medical field, a growing number of doctors are prescribing anti-depressants to reduce hot flashes in women.

Escitalopram, also known as Cipralex, is quickly becoming the pharmaceutical answer of choice for doctors looking to relieve their ever increasing waves of menopausal women looking to escape the evils of hot flashes.

There is some validity for using Cipralex to ease hot flash symptoms. According to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 55% of women given Cipralex for eight weeks reported a reduction in hot flashes by at least fifty per cent.

Using anti-depressants to soften the symptoms blow isn't limited to Cipralex. Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, or SSRI's, are also being used to inhibit hot flashes. SSRI's boost serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is sometimes called the happiness hormone and is thought to influence hot flashes.

The problem with otherwise healthy women using psychiatric drugs to treat hot flashes is that it exposes them to the anti-depressive properties the drugs were designed for  even though they're not suffering from depressive symptoms.

What's more, anti-depressants produce withdrawal effects, including dizziness and insomnia.

Over the years, there have been other attempts to find a solution to reduce hot flash symptoms. Hormone treatments initially showed promise in easing hot flashes in women. But this option fell out of favor in 2002 after the US Women's Health Initiative Trial, during which time researchers found a link between an estrogen-progestin formulation and increased risk of stroke, heart attack and breast cancer.

So that's it then? Do women just need to accept it as part of nature's overall biological plan for the female body and just deal with it?

Not quite. There is an alternative available to women looking to reduce hot flashes. Without pharmaceuticals. Without withdrawal symptoms or increased risk of breast cancer and heart attack.

There's Provestra.

Formulated with a series of all-natural ingredients, including theobromine, ginkgo, biloba, red raspberry and ginseng, Provestra is a natural libido enhancement therapy for women looking to put passionate sex back in their lives.

The good news for women suffering from hot flashes is that ginseng has been used since ancient times for its ability to ease symptoms of menopause. This makes Provestra a healthy and effective method for women to reduce the feeling of being hot and irritiable.

Side effects of certain medicines can also cause hot flashes.

Learn more about the product Provestra Here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Important Tips To Treating A Pulled Or Strained Muscle

A pulled or strain muscle is very painful especially if you've strained it in your inner thigh area. Well, my daughter did that and believe me it is no joke. My little girl hurt her leg by running and falling the wrong way on her leg. At first it didn't bother her, she was just complaining that it felt sore, but then a few days later she was in excruciating pain and couldn't walk.

Since her father was familiar with strained muscles we took care of her, carried her to the bathroom, gave her Tylenol pain reliever and tended to her needs. We figure she will be ok in a few days if we watched what we were doing and treated her. After two days she wasn't showing any progress, so we decided to take her to the hospital.

What is a strained muscle?

It is when the muscle has been stretched beyond it's limit. It can happen during excessive physical activity.

The doctors took xrays and diagnosed it as a pulled or strained muscle. So far she is very able to get around during the day. The doctors said to "keep ice on the muscle three times a day for 20 minutes while she is awake". They  then said to try to get her to walk to the bathroom so she can work the muscle and keep the circulation going and to keep her some pain reliever available for her discomfort.

It has been a week now and she is doing so much better. She is still limping around with support, but at night it bothers her more than it does during the day. It takes time for a muscle to heal, they can be tricky. One minute she is ok and the next she's hurting.

Here are some steps to treating a strained muscle if you happen to be going through a similar situation.

  • Do not walk on or use the muscle the first few days of injury.
  • Apply a ice pack 3 times a day for twenty minutes to the affected area
  • Take a over the counter medicines for pain, fever and discomfort.
  • If you want wrap it with a elastic bandage to hold and support muscle. Don't wrap it too tightly.
  • Do not take aspirin it can cause bleeding or bruising to the affected sight.
  • Keep elevated above heart level if you can.
  • Get plenty of rest.

It can take 1-2 weeks for a muscle strain to heal. If there is no change go to the doctor for proper treatment.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects Of Pain Killers

The number one reason of people becoming addicted to pain killers is by an injury or medical condition that causes them to have to take them to maintain pain. Even though they are miracle workers for those who suffer from agonizing and excruciating pain, they actually do more harm than good.

Pain pills after a long period of time can cause liver damage. It affects the mucus lining of the liver which protects it from harmful bacteria inside the stomach. If the mucus lining is deteriorating it can lead to ulcers (open soars inside of the belly).

