Friday, July 15, 2011

Nutrition It's Important To Know How Much Sugar To Consume

Eating too much sugar could be harmful to your body. It can cause diseases such as diabetes and add on unwanted belly fat. The last thing you want to do is to gain weight, especially when millions of Americans are overweight or obese. There are many who are trying to lose weight and they might not realize how much sugar they should intake. You should know about sugar if you are health conscience.

According to the TV Show "The Doctors" you should only consume about 8tsp of sugar a day. 4grams of sugar equals one tablespoon. This is very important facts about nutrition because it is the main cause of extra stomach fat. If you are struggling to lose belly fat then here is one thing you should know that may be a effective way to losing belly weight.

When you consume more than the recommended amount it settles into the second layer of stomach which is the introdominal area and then turns into the name everyone is familiar with "beer belly". So eating too much sugar not only causes too much fat in the stomach, it also causes diabetes, leads to poor skin and oral health.

Over the years of adding the extra sugar to your diet, you could have consumed about 15,520 pounds of excess sugar. The best way to avoid high sugar content is to alternate to low-sugar foods and beverages. Even fruits and healthy foods have it, so it wise just to learn and read about your foods before eating them. Be smarter and try to watch portions when it comes to junk foods.

Lowing your sugar intake is a great way to avoid health problems. If you are trying to lose weight in your stomach, remember observe your intake of the sweet content.


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Almost everyone knows it is important to minimize sugar intake to avoid certain health problems. However, not everyone knows which kind of sugar is necessary for the body to function normally and which are not really needed.

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