Monday, August 29, 2011

Effective Ways To Reduce Your Appetite Natural Weight Loss

Appetite control is the most important process when it comes to losing weight. If you eat too much, you are taking in more calories than your body needs. Sure, there are diet pills out there that suppresses the appetite. Most are skeptical when it comes to weight loss products. You might fall in this category and if so here are some natural ways to reduce and control how much you eat.

Drink a glass of water before each meal. I’m pretty sure you’ve probably heard of this method. It works, try it.

Eat a fruit before your meal. Fruit has high water content which will make you feel full.

Make you a salad with your dinner and lunch. Leave out the cheese, bacon bits and the high fat dressing. If you must have them go for about a teaspoon of each to avoid extra calories.

Smaller portions on your plate. To do this, just use a smaller plate.

Always remember that you cannot eat what your husband eats. Men calorie intake is high than ours. So if you two are fixing plates and your portion is similar to his, put some food back.

At first it can seem hard, but in time you will get use to it. Stay focused and motivated. Bring a friend into your new eating plan, it can be fun and having someone by your side can be really supportive. Improving your health will give you longevity and a new lifestyle.

Taking a health supplement will increase your well-being, give you stamina and more energy to fulfill your goals toward your weight loss. Nutrition should also be included. Add more protein, veggies and whole grains to your diet.

Other Ways To Suppress Appetite

When eating take your time and chew your food until it liquidizes in your mouth. This method makes it easier for your food to digest and can make you eat less. Don’t swallow your food, enjoy it.

Eat breakfast. It does not matter what it is, grab a apple or something and eat it. This will keep you from eating a large meal during lunch.

Picture it. To always remind you of your goal, take a picture of your skinny jeans that you cannot fit anymore and hang it on the fridge. Looking at the photo will keep you focused so that you can accomplish your goal.

Well, that’s all I have for now. This tips are safe and should work if you dedicate yourself to your new lifestyle change.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Does Size Really Matter?

Is good sex based on the size of the male’s genital? I think a lot of people have a different perspective when it comes down to this controversial subject. Sexual moves should be the number one asset when it comes to performing in bed. Or so I thought. I am particular and I have to feel what’s coming if you get my drift.

To many women size doesn’t matter, it’s the motion in the ocean that counts. And you know, some have it all when it comes to inches and width and sadly don’t know how to work it. In some situations, I guess size really isn’t important as the performance.

If you think about though, if he is not packing enough beef. Can you orgasm just the same as one that is much bigger? There are ways for men to stretch it out, I wonder if that is painful. Some men participate in penis exercises so that they can be better in bed. So, to some size does matter especially with men.
There’s also a saying “you can tell how big a man is by his shoe size“. So far from me I see no false concept in that. It is not only the women who question this, also the men as well. They go through alternative methods to recreate their parts so that they can please a woman in bed and give them something to talk about.

On the other hand some women like it little and are just fine with what they have. It depends on one’s preferences and then again maybe not. You can fall in love with someone and realize later they are missing in action below the belt. If so, they just work with what they have.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Less Tummy Fat And Better Skin


If you are not in your best shape there are many downfalls that may occur when you don’t not properly nourish your body, and the two main things you see first is weight gain and bad skin. Your body is always working, that’s why it is very important to feed it correctly and to watch out for the signs it throws out at you. Without proper care, in time it will begin to breakdown on you.
Eating the wrong foods, side effects of medications and stress eventually begins to wear the body down. Getting your health back on track is not easy. The most important is aiming for a stronger heart, bones, stronger immune and digestive system.
Let’s focus on your colon health. Many might not know, but it is just as important as caring for your heart. Your digestive systems plays a major role in how healthy your body really is.
Colon health is crucial and should be considered top priority when it comes to health. If you have lots of gas, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, excess stomach fat, fatigue and bad skin it all has something to do with your colon. A unhealthy digestion holds toxins in the body which causes all of these side effects and certain medical conditions.
Holding on to excess waste is not beneficial to you or your stomach. No one wants to walk around knowing that they have extra feces lying around in their bellies carrying poisons and toxins that releases inflammation to the skin and causes problems when it comes to digesting your food.
A colon cleanse is great and effective way to remove any left over waste from the body. Fiber is also another alternative to improving the way your body digests food too. By improving your colon health you will have more energy, less stomach fat, bloating and clearer skin.
Suffering from acne? Well maybe you should think about your digestive system. It can inflame skin causing acne and other skin conditions. Colon cleansing has many health benefits, especially for those who have stomach fat they want to lose. Digestive Science has a colon cleanse made with natural ingredients that will safely remove any extra fat that is stored in the tummy.
When you don’t digest correctly your body doesn’t absorb the nutritients from the foods you eat. Eating healthy is a better choice and will lead to weight loss, but the key is to make sure your body’s digestive system is working the way it should for even greater benefits. Your colon health could be the reason why you have bad skin, weak immune system and stomach problems.

