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Drink Healthy My Fruity Green Tea Beverage

I love tea, especially green tea not just regular. Love the Cranberry Pomegranate. This is my most favorite tea, I drink it with lemons and if there are no fresh lemons, I add some lemon kool-aid to it.  Green tea has more antioxidants than black tea.

Even though it is my favorite green tea, it was becoming boring to me so I added some flavor and more nutrition to it.

Drinking it cold is better, I consume it about two to three times a day. The best part is it's easy, get a water bottle pour or sip a little water out of it and add Lipton's Cranberry Pomegranate tea bag. It should begin to mix together in a few seconds, add your sugar and some lemon kool-aid, put in freezer and enjoy when it is at your liking.

But here's the fun part! Make tea in a cup or pitcher, squeeze fresh lemons and add slices to it. Add sugar to your taste. Then add some blueberries and cherries to it, whole or cut up. Let sit in fridge or put ice in it and drink. Fun and nutritional part you can eat the fruit as you consume it or afterwards. It is a great natural beverage, I love it all Summer long!

Nutritional Factor:

  • Cherries are good for reducing inflammation and Gout
  • Blueberries have vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene. Loaded with antioxidants and fiber. Great brain food and has cancer fighting properties.
  • Lemons have vitamin C, because of it's acidity it is known to some to help burn off belly fat.
Less than a 100 calories

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Real Natural Weight Loss: Benefits Of A Low-Carb Diet

A low-carb diet will help you lose a significant amount of weight, but people that are on the diet assume that they need to cut out the carbs completely, that is not the case. Our bodies actually need carbs, it just depends on what kind of carbs you eat that will make it bad for you and cause gain weight. Back in the caveman days, they ate a healthy diet of avocados, nuts, vegetables, healthy fats, lean rabbit or other lean meats, which have a great amount of protein that is why they were not overweight.

How the carbs work

Today too much of our foods contain refined carbs and that is not good for us at all. Refined carbs like white bread, white rice, white pasta, white flour and many other snacks foods will make your body quickly convert sugar into glucose. When you eat a large of amount of those foods your body produce more glucose than it actually needs and the rest is stored as fat. All good carb foods are vegetables, depending how they are cooked and fruits, all contain sugar.

Good carbs

Unrefined carbs like, whole-grains, beans, vegetables and whole fruits contain fiber that helps your body absorb the food more slowly, which suppresses your appetite and less carbs are stored as fat. Eating the wrong carbs can lead to type2 diabetes because the bad carbs produces too much glucose, about 70% of Americans will have an insulin response, which leads to weight gain. The rest of the population are genetically bless because they can eat and not gain weight says Carol Forman Helesrstein a clinical nutritionist.

Other refined foods are pretzels, crackers, candy, soft drinks and other snacks and should be avoid or eaten in moderation. Low-carb diets works because they stave of hunger better than low-fat diets. Eating more protein and controlling your blood sugar levels helps you feel fuller, this diet also helps lower the risk of heart disease. After 20 years of research, it was discovered that women who have higher amounts of protein and fat are less likely to get heart disease. Women who were protected from heart disease received their fat and protein from vegetables resources.

Shrinks belly fat

A low carbohydrate diet does so much more like reducing belly fat. Insulin causes fat to be stored in the belly, and belly fat is related to heart disease and diabetes. This diet controls your insulin and that means you will get a smaller waist. Without the carbs the brain wouldn’t be able to function properly, you will lose concentration, get mood swings and experience fatigue.

How much should you eat?

The Institute of Medicine in Washington, D.C., which sets the recommended daily intake of nutrients, advises getting 130 grams of carbohydrates a day, the average American is getting much more.

Tips on what foods to eat

Limiting your meals to 500 calories or fewer will add more results to your weight loss, eating more than that according to Dr.Helerstein will increase your insulin and cause weight gain.

Go for foods that contain low glycemic index to avoid type2 diabetes, doing this will keep your glucose under control some low GI foods are artichokes, peppers, apples, old-fashion oatmeal and kidney beans. Leaner meats like beef are better for you, some are London broil, top round, sirloin, and T-bone steaks are excellent options for a low-carb diet. Eating a steak with a baked sweet potato or broccoli makes it the perfect low-carb meal.

Fat would be no problem if we avoid all processed foods and at only the carbohydrates, that Mother Nature intended for us to eat, which are barley oats, whole grains, whole-wheat pasta and bread, brown rice and oats.

Shop around the areas of the store where the fresh fruit, veggies and low-fat dairy products are. Try adding a glass of red wine or beer with your meal, twelve ounces of light beer contains only 6 grams of carbs, the regular beer had 13 grams and a glass red wine has only 2 to 3 grams.

Fitness and Exercise

Everyone knows that a workout routine will increase weight loss and tone the shape of your body. You really don’t have to do any real exercises to get the benefits, if rather do the real deal than these fitness and fat loss e-books will get you the professional results you are seeking, flatter abs and a toned body. If you rather not do the workouts just basic household cleaning like sweeping, mopping and dusting burns calories. A normal walk that last at least 15-20 minutes will do.

Cancer Prevention: Oral Health And The Effects Of Chewing Tobacco

Chewing tobacco is more dangerous than smoking a cigarette. According to "The Doctors" It can cause oral cancer. Chewing it is highly more risky than smoking. Those who have oral cancer are dead in five years, this is no joke!

One can of tobacco has the equivalent of 80 cigarettes. So, with that in mind if you chew it then it is time to stop. Don't you think?

Love your health

Oral Cancer half of mouth gone

Healthy Mouth

High Blood Pressure and Me It's My Life

I was pretty healthy growing up, I was never a skinny kid, but I wasn't fat either. I never had any health issues, but my family did. My family has a history of high blood pressure. My grandmother died from this condition many years ago and now it is haunting my family. My mother has it, both of my sisters and now my brother and my niece.

With my first child I was healthy and so was he, my son which is now 16 years old. I got pregnant again 5 years later with my daugther Alecia. During the birth my blood pressure shot up, way up! And from then on I been taking medications to control it.

It's funny how I never had it before, but with my second pregnancy I got it and it stayed with me. During my third pregnancy with my daughter Mariah, they had to induce my labor because of the high blood pressure.

I'm tired, every time I go to the doctor she has to increase my medicine dosage. I ate right most times, but I didn't watch my salt intake. I exercised and tried to stay active mostly all the time, but it still had not changed. My doctor says I have uncontrollable high blood pressure. I'm ready and I'm tired of taking medication.

I began to eat much better and watch my sodium. I workout a hour mostly everyday and other days I find other things to do like, tend to my garden. I've lost weight and I'm still losing, but I still struggle with water retention. I have to really watch my salt, because I want to get rid of this medical condition. Water weight is the last thing I need, at least it is easier to get to rid of than fat.