Liver damage can lead to death and make you have a major operation called; liver transplant. It can be a life and death situation. The side effects of pain killers is especially more dangerous for alcoholics. Alcohol abuse also is very unhealthy for the liver and causes scerolsis of the liver.

Prescription pain killers are more dangerous than over the counter pain medicine because of the increase of the dosage. Consider lowering your intake to prevent more health problems

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nutrition It's Important To Know How Much Sugar To Consume

Eating too much sugar could be harmful to your body. It can cause diseases such as diabetes and add on unwanted belly fat. The last thing you want to do is to gain weight, especially when millions of Americans are overweight or obese. There are many who are trying to lose weight and they might not realize how much sugar they should intake. You should know about sugar if you are health conscience.

According to the TV Show "The Doctors" you should only consume about 8tsp of sugar a day. 4grams of sugar equals one tablespoon. This is very important facts about nutrition because it is the main cause of extra stomach fat. If you are struggling to lose belly fat then here is one thing you should know that may be a effective way to losing belly weight.

When you consume more than the recommended amount it settles into the second layer of stomach which is the introdominal area and then turns into the name everyone is familiar with "beer belly". So eating too much sugar not only causes too much fat in the stomach, it also causes diabetes, leads to poor skin and oral health.

Over the years of adding the extra sugar to your diet, you could have consumed about 15,520 pounds of excess sugar. The best way to avoid high sugar content is to alternate to low-sugar foods and beverages. Even fruits and healthy foods have it, so it wise just to learn and read about your foods before eating them. Be smarter and try to watch portions when it comes to junk foods.

Lowing your sugar intake is a great way to avoid health problems. If you are trying to lose weight in your stomach, remember observe your intake of the sweet content.

Skin Care Home Remedy Face Wash and Baking Soda Smooth Skin

Buying skin care products can be expensive, but if you happen to be low on cash here is a great a great way to get smooth skin. Facial scrubs are great for removing dead skin and revealing a radiant glow.

All you have to do if you have ran out of your favorite facial scrub is pour a small amount of your face wash into the palm of your hands and add a little baking soda to it. Rub into skin like you normally do and rinse. Feel you face, it will feel smooth and soft.

You can also use sugar too! The sugar will dissolve more quickly than the baking soda.

Look your best!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Secret To Making Hair Naturally Grow Healthy and Thick Men Hair Care

Man losing hair

There are plenty of ways to regrow hair, but how many actually work? Going bald is no picnic, it makes you feel and look old. Hair loss can be caused by stress, heredity, medications and illness. If you find yourself cleaning up more hair strands from the sink and the comb that once had only 3 or 4 strands of hair, now has more than you can count. Then you need to take action before it’s all gone. Even if you’ve already lost too much hair you can still get it back.

Millions of men suffer from hair loss and it can affect your confidence, image and make you insecure when it comes to dating, socializing and many other things. The secret that all men should know when it comes to regrowing hair is Profollica! I’ve read about this hair loss product and I’m comfortable saying it is very real and naturally supportive with men who are losing their hair. The benefits are very effective because it works through the scalp to get rid of harmful bacteria to promote healthy scalp so that your real natural hair can begin to grow back strong and healthy.

Profollica is a pretty good hair care product. Not only does it help your hair grow, it’s the process they‘ve come up with to achieve success, satisfying results and repeated customers. You get nutritional supplements to work with your body from the inside out to fight off any inflammation and toxins that may be blocking your follicles. When your hair follicles are breathing this allows your hair to vigorously grow.

This hair loss treatment purifies your head, encourages healthy and stronger hair growth. It’s made with 100% natural herbs and is cheaper than any hair replacement surgery. I’ve also read that men who have used it have gotten results in as little as 30 days or less. Profollica is definitely the secret to getting the best and most natural results possible without costly procedures. It will for sure without a doubt make your hair grow.

Heavy research was utilized to insure real and effective benefits. I like this hair loss treatment for men, if you want to read more background or are considering testing it just go to the Profollica website. It’s proven to be the best way to regrow your natural hair.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunglasses and Anti-aging Secret Keeping Eyes Younger

I know you are probably wondering what does sunglasses has to do with anti-aging. Well, it's quite simple. You know that when you sit in the sun it is not good for your skin, right? Protecting the skin from the sun's UV rays is very important when it comes to your health.