Antioxidants is a good way to getting rid of inflammation in the body. A excellent source of this this vitamin is fruit, veggies and green tea.
Read more about how Digestive Science can give you energy, a smaller waist, clearer skin and a whole new lifestyle change.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tips For Having An Incredible Sex Life

At Some point and time the sex life goes down the drain. There’s work, maintaining a family and other things that can kill the urge of wanting sex. I think passion, understanding and strong attraction is the key to a phenomenal intimacy no matter what gets in the way.
If you happen to be suffering from a sexless relationship or it has gotten boring here are some great tips that will make lovemaking more spicier.
Try to be more flexible when performing certain sexual positions. If you find it difficult, but want to be more stretchable, yoga is a great way to learn how to stretch those muscles towards go use. I know you are thinking it’s not that serious, on the other hand it’s a effective way to be physically fit and when you are in great shape you can perform activities more efficiently than you did before.
Lingerie is sexy, but for how long? Once you put it on it comes right off. Actually wearing it is extremely enticing and entertaining. Ditch the old lingerie and go for more seductive and erotic clothing when it comes to turning on your spouse.
Introduce a new member into your intimate moment. A sex toy can spike up arousal and increase orgasms. Sex toys add enormous sexual pleasure and improves the sexual chemistry.
Instead of taking a shower and moisturizing yourself, get your partner to do it for you. That way you get foreplay, a sensual and passionate massage. Stepping out of the shower soak and wet is by far one of the sexiest moves. While he’s at it make sure he doesn’t miss one spot, if you know what I mean.
Sex it up, be spontaneous. If you are in a public place and there’s a spot you can get down in, go for it! This gets the adrenaline up and makes doing it even more hotter.
Just because you’ve been together for a long time does not mean you are not allowed to flirt. Flirting is fun and a great way to show your significant other how attractive they still are to you.
Take time to enjoy each other’s bodies. Don’t rush through it. Watch and learn the sensitive spots on your lover’s body.
New sex positions are fun and challenges your body. Be patient and observe your partner’s emotions while making love. If you have to ask, do it. Ask him or her does it feel good and is that the spot. Is that how they like it? If you learn what she wants or what he wants, you will for sure have mind blowing sex.
Don’t be ashamed of your body. The guy is not worried about scars or stretch marks, they are aiming for one thing and it’s not how confident you are with your image. Let the lights stay on and let it ride! If you lack confidence when it comes to your image, convert that energy into your performance. Make it good! Lights don’t have to be on, use candles.
The inner thighs, behind the ears, back of the thighs and buttock are very sensitive spots. Explore with your tongue, you don’t have to go down town to please, unless that’s your thing.

Keep up your beauty. Make him see you as the day he first met you everyday. Sure, there are times when you feel like lounging in pajamas and baggy shirts and you hair looks like it was shocked by electricity. Managing your appearance is a turn on too.

Creativity and passion should be the main ingredient to a hot sex life.

For women who suffer from a low libido Hersolution  is a popular female product that can solve your problems so that you can restore your sex life.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sexuality and Relationship Issues: Toy Or The Real Thing

I had confided in my sister about the problems that my friend and her significant other were having. They’ve have been together for 14 years and things were pretty good at times. I mean no couple is perfect, there will be little arguments or even big arguments. They laughed at the same jokes and they really enjoy each other, but the one thing that has not been so enjoyable lately is the sex life. She’s not happy with it. I didn’t know what to tell her, I mean I’m no expert.