I love my life, I don't want to have a heart attack or lose a kidney all because I was to ignorant to care for my health. This is my life and I want to live it as long as possible without any complications. My life is my kids and my goal is to kick high blood pressure out the door and watch my babies have their own little families.

If you have high blood pressure, do something about. Don't just sit back and let it destroy your body. Live your life to the fullest, be at your best. Love you and live gracefully.

Breast Health: Mammograms Reduces Breast Cancer Deaths 30%

Breast cancer can be a deadly disease if not detected early enough. It is important for women to have their mammograms when needed. You should go regularly for checkups, especially if you are in your 40's or have a family history of breast cancer.

One of the most longest studies lasted 29 years and had 100,000 women involved during the experiment.

According to Health News having and going to your mammograms regularly reduces breast cancer deaths by 30%. That's why it is crucial you stay updated with your check ups. Getting screened for breast health will save 20,000 lives a year.

So, don't miss that appointment get screened. A mammogram can be uncomfortable, but it's not as uncomfortable as finding out you have breast cancer and knowing that you could have done something earlier for a better outcome.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Better Way To More Sex For Her The Solution To A Have a Happy Sex Life

There are times when you want it and she doesn't. Sometimes you might think it's you, but it's not. Sex life could be boring, she's probably going through changes or has lost interest. Either way, there's got to be a alternative to improve your sex life.

Women go through a lot of changes as they get older. Our hormones affect our body in many ways. The metabolism slows down, weight gain occurs, wrinkles, skin sags and the libido drops. A low sex drive is common, especially during menopause and stressful situations.

It's no one's fault, it is just an act of nature. Your sex life can be better if you have the necessary information to solve your sex problems. Losing the urge for sex can be devestating when it comes to a relationship. There are ways to have more sex if you want to have a happier life.

Hersolution has helped millions of women get back their libido. A lost libido can be frustrating. Your lover may feel insecure because you don't have the feeling to have intercourse, but it is your body, not how you feel about your partner the reason why you don't want sex.

Learn how to have a hot sex life with tips and solutions from the #1 female enhancer, Hersolution.  The last thing women want to think about is not being able to satisfy their man. Sometimes life can get the best of us and cause complications. Good thing there are effective ways to putting unusual circumstances back on track.

HerSolution Best Female Enhancer

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About Tanning How Dangerous Are Tanning Beds?


It seems these days that everyone mostly, wants a tan especially the younger adults. Most choose to tan in these salons and spas because they tend to think that it is safer than posting under the sun because of UV rays. Sure, the color is nice and compliments most. But, how safe are tanning beds?

Actually the tanning beds would be the safest, they would be better to your skin than the sun, right? The answer to that is no! Laying in these tanning machines are quite dangerous. How dangerous? If your way of getting a tan is the bed, than you are putting yourself at greater risk when it comes to cancer.

According to “The Doctors” and Researchers the tanning bed is 3 to 4 times more damaging than the sun’s UV rays. This machine that gradually changes the color of your skin can cause the most deadliest form of skin cancer, and that’s called Melanoma.


It can affect your skin by damaging and destroying cells, which then causes serious side effects from the skin disease called Melanoma. It appears as a mole, but a mole that is not shape normal according to “The Doctors”. These are images of melanoma skin cancer. It will spread to your blood vessels and organs if not discovered on time. If it happens to get to your organs, there is a high risk that it is incurable.

The skin cancer melanoma is one of the fastest growing diseases. Two percent of people are diagnosed with it every year. If you see a mole or some type of scar that wasn’t there before and it keeps changing or getting bigger, you should seek your doctor right away. Skin cancer treatment may be a option and if it has not progressed, than your doctor can remove these moles before they spread and get worse.

If you are a tanner and lover the tanning beds you are 75% more likely to get this skin cancer. It can disfigure the body, dramatically damaging your image. When you have skin cancer on a part of your body the doctors have to remove the infected skin. That means that they have to cut around the tissue to extract the skin that has cancer and if the cancer has spread to the face this may leave horrible scars and disfigurement. This procedure will cause you to have skin graphs to improve your appearance.

Tan safer, use tan sprays or lotions. Using this method will save your life and remember to always where sunscreen when out in the sun.

Other Content:
Better and Advance Way To Be Stretch Mark Free

Top Way To Stretch Mark Free Skin Potent Ingredients Skinception Therapy

Between seventy-five and ninety per cent of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. The problem is, they stick around. Stretch marks are a reminder that your body's done some life-changing things, and it wears them proudly.

That's not to say you should be ashamed. After all, some of the most monumental events in life cause stretch marks. Pregnancy, adolescence, and weight fluctuations (including weight loss) are all milestones. But when the clothes come off, they're milestones you could do without.

What causes stretch marks? A combination of things, but the events we've just described can all trigger hormones called glucocorticoids that suppress the body's ability to produce elastin and collagen. That's not good, because it's these two proteins that provide tight, healthy and vibrant skin. Without sufficient collagen and elastin production, the layers of skin separate and cause the grooved and discolored appearance of stretch marks. Yuck.

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is potent, yet nourishing. Effective, but gentle. Let's look under the hood and see some of the ingredients that make it so:

Regestril® - one of the leading ingredients in Skinception Intensive Therapy, Regestril® makes stretch marks disappear. In a recent clinical survey of 13 women with post-pregnancy stretch marks, volunteers applied a 2% concentration of Regestril® to affected areas for two months. At the end of the study, color, indentation and width of the stretch marks improved by 20%, and the women reported a 70% reduction in depth of scarring.

Darutoside® - a stimulator of collagen growth, Darutoside® helps wounds heal, encourages tissue renewal and skin elasticity. Darutoside® stimulates cellular matrix regeneration, meaning the protein structures in the skin become durable and can stretch without tearing � which goes a long way to preventing stretch marks! Darutoside® is also an anti-inflammatory.

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Pro-Sveltyl® - originally developed for its anti-cellulite properties, ProSveltyl® is made from an extract of the sacred lotus flower Nelumbo Nucifera. ProSveltyl® stimulates collagen synthesis and helps to repair damaged skin. ProSveltyl® makes skin smooth, soothing irregularities and encouraging the strong dermal matrix required for taut, healthy skin.

Pro-Coll-One+® - a relative new-comer to the skin-care industry, Pro-Coll-One+® stimulates collagen I (the body's most common form of collagen) in healthy human fiberblasts by an astounding 1,190%! In a 56 day clinical survey, participants applied a 2% concentration of Pro-Coll-One+® twice daily. Pro-Coll-One+® reduced skin roughness by almost 10%, and 78% of study participants reported a noticeable improvement in texture of skin.

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy reduces and erases those embarrassing stretch marks with the latest in skin care technology. Gentle and nourishing, yet potent and very effective, Skinception Intensive Therapy makes skin smooth, even, and best of all, without stretch marks! Don't go another day with those unsightly reminders of where you've been.

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Ashley Madison Have A Affair Is It Ruin Relationships?