Wearing sunscreen should be top priority when lying in the sun's warm bright light. And same should go for your eyes, though you can't put sunscreen on your eyes, it would irritate them. One thing you can put on your eyes is sunglasses.

Why is it important and what does it have to do with reducing signs of aging?

Sitting in the sun without nothing to protect your eyes will cause you to squint. This is not good, the bright light is harmful towards your eyes and can cause eye problems and accidents. The sun gives the skin vitamin B, but the sun also ages you, by attacking your skin causing age spots, dry skin, making you look old and etc.

When squinting your are you are doing more harm than good, Why? The secret is wearing sunglasses protects your eyes from the UV rays and prevents frowning of the eyes which can cause wrinkles. Squinting slowly affects the skin around the eyes which increases lines around the eyes that are known as wrinkles.

So if you want to maintain younger looking eyes, then make sure you have those pair of sunglasses where ever you go, especially if you are sitting on the beach trying to get a tan, are driving or walking.

Are you looking for a potent and effective eye cream? Read more about Eyelasticity anti-aging eye cream.

No Energy? Most Important Thing Your Body Could Be Missing Feel Young Again

If you have lack of energy and are always feeling tired, it may be a medical condition. There are many things that can cause fatigue such as high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroids, depression, fibroids, aging and etc. If you happen to be in good health and don't know why you are low on energy, well it could be the side effects of aging.

Your body needs an substantial amount of minerals and nutrients to maintain it's healthy state. Eating and taking the right foods and supplements will provide you with better health. There is one thing that your body might be missing that tends to go when we age, no matter what we eat and that's our own Human Growth Hormones known as (HGH). No energy drinks will substitute this, they are loaded with sugar and calories.

HGH is very important when it comes to your overall being. This hormone is a important asset to our bodies, it is responsible for energy, aging, hair, nails, skin, you name it, it's responsible. As we age our human growth hormone decreases over the years causing wrinkles, graying of the hair, lack of energy, a decrease in bone density, brittle nails, weaken immune system, weight gain and anything else you don't want to happen when you get older.

Increasing your hgh levels will improve health, reversing aging from the inside out. It will give you more energy as you had when you were in your 20's. It's not like you are putting something insignificant into your body. You are just increasing what your body already has, what you were born with. By doing this you are giving your body an anti-aging treatment. You will feel younger, look younger and it's the most safest and most natural ways to revitalize your whole body.

Feeling sluggish and tired is not fun, but you don't have to settle. You can have more energy and stop feeling old all the time. Take a hgh releaser that's all you have to do. GenF20 Plus is by far one of the purest and most effective HGH supplement on the market. I use it especially, I have three kids and I'm 35 years old. I need all the energy I can get, since I'm premenopausal, yes I am.

Energize your well-being, just increase your on human growth hormone to make your body feel younger. Having more hgh incredibly changes your body abundantly. This is the best way to boost your energy levels and do the things you've always wanted to do.

To see how dramatically it can alternate your lifestyle go learn more at Genf20

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Potatoes Are Better Than White

White potatoes are good, you can eat them as French Fries, mashed potatoes, scallop, grilled or baked. You can create potato salad or even boil them to eat. They are delicious and are loaded with fiber and potassium, but they have bad carbs. The bad carbs converts into sugar when you eat them and the sugar then coverts into fat. It's ok to eat white potatoes in moderation, so watch how often you consume them.

Sweet potatoes contain good carbohydrates which processes in the body as energy. They have fiber, protein, vitamin C, A, potassium and iron. White potatoes has just about the same nutrition as the other one. The sweet potato has the good carbs which gives you energy and digests better. Eat better with food that is better for you and your health.

Derm Exclusive Effectively Deepest Way To Younger, Healthy and Smoother Skin

Aging sucks, at least physically. No one wants to show their age and no one wants to get old. You can age beautifully with the right skin care regimen and nutrition. Anti-aging is a billion dollar market and your money has something to do with it. If you are spending your money on anti-aging products, shouldn’t you have the best?