In a relationship after a while you begin to work with each other’s flaws like leaving dirty socks on the floor, not putting the toilet seat down, snoring and other annoying things that comes along. I know sometimes that special moments will keep and so will bad one’s. When my friend told me about her boring sex life, I simply advised her to try new sexual positions. If you want to be happy in the bedroom you should be willing to try new things.

So a few weeks later she called and I asked her how things are going. Her response was “it sucks!” I thought to myself “oh no I really don’t want to hear this.” My girlfriend tried my advice and her man liked it, only for about 5 minutes and went right back to the same old traditional routine. I told her, look you have to be upfront, stand your ground. “How is he ever going to know how you feel if you don’t tell him how you like it?”

Personally to me I think a great sex life adds the frosting to the cake along side with some vanilla ice cream. Sometimes he pleased her and most times she was left hanging over the edge. This is crazy, but she told me she can count on one hand how many orgasms he has given her. Of course I felt deeply sorry for her. I went to my sister and talk to her because I didn’t know what to tell my friend, I didn’t know how to help.

I just wanted it to end, I felt uncomfortable with the ongoing conversation. When I chatted with my lovely sister the first time, she really didn’t have much too say. I thought I give it a second round. To my surprise she revealed a secret too me. She uses a sex toy, I was like ok. I mean I was speechless, I know there’s nothing wrong with it, there are many people who uses them. I just didn’t want to know that my sister uses one.

I’m use to the real deal, you know? Does it even feel like the man’s part? Of course my sister says yes. I would feel a little funny if my guy open up my drawer and found what looks like his piece hiding underneath my panties. Then it would be a situation of choosing him or the toy, which one do I want tonight, I don’t know.

I was always curious about them, but never had the pleasure for one. She simply suggested that my friend go get her a adult toy and use it. My sister referred the website, it’s her favorite. I told my friend, she thought twice about what her lover would think. I simply said “hey he gets his, there’s nothing wrong with you getting yours.” She gave in and tried it out. Now this girl is the happiest I’ve ever seen her and there’s no more talk about the boring sex life. Thank goodness!

I love my sex life, although there’s nothing wrong with improving it. I’m thinking about trying a toy out myself (laughing). The real thing is good sometimes, but other times I guess it doesn’t hurt to have your own big O on the side.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lose Weight Without Dieting Or Exercise $2 Weight Loss Method

Look before I let you in on this weight loss tip, I want to tell you that it’s silly. While it might sound unbelievable, it actually works. This weight loss strategy can be effective to some, depending on the person. When I reveal it to you, please don’t mock me. I’m just passing on information from a expert.

Losing weight can be really difficult, especially if you have a sweet tooth. The best way to get rid of extra fat is to not buy any junk food and put it in your house. It doesn’t hurt to eat your favorite treats once in awhile. What you should consider when eating sweets is moderation.

Would you believe this odd way to avoid sweets only costs you about $1-$2? I’m not lying, I was shocked when I heard it, because even though I never thought about it in that way, without knowing it really works for me. I just never put two and two together when it came as a way to lose weight.

Junk food carries bad carbs, sugars and unhealthy fat. Indulging your sweet tooth can lead to cavities, bad skin and weight gain. A better way to fix that craving is going for fresh fruit. So eat junk food sparingly.

Enough talk, the weight loss tip that will help you fight off those sweet attacks is……… TOOTHPASTE! Yea I know you are like, what! Fitness guru Jillian Michaels says that "if you get a urge for snacking on unhealthy sweets, go brush your teeth". Somehow toothpaste takes away that craving. Well, it is sweet and refreshing and sometimes you usually don‘t want to eat right after cleaning your mouth. I’ve tried this before, after eating I always have the taste for something sweet.  

So, by me being health conscious I like to keep my teeth clean I brush after eating. And without noticing it I really didn’t have that strong urge for junk food anymore. I’m just repeating what she just said. It might be silly and ineffective for some, but it works for me. I thought I share this idea with you, it is uniquely creative.

No harsh dieting, just naturally suppress your appetite ProShapeRX

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Most Important Thing You Should Know About Choosing A Wrinkle Cream

I’m sure you can agree with me that wrinkles are not a girl’s best friend. And guys I’m pretty sure they are not a man’s best friend either. That’s the annoying process when it comes to aging. And you know what, it really doesn’t have anything to do with aging sometimes. Stress can also be a factor of premature aging as well.