There are millions of online dating websites and services all over the internet. But this particular website promotes cheating and it’s called Ashley Madison. It is owned by Entrepreneur Noel Birderman. This website is very controversial, because it allows people to sign up for a membership to find the perfected partner to cheat with.

I admit when I first heard of the website I was shocked! But no one forces anyone to cheat. Cheating has been going on since the beginning of time and no dating service can be accused for that. Sure, they tell you to have an affair, but it does not force you to. If you were thinking about having an affair and going through with it you really don’t need this cheating service, affairs happens everywhere you don’t need a service for that.

There are people who are married that have memberships and there are singles that have one too and who are just looking for someone who is already attached. There are 2.6 million members registered on this site and it grows every single day! Every 20 seconds someone joins to find that special one or a couple of special ones to have an explicit affair with. They guarantee that you will find you a mate, but the owner Noel says when he was on the Tyra Banks show, “When he talks to his clients he makes sure it’s something that they want to do. He offers them advice on first trying to repair the relationship, seek counseling and take time to think about what they are doing“. Still with his great advice some viewers still have negative feelings towards Noel.

Like I said, no matter what a dating service says no one can make you cheat. Cheating has occurred in at least 70% of relationships, according to scientists Tyra Banks says that “if couples were more open about their sexuality the number rate of infidelity would drop“.

One particular member from the Ashley Madison dating website signed up and within a few days she had received 700 emails from different guys wanting to chat with her. Another member registered and she had met quite a few guys on the dating site, she had gone out with them and within 6 month she had slept with at least 150 men! Wow! It just amazes me how people take cheating so lightly! It’s like infidelity more phenomenal than ever!

Another member from the Tyra show had some problems in her marriage and she turned to this website to met men who would give her the attention she was not getting in her current relationship. Eventually she divorced her husband and she still dates guys from the site. This member says she enjoys her single lifestyle and does not want to go back.

Entrepreneur Noel got this idea from statistics that showed how many married people were actually looking to date from other websites. So he came up with a website especially for cheaters and it’s a gold mine. He’s happily married and his wife is fine the business. When asked if he’d ever had an affair he simply said “No I don’t use the service and I‘ve never cheated on my wife, this business is similar to a drug dealer‘s business, you don’t use the product that you sell.

So does this dating service ruin lives? No, the clients are ruining their own lives. If someone wants to cheat there are thousands of ways and plenty of places to go to have one. Is it morally wrong to promote it? Yes, but people are going to do what they want to do anyway cheating website or no cheating website it’s going to happen. Noel just found a lucrative way to benefit from it, he could have chosen another opportunity, but he didn’t.


Men Amazingly Make Love Better And Longer Erection Fitness

There are so many penis claims out there today it is almost getting ridiculous. Larger this, longer that. More this, more that. You almost can’t click on a website without reading one claim or another about how to increase your size, your sex, or your stamina. How do you know who to believe anymore? There is information overload and at the end of the day all you really want to know is how you can have better sex, make your lover feel great, and to know you are being all the man that you can be.

Well the folks who have designed the For Men Only CD™ have laid it all out for you in a simple to use and follow penis enhancement e-book that will not only increase your penis size, increase your penis girth, but enlarge the head of your penis, help with erectile dysfunction, make you last longer, increase your stamina, and make you have the best sex you have ever had in your whole life. What more could you possibly want than that?

The For Men Only CD™ has dozens of penis enlargement methods that have been studies and texted to ensure they work. There are pictures of male models performing all the exercises in detail so you are ensured of doing them right. All the best penis enlargement exercises known are included, all the exercises have been grouped together to maximize the benefits, the techniques are also included to help correct penile curvature, the instructions also include how to maximize the sex appeal, and they also include some extra bonus secrets of how to pick up women.

These exercises that have been compiled have been performed safely and effectively for centuries. They have been divided into beginner and advanced options to ensure that you are not doing anything that might be unsafe or detrimental. If you follow the routines, you are ensured success with no pain or side effects. This program is also one of the most. A longer penis means that you will increase your woman’s pleasure and everyone knows – if she is happy, you are happy!

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It's Making You Gain Weight Ways To Reduce Calories and Lose Pounds

These are just a few tips that will help you reduce calories in your everyday diet. No strict diets just simple and effective ways to lose weight. Don’t worry there is no diet shakes or nasty foods involved, you will see that it is quite simple and very effective.

The normal everyday foods that you eat are making you gain weight and you might not even know it. If you look carefully at what you consume you will see precisely how to lose weight. Yeah, it can be annoying and frustrating counting calories, but it is the number step towards losing pounds.

Once you have created a healthy meal plan for yourself, follow it and think about the side dishes and condiments. You know that you should eat less pasta, which are carbs that invert into sugar and cause weight gain. The best thing to substitute these bad carbohydrates with is with whole grain pasta and more veggies.

The simple ways to lose calories

Condiments are the way to reducing those extra calories from your diet. Did you know that barbeque sauce has about 70 calories per 2 Tbsp? And when you eat it with meat you at least have about twice as much as that, so that is about 140 calories more added to your plate. Reduce the sauce or just leave it alone if you can.

Ketchup is 20 calories per serving which is 1tbsp. If you eat fries and like ketchup you probably eat about 2 or 3 times that amount. So that’s about 40 to 60 calories extra in your food. Try to drop it down to just one serving.

Grated parmesan cheese is 20 calories per serving (1tbsp). I love spaghetti, especially with lots of sauce, but the cheese makes it more heavy on your diet and it is 1.5 grams of fat. Sure, it does not have that much fat, you have to think about it, it does add up.

Coffee cream when added to your coffee puts an extra 10 calories in your cup. It is 1tbsp per serving, if you love cream then you are more likely to use more than that. That’s about 30 or more calories, to reduce your intake add low-fat milk to your coffee. The best thing about adding milk is the nutritional value you get from it. Drink your java while getting a dose of calcium, vitamin D and more nutritients.

Another thing to keep in mind are the salad dressings. Some are high in fat and calories. Ranch dressing is 140 calories per 2 tbsp and 14 grams of fat. So when eating your favorite salad, remember choose more lighter dressings such as Catalina French dressing and Italian. Italian dressing contains antioxidants like vitamin A and E, it‘s only has 7 grams of fat and 80 calories per serving.

This is one of the best ways to losing weight and lowering your cal intake. One more thing when eating a salad toss out the cutons, bacon bits and cheese. If you watch your portions when it comes to condiments, you can lower your consumption by 100 calories per week.

Healthy thinking: All condiments have sodium, so watch your intake when it comes to salt. Eating too much salt can lead to water weight gain and high blood pressure. The average person with a 2,000 calorie or more diet should consume no more than 2,400mg of salt a day. If you have high blood pressure it will be lower than that.