There are times when you buy a wrinkle cream and it doesn’t deliver the promises it should and that’s a waste of your hard earned cash. Nowadays when you spend money you need to benefit from whatever you’ve purchased, times are hard. Some skin care solutions work for some and some don’t, but when you have found what works then you should stick with it.

Have you heard of Derm Exclusive? It is a incredible way to get the skin you want without any laser treatments, surgeries or needles. It actually gives you the real and true benefits you would get as if you were to have cosmetic surgery. Derm is a in home skin care treatment that will provide you with younger, radiant and wrinkle free skin.


Cosmetic surgery can cost you thousands of dollars, but with Derm Exclusive you save big. For a small price your skin will be rejuvenated and be restored from the inside out for remarkable results. Boost collagen levels, it’s than less expensive than botox and contains a powerful wrinkle treatment that erases frown lines, laugh lines and more! It reduces aging in every single way.

How it works

Derm Exclusive digs deep into the skin and targets your main problems areas of your facial skin. It has 3x the technology with unique ingredients that penetrate for profound and noticeable results. Derm anti-aging treatment nourishes by allowing your face to recreate it’s skin natural tone. It dramatically changes the texture without any irritation, exfoliates, brightens, firms and lifts the skin for reverse aging effects.

Have firmer and beautiful skin with this amazing product which also reduces signs of aging by decreasing wrinkle density, under eye bags, crow’s feet and more. It’s the only anti-aging product on the market that can do this without costly and painful plastic surgeries. It also repairs sun damage skin, this is a powerful way to look younger.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Change Your Body For The Better Intense, Insane and Effective Workout Program Ever!

If you are looking for a path to a better and toned body, you have to look in the right place. You need the most effective and most permanent solution towards gaining a better body. With willpower and dedication you can have the body you want. Let's just face it, there's no easy way to get into shape. You have to power up and work hard for what you want, right?

The best way to achieve that sexy, soft and attractive body is by choosing a highly and profound fitness program that will target every inch of your body. The Insanity 60 day Total Body Conditioning program is exactly what you need to hit all of those target areas that you want to tone up.

This body sculpting fitness program will show you how to change your body to the extreme in only 60 days! Hardcore is what it is, beautiful and fantastic results is what you will see. Perform exercises that will help you create that six pack reflection, lose thigh fat quickly and build up long sexy and firm legs. Lose arm fat and gain muscle from deep within with the most effective moves. Insanity 60 workout program is not for suckers!

Shaun T the creator of this phenomenal program shows you the hardest moves and techniques that will push you to the limit! How far can you go? If you want to change your body, then you will go as far as you have the ability to. There are step by step workout DVDs that will instruct and guide you to a better way to improve your body.

Tone your butt, chest, arms and back without lifting any weights. This is a body make over all rolled into one. Ab core training, resistance and more! Get in shape fast, when you are done you will utterly fall in love with your new body. The Insanity Workout is one of the best ways to lose fat, it is so uniquely planned that you will burn more calories and burn fat quicker than any other workout!

Burn 1,000 calories during a one hour session. I've never heard of a workout program that burn so many calories! You should checkout the baddest and most effective fitness program, if you really want to turn heads and love the body you're in. There's no better way to make your body look good on the inside and out!

Get that body, show them what you are made of with Insanity Workout

60 days later

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Healthy Black Hair Care For Your Little Girl When Relaxing

If your daughter has fine to medium hair you are probably set free from the harsh chemicals needed to make it more easier to comb and improves it's texture. If you have decided to use a relaxer for her hair, you need to follow all the necessary steps to keep your child's hair healthy.

Coarse hair is very difficult and rough to deal with, I know because I have it and so does my oldest daughter. No one likes coarse hair, it's thick which I love, but the texture is annoying. A a relaxer may be used or other hair care methods if you have this type of hair, especially if your little girl has it.
Black coarse hair can be hard to comb, get tangled easy and dries out a lot if not properly cared for.

If you've decide to straighten her hair out with chemicals, follow these steps to prevent breakage and hair loss.