If you are looking for the perfected wrinkle cream to eliminate and reduce those wrinkle lines, it’s the ingredients you should be paying attention to. Every woman and man has the desire to look younger, but not all are doing much about it. Three of the best methods towards looking ageless is nutrition, a great workout regimen and a effective anti-aging cream.

Skin care should be taken seriously if you want to have and maintain beautiful and healthy skin. The ingredients in a beauty cream should be natural and safe. But most importantly, it must give you great and noticeable results. Moisturizing your skin is the key to keeping it supple and attractive.

Top anti-aging creams like Oil of Olay, Roc, Kollagen Intensiv are so well known that most don’t even read the contents of them. People are just observing the benefits of the commercial advertisements and believe every word. I’m not saying they are false, I’m simply saying that when choosing a anti-wrinkle, stop for a moment and checkout the ingredients.

Ok, these are the ingredients that you should be looking out for when purchasing one of the best anti-aging creams. According to a well known and popular plastic surgeon of the “The Doctors” Vitamin C and ascorbic acid are the two main ingredients you should be looking for in a anti-wrinkle cream. Not all vitamin C’s are the same, so make sure it says that it is the vitamin C in stable form.

Now just because some beauty creams don’t have this antioxidant, does not mean it won’t give you satisfying results. Vitamin C is a antioxidant and it is good at reducing inflammation of the skin which can cause acne, wrinkles, sagging skin and more. It fights off the free radicals in your body which is the culprit of premature aging. If a anti-aging lotion/ collagen cream has antioxidants you can never go wrong. It gently nourishes your skin, by naturally giving it what it needs to stay strong and healthy.

Benefits of ascorbic acid is that it works as a important antioxidant for the body. The body does not produce ascorbic acid. It also aids in the production of collagen. Overtime collagen decreases and then leads to loose and sagging skin. Ascorbic acid is a vital nutrient, it works by producing more oxygen to the skin allowing it to breathe and stay clear. It keeps skin clear by fighting off harmful free radicals that makes you look older.

Boosting collagen levels of the skin is the keep to keeping it firm, tight and wrinkle free.

Here are the ingredients of Oil Of Olay

Here are the ingredients of Roc eye cream

Benefits and ingredients of Kollagen Intensiv Click Formulation tab

Remember if there are antioxidants in it, you are on the right path to radiant, glowing and younger looking skin.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caught Him Cheating, But He Says He's Not What To Do?

This might be a crazy question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. What would you do if you'd found out that your partner has set up a dating profile on one of the most prominent cheating dating websites called; Ashley Madison? The first thing I would think, is why would he or she want to stray. Why do they need another when I'm giving them everything they need?

My friend found out that her boyfriend of 10 years sign up at this dating website to meet other women. When she first told me this the first thing I thought was, how far did he go. Did he meet these women and had sex with them or was he just online for the entertainment?

Of course she was devastated and she confronted him about it. Well, he said that he was just checking it out. Her significant other of a decade said "I just wanted to see what will happen." This wasn't the wisest thing to do, now my friend has doubts that he might have cheated. Even if he didn't meet with his contacts, still it says CHEATING all the way.

Let's say he did not hook up with any of them. That little voice in your head says "he is trying to cheat." And that doesn't make it any better. It's obvious that when he set up his profile on Ashley Madison, he was looking for a side dish. Oh, that's not even the good part. On his profile he states that he is single and looking for hot sex and a good time. I'm no rocket scientist, but I would say that's cheating. Yea, he didn't physically cheat, not yet. He mentally cheated and by the looks of it he was planning on taking this course of action very soon.

I told her that whatever she decides I'm there for her 100%. If I had it my way I would give him a piece of my mind and the words wouldn't be clean and kick him to the curb. It's so easy to mess up, in the long run it takes time and patience to repair what was damaged. Relationships have problems, the purpose is learning how to deal with them while mending your heart.

If it were me, I would be heart broken and shocked. I know with my attitude it will definitely be war! I know no one is perfect, it's still a complicated situation when you discover the love of your life is thinking about cheating and spreads it all over the Internet. Furthermore, I think he cheated!