Eat Less And Gain Permanent Weight Loss With ProShapeRX

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As Gentle To Your Face As Water Make Skin Clear It's Beautiful

One thing I know for sure is that one of the best ways to skin becoming clear is striking at your digestive system. If your digestive system is not right it can lead to constipation, illness, broken immune system and bad skin. The key to health is a healthy and functioning body.

It's bad enough we inhale harsh chemicals everyday, not taking care of our bodies to the fullest is just aiming for critical results. Natural is the best way because there is no harmful substances involved. When it comes to skin care it should point to nutrition and ingredients, not what a products says. You can make your face clear and beautiful with motivation, lots of people know the knowledge, but do not take it to the full degree.

The most important thing about knowledge is using it! When your digestive system is clear of toxins your body will be free of toxins and that means better health and better skin. The best way to natural and clear skin is to loaded up on fiber rich-foods and use chemical free facial beauty products. Clear Pores is one of the best ways on how to get skin clear without harsh chemicals and side effects such as dry skin.

Look What's In Clear Pores Best and Natural Way To Improve Skin's Beauty

Dandelion Root; this annoying weed that pops up in lawns everywhere really harbors a hidden talent that has been used for centuries. It not only helps on skin related problems such as acne and eczema, but it also has been used to treat gallstones, PMS and high blood pressure.

Burdock Root: is an Asian herb that is used to treat acne, psoriasis and eczema by homeopathic practitioners. It also may work as an anti-microbial and wound-healing remedy.

Aloe Vera: has amazing healing properties that were first discovered during early biblical times. It can increase healing of skin injuries with a natural process that increases oxygen to the skin. It is a cooling agent as well that helps the skin feel better.

Yellow Dock: has been proven as effective against skin inflammation and infection.

Echinacea purpurea:, is really renown for being a remedy to increase the immune system to help fight against colds and flu. But it also can help skin heal quicker. It contains a natural anti biotic and effectively helps to replace damaged tissues from blemishes, scars, eczema etc.

Red clover: is an ancient herbal remedy that has been used since the caveman days. It has been taken as an internal remedy for helping to clear up chronic skin conditions since the mid 1940s.
Sarsaparilla Root: although this root has gained most of its popularity as a beverage, it has also been used for centuries as a remedy to help with skins conditions and can help to treat psoriasis as well.

Licorice root: has gained popularity over the years as a cure all not only for skin problems, but also for coughing, canker sores, infections, and herpes

Turmeric: is popular in the kitchen as well as the medicine cabinet. It has anti-inflammatory effects, so it may be used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. It can be made into a paste to treat cuts, scrapes, and skin conditions including acne. And its possible anti-infective properties may help to prevent infection of skin injuries.

Atlantic Kelp: is a product from the ocean that contains many minerals. It is most commonly used as a source of iodine, which works on mild thyroid deficiencies. It helps to regulate skin texture, an important factor for those with skin problems.

Cayenne: is most popular in the kitchen as a heavy duty spice to make almost everything more zippy. But it has also been used with great success as a pain-reliever. It helps to reduce the pain by sending signals to the nerves and also helps to fights infection.

This is a list of most of the ingredients found in the Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System.

More Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee Gotta Love It

I enjoy coffee just as much as the next person. When I first started drinking it I never really thought much of the benefits. I just love drinking it, the warm soothing rich taste slowly falling down my throat with the creamy taste of hazel nut or vanilla cream. It is the first thing I crave when I wake up in the morning. To me, the best coffee is your first cup in the morning.

Coffee is known to have just as much antioxidants in it than black tea. According to Researchers at University of Scranton in Pennsylvania found that no other food or beverage comes close to providing, as many antioxidants in our diets as coffee. The truth is, that all of the fruits and beverages that were studied, have more antioxidants and that this hot favored drink out beats them, why? Because a lot of people consume it more than fruits and other drinks, so it is the number one source of antioxidants.

“Java is fine in moderation” says Molly Kimball, RD, a sports and lifestyle nutritionist at the Ochner Healthy System’s Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans. One or two cups a day is beneficial, but more than that is over doing it. Coffee has been linked to decrease in the risk of Parkinson’s disease, for example. It also reduces the risk of gallstones, so it may be helpful if you have a family history of them or are prone to them.

Get the most benefits from it

Don’t put in fridge. For some reason, conventional wisdom says to store coffee in refrigerator or freezer. You can ignore this! It is not true at all. Both are exposed to fluctuating temperature which will water down the coffee and weaken it’s flavor.

Filtering your coffee is better. “Studies have shown that boiled, unfiltered coffee consumption is related to elevated cholesterol levels because of cafestol a compound in the coffee” says Jennifer Ramos Galluzzi, PhD, assistant professor in the science department at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Detox from your drinking binge. If you’ve had too much coffee your face will flush and your muscles will twitch. You should know how many cups is over the limited if you see Styrofoam cups littering on your desk. Headaches occur usually after drinking 200 to 500 milligrams of caffeine, the amount in 2 to 5 cups of coffee. Flush the caffeine out of your system by drinking plenty of water.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Men Haircare Solve Hair Loss Problems Get Your Hair Back Restore Your Confidence

You've probably heard the old wives' tales. Chronic masturbation will make you bald. Heard it? Check. Wearing baseball caps will make you bald. Heard that one? Check. You get baldness from your mother's father. Sound familiar? Yup. Have you followed all the myths, hoping that you can escape hair loss in men and you're still losing your hair? Bear with me, there's help on the way.

Now, to all the guys reading this article who have a full head of hair and are feeling privileged because you've got your locks and believe that you're superior because you've lucked out in the gene pool, read this:

Enjoy it.

Because chances are it will be gone by age 50.

That is correct. Some guys start earlier. Twenty-five per cent of North American men begin losing their hair by 21. Roughly two-thirds of men begin experiencing hair loss by age 35. And the kicker. Eighty-five per cent of guys are experiencing hair loss by age 50. Did that get your attention?

Maybe you'll just lose some. Not all guys go completely bald. But ask any guy who's experienced hair loss and they'll tell you, it sucks. The looks you get from other guys, the feelings around women, the comments, the family reunions, the pictures.

But enough doom and gloom. Because there is help on the way. We're not talking about wigs here. No embarrassing comb-overs. If you're comfortable shaving your head, go for it. But if you don't like the idea of shearing it off (and truth be told, most guys can't pull it off like Jason Statham), there are two things you need to know to keep your hair.

The first rule is, any hair loss prevention technique you employ must address the leading cause of hair loss in men. That leading cause is dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. While it is true there are other factors that can cause hair loss, including stress, medications and illness, 95% of North American guys who lose their hair lose it because DHT attacks their hair follicles in a process called follicle miniaturization, which true to its name, is when the follicles get smaller and smaller until they're gone.

The second rule to keeping your hair is, deal with it quick. As a general rule, it's easier to maintain your existing hair than it is to grow hair that's gone. If you can see your scalp, that means you're undergoing the process, but your hair follicles are still alive. Once your hair is completely gone, the follicles in that area are dead.