  • When applying a perm to her hair make sure to follow all directions given with the kit.
  • Afterwards give her a hot oil treatment and leave on for about 10 to 20 minutes
  • Once every thing has been rinsed out, carefully dry hair with towel. Blot gently do not rub to prevent frizz and breakage.
  • If you prefer to use a blow dryer, be careful because scalp will be sensitive from chemicals. Blot excess water from hair, apply hair lotion, put the blow dryer on low or medium, gently comb through hair with wide tooth comb to prevent tangles.
  • Once hair is dry enough, oil scalp (if drying with towel) and then massage her head. Massaging the scalp will stimulate hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.
  • Comb hair to release any knots and tangles.
  • Make sure there are no split ends. If there are then cut ends to make her hair look better and prevent breakage. Style as desired.

One more thing if you are considering getting your daughter's hair braided, wait at least a week after relaxing before braiding her hair. Why? The hair just had chemicals applied to it and this makes it fragile, so waiting is better so that hair can restore back to it's natural strength.

This is what I do to maintain my daughter's hair and her hair has grown so much. She was having hair loss problems in the back of her head. Doing these steps help her out so much, she can now were a bang in the back of her head without it looking so uneven.

Healthiest Hair Care For Men

Prevent Fungus Growth After Working Out

When you do strenuous activity you sweat and that's a good thing. Sweating is a sign that you are getting that heart rate up and that you are burning calories during your workout. Being physically active is important when it comes to your overall health such as, bone health, heart health and weight loss.

Sweating means you are losing water from your body. I particular don't like it unless I'm working out and even then I wish I didn't sweat at all. During your exercise routine make sure to hydrate between your activity. Listen to your body when it is thirsty then give it what it needs so you can be at your best.

After the workout you feel good, good that it's over! What do you do afterwards? Do you sit for a bit and eat or watch TV? Do you go tend to something that needs done around the house? If so that's not a great idea.

After that fat burning workout you need to immediately hop in the shower. Those sweaty clothes are bad for your private parts. When you get to much moisture down there you are allowing fungus to seep it's way through your body parts.

Afterwards remove the sweaty workout clothing and bathe right away. Fungus is a common bacteria infection and it is curable.

The signs of a fungus or yeast infection are:

  • White discharge from vagina
  • intense or mild itching everyday
  • painful sex
  • fishy odor before or after sexual intercourse
  • burning when urinating
Symptoms could be different with each individual. So the best way to prevent a yeast infection and fungus growth is to keep it dry down there. After your physical activity  remove clothes and take a shower. When you get out of the shower pat your genital dry before putting on your underwear.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Relationship and Sex Problems Friends With Benefits Is It Too Difficult Or Easy

So, you just broke up, been dumped or you have something against commitment. And you whether just fool around without all of the other responsibilities. No attachments, no emotions and definitely no falling in love, just friends with benefits.

Monogamy makes your skin crawl, but you still need something, you need physical attachment without the issues. Just about everyone has had a relationship based strictly on sex. It’s fun in the beginning, the sex is good, lingering until that special night you two will meet, it’s like an adrenaline rush.

Friends with benefits is the purpose of two people who are involved based on hot sex. Entwining with each other to let off frustration, stress or just have that urge to release the big O. How can two people get interact with one another and not get emotionally attach?

Yes, the physical attraction is there and you give each other something you both need and are satisfied with, but what about how you feel. A man might not get emotionally involved like most women do. Women tend to fall in love more easily because we are soft, nurturing and more sensitive.

Some people might be fine with and has never shared a love with their partner. To those who have you are good, because with me if I’m sleeping with someone, eventually I’m not going to lie, I will be falling in love. You can’t control how you feel, that’s why it is so difficult to have sex with someone continually and not develop those feelings.

In the beginning the sex drive is extreme! The smell of each other and the passion that’s there when your two bodies touch and rub against each other is like fire! Exploding and enjoying the rush and the great sex that you just can’t seem to get from anyone else is unique and breath taking. It’s not easy, not to me. It is so easy to avoid how you how you feel, but difficult to forget.

Friends with benefits will eventually end up a broken heart story. Falling in love is inevitable. Love is in thee air whether you are looking for it or not. I fell in love with my sex partner, with my friend and it did not end so well. It’s fun at first, then later on down the line it the atmosphere changes between you two.

Emotions rise and you begin to miss them, want to know more about them and wondering if they are sleeping with someone else. It can become a huge dilemma in your sex life. You unknowingly see how attracted you are towards your sex partner not just intimately but whole heartedly. What can you do? You want to say something, but don’ t want to ruin what you already have.