Now, what can you do about this? Assuming you don't want Mother Nature to be your barber, you need a hair restoration process. You've heard of Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine initially looked promising with its ability to maintain hair, but it does not address the issue of excessive DHT. Propecia does tackle the DHT imbalance, but it comes with some nasty side effects, including impotence and an inability to maintain an erection. What's worse, new studies are suggesting these side effects are irreversible. Yikes.

So with that said, if you want more hair make a smart choice and  Try Profollica.

Want A Baby? The Best Ways To Have A Baby Solve Fertility Problems Foods And More

Infertility is hard to deal with, especially if you are anxious and ready to have a child.

If you want to get pregnant some women have sperm insemination done and many couples had great outcomes. Did you know that infertility problems are 50% the man’s fault? The reason be is because at times the sperm does not swim to the egg when it is suppose to. So, men should also take steps in making alternative choices when making a baby.

If you can’t afford invitro fertilization, which costs about $10,000. You can try these ways to conceive, methods are foods that make you pregnant to nutrition, clothing and more. Did you know that hygiene has something to do with fertility? Well, you soon will find out why, in the meantime here are ideal reasons why you are not pregnant yet.

Reasons why

According to Kim Hawn of the Conceive Magazine says, that eating trans fat and high saturated fats are not good when you are trying to have a baby. So watch your diet and eat right.

The longer you wait the harder it will be. If you are in your 40’s then your chances of being a mom will be lower than your chances than if you were in your twenties. For some adults adoption and choosing a segregate mom will be a better option.

Smoking and drinking should be avoided if you are trying. Both interfere with your fertility.

Bad hygiene is another thing to think about. Usually you would not think about proper hygiene when trying to conceive. You actually should, if you are not properly cleaning yourself bacteria gets in the blood and then travels to the sperm, which will then cause problems. Men, make sure you wash your body and keep those teeth clean. Of course this case is for those who really have bad hygiene issues.

The saying that briefs are not good when you want a family, is not true. Men don’t have to switch from briefs to boxers, why? Well, the boxers don’t keep the testicles at the right temperature. If the testicles are not at their right temp then the process of the sperm won’t be at it best. Guys keep in mind that briefs covers better and keeps the two guys comfortable and warm.

Do you smoke grass? Marijuana is illegal, in most states in away. In addition marijuana has bad side effects on the male’s body. Not to mention it causes some memory loss, it also affects the sperm and can create impotency in men. If you smoke weed and have impotency problems then address the joint next to you and throw it out!

Physical activity is great and it keeps the body strong and healthy. Excessive workouts are good if you are trying to lose weight fast, but are not so great if you want to get pregnant. For the gentleman if you love vigorous workouts, try to slow it down a little. Why? Because It puts too much pressure on the testicles and increases the temperature, therefore they have to be at the right degree in order to shoot to the moon. Same goes for hot tubs and bicycle riding.

Last but not least, the controversy about the side effects of cell phones is a big issue when it comes to health. According to Kim Hawn, “cell phones can cause impotency in men“. If you wear your cell phone on your hip it can send harmful signals to the genitals that will make it hard to make a baby.

That’s a lot of information, I know. With that said you have some more reading to do, but if you want to know the best ways to get pregnant then I’m sure you won’t mind reading a bit more.

Foods That Make You Have A Baby

Stay away from trans fats and saturated fats.

Pancakes made with buck wheat is a great food that will increase your chances of conceiving.

Iron is a important mineral that well all need. Turkey burgers are full of iron, it helps keep blood flowing properly and that’s important when it comes to your genitals.

Pasta and asparagus contains folic acid and antioxidants. Folic acid prevents birth defects in childbearing and pregnant women.

Dark chocolate cheesecake is so good, yes chocolate cheese cake made without butter is healthy for you. Dark chocolate has antioxidants which is good for maintaining a healthy and well functioning body. It also has flavoniods which is good for the skin.

Reduce your sugar intake, too much of it will increase insulin levels that can lead to diabetes and infertility. If you have tried everything make sure to see a fertility specialist.

Take these tips in mind when thinking about adding an addition to your family. For a more stronger chance of increasing fertility the supplement Fallodox has been known to promote healthy fertility with successful outcomes with women who want to have a child.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wild and Fun Lovetasion Ideas For A Hot Sex Life

Sometimes with a busy life or being too comfortable sex can get a little boring. There are many ways to make sex fun, you just have to be willing to try things out. Whether you are alone or with a partner, sex is healthy either way. A healthy sex life is very important when it comes to a relationship.

If you are looking for a way to have better sex, take in mind that adult items might come into play. From women lotions and gels to vibrators I will be discussing and when you are done you will be on your way to your bedroom with your partner as soon as you can. These are great ideas that will make sex good and incredible.

The Lily Plum is a fave among most women, not only is the color attractive, but it packs a hell of a feeling ( if you know what I mean) that will always be adored.  It is a delicate and secretive adult toy that so quiet that you can use it anywhere. It's great to give yourself a boost before you and your partner get it on or if your spouse is absence you can make plans for just you and your Lily Plum. Actually one of the customers are so in love with it they actually where it around the neighborhood, go figure.

Sex tip: Did you know that eating pupper fish testicles intensifies orgasms? Prepared properly it makes women get stronger pleasure and makes men harder. Pupper fish is dangerous when not prepared right it has 10 times more poison than cyanide.

For women who have a hard time getting aroused, let him go downtown. If that does not work try the finger move and if that does not work go for arousal gel raspberry for women. Make it more passionate by letting him spread it on your treasure. It is made like a Male's genital use it to turn him on by licking off the delicious gel. This body topping is edible and tasty, the gel gets the excitement going for better love making. Go here to read more.

Sensual frenzy pleasure gel for the ladies is very effective at giving a lady exactly what she desires. Frenzy Pleasure Gel for Women from Sensuous is designed to renew sensual fulfillment by providing immediate, increased sensations to the clitoris and surrounding tissues, dramatically increasing, keep reading click here 

Tips for your life: Vitamin B and potassium are good for increasing blood flow to the genitals which will enhance libido in women and create stronger erections. Improve sex life for the better with nutrition, there are foods that can solve bedroom problems.

Body Heat Peach Lotion will warm your body up for the moment. Make sex hot and passionate with this erotic body lotion, click the name to read how satisfied customers are. These body heat lotions Come in many flavors!

There's a Go All Night Smoothie from the TV Show The Doctors, go to

For more exciting ways to enjoy sex again, go to here to browse for more adult items that will make sex hot.

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Lose Weight How? No Diets ProShapeRX Scam Or Real Weight Loss Review

I'm not a fan of diets, never have been. Losing weight is not easy, why? I think it is because of the wrong choices we make. Choosing the incorrect weight loss programs all because of the fame and promises they spit out, is not wise. The best weight loss should be the safest, not the most advertised.

You can lose weight the healthy way if you have the most natural and proven weight loss system. I was reading about  ProshapeRX and it got my attention. This weight loss review is really profound and convincing, but does it really work. Well judge for yourself, it seems to be serious weight loss and I don't know, but to me it seems pretty effective.

If you want that extra weight gone, read about the diet pills that work and have real people who have tried the product. You don't have to diet, you just have to improve your diet with knowledge you can be and go anywhere. Change your image on how it suits you, I suggest you make a smart choice.

Lose pounds and love your new body. Here's the review of the product the best way to lose weight? This is not hype, this is a real way to losing pounds and keeping them off.

There are many other claims from companies that tell you that their weight loss product is the most effective. But the ProShapeRX system is really revolutionizing the weight loss market. It utilizes only 100% natural ingredients, including the infamous Hoodia Gordonii plant that has been discovered in South Africa. This plant has been utilized for years by South African tribesmen to keep them from getting too hungry while they are away from their homes during long hunting expeditions.

This healthy weight loss program has been touted as the 'miracle weight loss miracle' by many people because of its amazing effectiveness. The natural ingredients are a definite bonus compared to many of its weight loss counterparts that come with many adverse side effects of chemicals and caffeine. There are no additives or fillers in the ProShapeRX making it quite unique. Everyone knows that taking diet pill products laden with caffeine can make you too agitated or affect your sleeping patterns.

Well with the best way to lose weight, not only are you assured of less side effects than other products on the shelf you can be assured that this product not only helps you lose weight, it also helps you to eat less. You will be less inclined to over eat, your body's cravings will be greatly reduced and you will feel full faster. The unique combinations of natural ingredients also help your body process food better and help to prevent fat from being stored in your body. It will also help to reduce the calorie absorption from starches such as rice and bread.

It also has a positive effect on cholesterol levels by decreasing the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed into your bloodstream. The ProShapeRX also helps with the health of your digestive tract and liver functions. You will notice a significant increase in your lean muscle tissue meaning that your body's natural metabolism rate will increase and you will have more energy.

Having more energy means that you will be inclined to exercise more. Increasing your exercise is a key element in any successful weight loss program and soon you will notice that your body will no longer be craving junk food but will be craving to get outside and get moving! Your lean muscle mass will increase, you confidence will increase and soon you will be achieving the weight loss goals that you have dreamt about for years.

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Pain Health: Naturals Ways To Best Relieve Muscle Pain Nutrition Factor

When your muscles hurt that is usually a sign that they are tired, overworked, hungry and are in need of rest. Your muscles are always contracting and relaxing and that is why they need lots of nourishment. Muscles cramps are protective but the play a protective role, says Leslie Bonci, RD, a dietitian at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

While you can’t prevent muscle pain, you can eat the right foods that will make them less likely to return. Your muscles can’t move without orders from the brain. Before you can stand up, blink or click to another website your brain sends electrical messages to the appropriate muscles. The brain tells them when and how often to contract or relax. Without proper nourishment muscle pain will occur and take longer to heal.

Muscle health is very important, they need proper nutritients to function fully. One of the best ways to relieve muscle pain is by supplying your body with electrolytes such as magnesium. This mineral is one of the most important because it helps other electrolytes do their jobs. Electrolytes play a major role in helping the messages get through from the brain to the muscles according to Joel Press, MD, medical director of the Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

These muscle health tips will teach you which foods are good for muscles. The right sources will give you the best pain relief from aching muscles. You should know that when you don’t get enough magnesium-rich foods, minerals such as calcium and potassium will not get into the muscle fiber cells.

All of these minerals can slow down muscle pain and make muscles stronger. Those who lack magnesium may have greater irritability of the muscles and nerves. Another cause of this pain could be of a medical condition called fibromyalgia. You can make your muscle pain free with these important tips.

Anatrin is a muscle pain supplement specifically made to treat body aches. It provides your tissues with all of the necessary nourishments that your body needs to maintain healthy muscles. Along with healthy foods taking Anatrin will give you the best solution to staying pain free in a deep nutritional way.

Foods For Muscles Pain Health

As you have already read Magnesium is important. You can get this from tofu, spinach, and Spanish mackerel.

Including dairy in your diet is very smart, not only does it help with making bones stronger it also is good for your muscles as well. Calcium helps them to contract. Best sources of dairy are fat-free milk, yogurt, cheese, low-fat ice cream and soy milk.

Prevent cramps with potassium rich foods such as bananas and potatoes these two are loaded with it.

Causes of muscle cramps

Sodium is bad for you in large portions. Consuming too much salt can lead to water retention read “how to relieve water weight“, cause high blood pressure and cause muscles not to act right.

Dehydration will make muscle hurt as well. Whenever you work out or are in hot weather conditions it is important to stay hydrated. The benefits of drinking water are profound. Always drink more water than gulping down unhealthy sugary beverages, Limit intake on alcoholic drinks because they will dehydrate the body. Hope these pain health tips will benefit you for the better.

Muscles not only need water and electrolytes to function well, they also need glycogen. It is a sugar from carbohydrates that keeps muscles working properly. Great sources of glycogen are potatoes, rice, bananas, and bread.

So, remember that taking care of muscles require proper nutrients. Make muscles strong with knowledge.

Health news: It’s proven that taking GenF20 will slow down the aging process of weak muscle tissues. It has great nutritional value when it comes to your overall health.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Make Hair Healthy To Prevent Hairloss

Baldness is something that happens to a lot of people as they age for men and women. However, getting older isn't the only time that balding can affect people. Losing your mane at a younger age can mean other problems. It can be a sign of illness or that a person is under very high stress. Chemotherapy can also cause it. It can also fall out if hair is styled the same way for too long like braids. At an early age it is more than likely to be temporary and there are ways to help promote the growth of hair.

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. A single piece is made up of the shaft, the root below the skin, a follicle, and the lower end of the follicle the bulb. The hair bulb is where the color pigment, known as melanin, is produced.

On average people lose about 50 to 100 strands a day. They are replaced by new ones that will grow in the same follicle. This is normal. Any more than that can be worrisome balding. You should talk to your doctor if you are having extreme hair loss and any other reason for concern.

Medical Conditions can cause balding. Endocrine hormone conditions like thyroid disease, uncontrolled diabetes, and adrenal disease can all affect balding. There is also a hormone imbalance in women and teenage girls that is called polycystic ovary syndrome; it can cause balding in girls and women. Some medications for acne and bipolar disorder can cause hair loss as well. This kind is temporary though. Chemo therapy and some diet pills can cause it too.

Alopecia Areata is a skin disease that causes the loss of tresses. It is an autoimmune disease in which the bodies own immune system attacks the follicles. Trichotillomania is a psychological disorder where people repeatedly pull their locks out leaving bald patches. People with this disease will need professional help before they are able to not pull their hair out.