Friends with benefits is too difficult to me, I been there, done that and not looking back again. There can be a bright side, it how some couples found their soul mate. On the other hand it can get worse and you could have your on fatal attraction hiding in your closet or investigating your every move. It’s exciting for some and not so exciting for others.

What do you think?

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Look Younger Be Beautiful Love Yourself When You Focus On Health

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take time to keep up good health. It does not take much to learn what your body needs and how to improve it. If you want to live longer, then making the right choices should be on the top of your list.

Eat better and love your body. No one can nourish and care for you than you. Making your health better is the rich and natural way towards a happy and longer life. Smiling is good, but it's better when you know that you are smiling on the inside as well.

When you tend more towards your well being you will have less medical bills and more sunny days. Stress can cause major health problems, life is difficult so we have to get mad and then move on. Holding on to something that is no good can rot you on the inside. Whatever you have to do, let it go and do what will make you happy.

If someone is spoiling your happiness, drop them! You can love from a distance, especially when your health is involved. The #1 thing in your life should be your health and then family, because if you are sick and damaged how can you be there for the one's you love.

When you are more free and happy you will feel and look younger. Happiness and good health is the key to your heart and the key to your well being. Love you first, when you love you, you have the power to love someone else much stronger.

I'm loving me, I admit I struggle, but I make small changes everyday to improve myself. Your health is you, without it there will be no you. So, what I'm saying is how can you love, how can you laugh, how can you be at your best if your health isn't?

Loving yourself not based on image, but based on your life inside and out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Digestive Health A Better Way Towards Losing Weight

If you don't know that how you digest is the key to making your health better then I'm here to inform you. Your health is all you have to live life to the fullest. The opportunity to a better life is how you take care of yourself. Improving your digestive system can benefit you in many ways.

First of all how you digest your food depends on your body type and the foods you eat. If you are a healthy eater, then I'm pretty sure you don't have any problems. If you do, then you might not have a significant amount of fiber in your diet. A healthy diet must consist of high fiber and whole grain consumption.

Why fiber is important? Because it is what keeps everything on track when it comes to removing toxins out of your body. It literally can change the way you eat. That's why you hear about it so much when it comes to losing weight the right way. Adding it to your diet is very important and can alternate your lifestyle.

Make health better digest with knowledge

Everyone's body is different, you should know how it works when it comes to digesting your food. Certain people may have complications processing foods. For instance, my hubby cannot digest pork chops properly. When he eats them he spends days being bloated and gassy. It takes him a little longer to get it out of his system then the other foods he eats.

It's not pork that bothers him he eats bacon and pork roast fine, it's just the pork chops that gives him problems. So what I'm saying is watch how your body reacts towards some foods, so you can know what you can eat and what you should avoid.

With me it's dairy, I cannot for the life of me consume it because it irritates my belly, causes painful gas, constipation and I hate to say it, it doesn't smell so good either (laughing out loud). I try my best to stay away from it, being lactose intolerant can be annoying, especially if you love ice cream.

A healthy digestive system will help remove any traces of harmful toxins and irritability from your body that is caused by waste. When these are gone your immune system gets stronger, inflammation which causes acne and certain medical conditions begins to decrease, constipation ends, more frequent bowel movements and weight loss will be easier.

Healthy Weight Loss

Get better health and learn how to make yourself digest foods better. In order to process food properly you might have to change your diet and add fiber to it. When you poop more you are allowing your body to function right. If you are pooping more than three times a day consult your doctor to see if it's normal. With a healthy diet ask to see how often you should go during the day.

When you eat fiber it grabs the waste which has toxins and fat, then flushes it out of your body. If you are holding your waste too long it leads to bloating, gas, weight gain and constipation. It can also cause illness and infections. Lose weight better when you relieve all of the poop because you are losing fat, gas and shrinking your stomach.

When you digest right your body won't hold on to the harmful waste, which is very unhealthy and not to mention uncomfortable. Fiber is a great start and the better part is it promotes heart health and suppresses the appetite, so you eat less. A healthier approach to improving your health is to look at your digestive system.

Whole grain foods are highly recommended when changing your eating habits. They also are loaded with nutrition and fiber which is why they are good carbs. Bad carbs are white rice, white breads, potatoes, pasta and junk food. Whole grains should be added to your diet.

Physical activity such as working out is another way to get your digestion going.

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