Over styling hair, coloring, and perming tresses to often will cause damage to hair and cause it to fall out. Or from styling it so tightly in the same style repeatedly can cause a permanent balding. Poor eating habits can cause temporary hair loss as well. Things like pregnancy and traumatic events can cause loss of locks, it is temporary and corrects itself. It may not be noticeable until months after the event.

Eating a balanced diet can benefit your hair in a lot of ways. It can make it shiny and healthy. Not to mention prevent hair loss. Lots of proteins, iron, vitamin B and E, Essential fatty acids, and sulfur will keep your tresses healthy and looking its best. Taking a multi vitamin can promote growth of locks and any prevent any nutritional deficiencies you may have that can cause hair loss.

Getting regular hair trims can also improve the health of your hair. Some people might be under the impression that getting a trim can cause strands to fall out but really it will improve the health of your hair to cut the unhealthy part from the ends.
Using a special shampoo to prevent loss of locks is great too.

Healthy Hair Shampoo will clarify hair from the bulb to the tip. It gets rid of excess build up and will keep your tresses and scalp healthy to promote growth. Also using the Hair Cream with it will give the best results. This Product was designed specifically for thinning and can stop excessive fall out in just the use of one jar. It has walnut nettle oil to help unclog follicles and can be used on all different hair types.

About the Author:
Steven Johnson is committed to helping people maintain healthy and effective lifestyles. For more information on any other health supplements please visit his website Alternative Health Supplements at

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Make Love Fun With Kama Sutra Kissable And Erotic Body Oils Flavorful Scents

These Kama Sutra oils are really good for adding a little fun to the bedroom. Lovemaking oils are fun and very relaxing. I call these sex gets better oils because they add such pleasure and passion during a intimate moment.

Performing foreplay is a important part when it comes down to being intimate with each other. These sex oils are very popular, Kama sutra products brings a sensual atmosphere to the bedroom. Make love better by giving your lover a great and soothing massage.

Massages are a great way to get to know your partner’s sensitive spots and great for circulation of the body which will help with performance.

The Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Tin is perfect if you are a big fan of their products. It comes with a enormous supply of adult items such as pleasure balm, honey almond massage cream, original oil of love, honey dust and sweet almond massage oil. Treat yourself check it out Here.

Kama Sutra Oil Of Love Kissable Raspberry is very tasteful and fruitful. It is so easy to get all of the fun out of this body oil. Just a few drops to wherever you want on the body then blow and feel the power of love ignite. It is very enticing, it is red when it comes to color, but when applied on the skin it appears as a clear oil. It’s safe and comes off easy with soap and water. It comes in other flavors as well. Go here to check it out

The sweet heart strawberry box will dazzle your wife or girlfriend. This is another product from them that is so romantic and unforgettable. This set comes with small sizes of oil of love strawberry, strawberry soufflé, light and delicate scented strawberry honey dust and a feather applicator to use for fun such as tickle and tease. Checkout this item here

Kama Sutra has more adult items that will wow things in the bedroom. Lovemaking oils are perfect if you are looking to forever keep the pleasure and fire going. Erotic lotions gives you the time to relax and enjoy what you have instead of just rushing through things. Sex can be better with Kama Sutra oils, lotions and products.

Eat Your Way To Relaxation With The Right Snacks

According to Women's Health snacking on certain foods produces happy hormones, says a registered dietitian Dawn Jackson  Blatner.

Pumpkin seeds are great for making your body relax. This superfood is loaded with tryptophan, which your body uses to  produce the feel-good hormones. In a Canadian study eating these seeds increased people's mental well-being in just minutes. Eat a half of a cup to get the full benefits.

Do you love Almonds? If so you are on the right track, they are rich in magnesium which is known as a stress reducer mineral.  Magnesium  works by  relaxing the muscle fibers. Plus, it helps your nerve communicate with each other. Without enough of it your cells can't give or recieve messages and that makes you tense, say Blanter. For a quick boost eat 1/4 cup of almonds.

You can now peel away your stress. Oranges can calm you down and make your body relax, why? Because oranges have Vitamin C which can help lower blood pressure. In a German study vitamin C helps you unwind. Some University of Alabama scientists found that vitamin c significantly decreases stress hormone cortisol in your body.

Best Skin Care Sunscreen Protection What You Should Know

Being in the sun for long periods of time requires great protection when it comes to your skin. Without protecting your skin it can lead to serious diseases such as skin cancer, which is known as melanoma. We are advised to use spf 15 lotions to guard ourselves against the UV rays of the sun, but now they have made a little change to that.

According to the experts on Fox News those who spend large amounts of time in the sun are told that lotions that are spf 15 are no longer as beneficial as needed. Sure they work, but they are not strong and resilient enough to fight the effects of the sun. The last thing you want to worry about is how long and effective your sunscreen lotion is when enjoying a day at the beach. Apply sunscreen and forget it, that’s how it should be.

The most effective sunscreen that the experts suggest is spf 45 or higher. One of the top sunscreens that they suggest is Neutrogena with spf 45. Applying any lotion is not wise, the most important thing you should do before buying it is to read the labels. It is crucial knowing which sunscreens to use. Even if you don’t spend too much time in the sun, still be cautious.

When buying sun protection lotion make sure that it protects you from UVA and UVB rays. Neutrogena spf 45 is a very popular sunscreen lotion, it is one of the best when it comes to protecting your skin from sun damage. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch sunblock is a smart choice. When it is on your skin it feels like nothing is on.

By far one of the best sun block lotion it’s non-greasy, goes on light, protects skin heavily from sun damage. Neutrogena sunscreen lotion has antioxidants which nourishes the skin making it more healthy and the best part this sunblock lotion is waterproof. Have fun in the sun and protect yourself with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch lotion with spf 45. You can find this skin cream at Amazon for only $7

Care for your skin when you are out and about, the same goes for facial moisturizers. Make sure your anti-aging lotion has spf 15 that will prevent premature aging such as deep wrinkles, baggy eyes and crows feet. Have you ever noticed that people who don’t have the best skin care have lizard like skin? Their skin is rough and malnourished, keep your beautiful.

Slow down the process of aging eyes

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Sick Of Bad Skin? Make It Clear With Clear Pores

There are some things that life throws at you that you can just learn to deal with and some things that you just can't. Suffering the effects of acne is one of those things that no matter how you try to ignore it, it just doesn't ever go away. Unfortunately many people see your blemishes before they see the real you and even if you know they appear not to, you always end up feeling self conscious. And when you feel self conscious you end up worrying more about what the other person is thinking, rather than what you are thinking or how you are feeling.

It's like a blemished view of the world and it does affect how you act. So really there comes a point where severe acne is no longer conducive to a happy or healthy life and you need to do something about it. But where do you start? Doing your homework is always the best place to begin. You really want to find a product that has a few key components and a few key effects. First of all, finding a product that is made from natural ingredients is really important. Adding chemicals to the mix when your skin is already challenged would not be the first route to take.

Secondly, you should look for a product that is fully guaranteed. If a company is selling a product and doesn't stand behind it, then that is a good reason to be weary. There is less reason to believe the claims and testimonials if the company is not willing to offer you your hard earned money back if it doesn't work for you. Not every product made works the same for each person, so a company has to realize that and be willing to put their money where their claims are.

Thirdly, look for an organization that clearly spells out what the ingredients are and what the effects of these ingredients will have on your skin condition. You really want to know what you are putting on your skin or what you're putting in your body. Chemical laden products can have adverse side effects that can actually end up irritating your system even more, causing more stress, which in turn can create more acne.

Clear Pores is a great acne product that will help you get clear and smoother looking skin.

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Wholesale At Its Best Find Best Adult Items Cheap Save Big Money

If you are just looking to save money on adult items, then you have came to the right place. Whether you are just shopping for adult products for you or your business you will never want to shop anywhere else when you checkout the largest adult store on the web. has the best bargains on adult items.

There is a large variety of adult items available for any and everyone. You will pay wholesale prices and make more money in return. Buying affordable adult items will help save money for you and your business. This is a great company that takes pride in what they do and are very discreet about whatever you order.

The adult products are private for your convenience. This Adult Wholesaler is the one and only adult wholesale on the internet you will ever want. Adult items are just an accessory when it comes to physical pleasure. They can make sex fun and better. If you just want to experiment make sure to choose a adult store that will give you high quality products and affordable deals.

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Won't Believe It! Belly Food Burn Fat With These Fat-Burning Foods

By Anastacia

One of the hardest things to get off would have to be the fat in your belly. It would require a lot of exercise in order for you to be able to trim it down the way you want to. A concern most people have about having to burn belly fat it that they are scared that they will not be able to eat the things that they want to. To be honest, having to lose weight and burn fat are two things that could be done at the same time if you know the right food. Discover varieties of food that allow you to burn fat and lose weight at the same time.

First, you can try eating almonds that are known to be good for increasing metabolism rate. There had been cases where people who are able to consume approximately 12 almond nuts a day were able to lose significant weight and reduce body mass. You should know that this is made possible because of the alpha-linolenic acid found in these nuts which relatively allow you to achieve the belly that you want.

Second, it would be good to consider consuming anti-oxidants to help you lose weight. You can try consuming a cup of coffee a day in order for you to lose around 15 20 pounds give or take. If coffee is something that doesnt fancy you, then perhaps you can try drinking a cup of green tea a day. Some people say that they were able to lose approximately 30 pounds just by consuming this on a daily basis.

Third option is for you to be able to consume eggs on a daily basis. The good thing about eating eggs is that it helps you gain lots of energy that will allow you to do anything that you want throughout your day. An important component in eggs that you should familiarize yourself with is that it contains amino acids which are known to help build lean muscle. The best way for you to control your consumption of eggs is for you to be able to include it in your breakfast meals every day.

Lastly, you can include an ounce of cheese in your diet every once in awhile. Studies have shown that cheese actually helps in burning fat if it is taken in moderation. The common misconception of people when it comes to cheese is that they automatically think is that it is something that would add on to weight instead of actually losing it. For those that are conscious about the calorie and fat intake, then you can consider cheese that is low-calorie and low-sodium like ricotta cheese.

If you are serious about wanting to burn belly fat then you will have to try these options out. It wouldnt harm if you want to do more research about other food that helps in burning fat. The more fat burning food choices you have, the better.

About the Author:

To get that shape you have been dreaming of, visit the burn belly fat site. You will definitely learn all the great tips into reaching your weight goal easily.

Articles Source: Burn Belly Fat With Fat Burning Food

Make Sex Fun With Double The Pleasure Best Woman Vibrator Ever!

I talk about everything I can on my blog, sex is health and I’m not ashamed to post a couple of thoughts. Sex is good, it relieves tension and benefits the body greatly whether you are alone or with someone. Make sex fun!

If you are looking for the best pleasure and want something that can do two things at once you need to checkout the Crystalessence dual penetrator for women. It is very comfortable and handles heavy duty work. This vibrator toy has two flexible probes, one for the front and if you are into other things one for the back.

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It is a jelly stimulator that has multi-speed and multi-pleasure. The Crystalessence is 5 inches from front to back. The back has anal beads for better penetration. This is by far one of the best sex toys ever, you will never want to go without it.

You should check it out may change how you feel about sex toys for women for the better. There are satisfied people who are so pleased with this item they had to leave their own review on this vibrator.

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Say Yes! Best Solution For Women If Your Body Doesn't Want Intercourse

When discussing or researching libido loss, you will come across many people that tell you that there is no potion or magical pill that can truly increase your sex drive. In reality that opinion is not entirely true, as in order to conquer libido loss you need to take advantage of a combination of lifestyle changes.

The good news is that a female enhancement product such as HerSolution can often make the entire process of regaining sexual desire a whole lot easier. Combining this all natural herbal supplement with a number of lifestyle changes is one of the very best ways to conquer libido loss and get your love life back on track.

In order to empower you to be able to beat libido loss and fully take advantage of the benefits that HerSolution can bring into your life, let's take a look at a number of healthy lifestyle changes you can implement. It will be easy to make your body want sex and it will stay that way.

Regular Exercise

Fitting even a little bit of exercise into your daily routine can improve blood flow, increase the production of natural endorphins, improve stamina, and give you a better overall image of your body. All of these benefits can elevate your mood overall and increase your sexual desire. This is one of the best ways to solve female sex issues.

Lower Stress

It is easy to allow all kinds of stress build up thanks to work, finances, and rugged routine. By improving the way you deal with stress and communicating openly you can shun those stressful feelings and allow sensual emotions to break through. Stress will cause you to have sex problems throughout your life.

Focus on Happiness

General well being and happiness coincides directly with a woman's overall interest in sex. By focusing on happiness and doing little things that bring positive feelings into your life you will almost instantly note that your libido increases and that sex becomes a more frequent activity. If your body don't want intercourse, just focus on healthy and positive thoughts, try to stay stress free.

Pelvic Exercises

Kegel exercises are a very beneficial way to connect with your body and become more aware of your overall sexuality. The exercises are easy to do as well as you really only need to focus on tightening your pelvic muscles as if you are trying to prevent yourself from going to the bathroom. Hold those muscles tight count to 10 and then repeat the process. Performing these pelvic exercises just a few times a day can increase your overall pleasure and keep sexually satisfying thoughts on your mind.

Trust HerSolution Natural Female Enhancer

Adding all of these small but beneficial lifestyle changes to your daily routine along with sticking to the recommended dosage of HerSolution can ensure that your libido increases and that sex feels better every time it does occur. The natural female libido enhancer gives you the boost that you cannot give yourself, and can also make each of the aforementioned lifestyle changes easier to implement.

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