What would you do?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Healthy Dieting Myths and Facts What You Should Know

There’s a lot of truth to some diets and there’s a lot of misinterpretations. While you should watch what you eat, there are some foods that are ok to eat that you think are not. Let me break it down for you. According to WebMD these are myths and facts about healthy dieting.
Whole grains are good for you. They are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole grains are great for the body, but processed grains are good for you as well. Processed grains are fortified with folic acid. Example of process grains are cereals and pastas.

 Sugar is bad in large amounts, so make sure to remember moderation is the key. Research shows that our bodies absorb added sugars in a similar way like corn syrup and table sugar. Instead of avoiding one particular kind of sugar, watch out for sugars that are in sweets, candy and sodas.

You can put this myth to bed. There is no conclusion proof that late night meals will cause you to gain weight. Eating too many calories will make you gain weight and late night eaters tend to go for the high fat foods. Eating a meal and going right to sleep afterwards can cause indigestion and heartburn though. So, only thing you should do is to just watch what you eat.

Coffee is actually good for you. Drinking 2 to 3 cups of it a day is part of a healthy diet. Research suggests that coffee may help reduce type 2 diabetes, Parkinson disease, gallstones and even some cancers. Coffee is great, but the added creams, sugars and flavored syrups are not. They add on calories so be careful.
Our bodies need three nutritients to thrive on protein, carbohydrates and fats! We need fat, the healthy fats that are found in nuts, low- fat dairy products and seeds. They give you energy, rebuild cells and produce needed hormones. The fats you should avoid are saturated and trans fats, found in butter, high-fat dairy, red meat and processed foods.
Do you think switching to sea salt will reduce your sodium intake? Think again, it’s another myth. Gourmet salts have just about the same amount of sodium as table salt. Add herbs and spices instead. Make your dish flavorful without it. Besides most of the added salt does not come from table salt, but from the foods you eat such as canned goods, soups, cheeses, mixes and condiments.
Water is important and you should drink more. It keeps you away from the sugary beverages, but if you are just drinking more water and are not changing anything else about your diet then it really won’t do you any good when it comes to losing weight.

Another myth is that too much sugar makes the kids hyper. Research shows that’s not true, it can prevent them from eating healthier meals though. It’s not the cake at birthday parties that makes them wild, it’s just the environment.
Athletes need extra protein to build strength and muscles. Not exactly most of the American diet consist of protein anyway. The real secret to boosting athletic strength and muscle is to focus on enough calories and intense training. Special powders, protein bars and shake not need to apply.

Too much sugar causes diabetes. This is just another myth, don’t worry you don’t have to lose your love of chocolate cake and sweets. What raises your risk of getting diabetes is being overweight and inactive. Cut back on the empty calories, sugary calories and get physically active. Walking or jumping rope is a good way to burn calories.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Don't Eat That! Bad Foods Can Harm You In This Way

Eating right can be huge obstacle to overcome. With so many delicious looking junk food and fast foods makes it so hard to avoid. The smell is what draws the attention and once you take a glance, then it's probably is a done deal. Even though everyone of us would love to eat whatever we want without worrying about side effects such as bad health and weight gain, the issue is your life.

You can consume some of your favorite foods, the only thing is, is watching out for moderation. Diets have it all wrong, they restrict you from what you would normally eat and expect for you to alternate with good and permanent success. The best way to lose weight is to gradually change your eating habits.

I love chocolate chip cookies, brownies, ice cream, French fries and fried chicken, but I know that I cannot eat them all the time. When you eat well, you have the ability to reward yourself with one of your favorite things to eat. Another thing that I know is eating all of those bad foods changes your health for the worse.

Saturated fats and trans fats are not good for you. When consumed they turn to stone in the body and then to extra fat. Your body cannot process these type of unhealthy fats properly. That's why it is good to limit your intake, watch and observe your food labels. Eating healthy gives you enormous benefits to your entire body.

When you eat too much of  bad foods such as fried, baked goods, canned, red meat, sugar junk foods ( chips, cookies, candy, etc) you won't be at your best. The fact is that, your body will eventually shut down on you. When you consume these type of foods here's what will happen.

  • Accelerate the aging process
  • Cause weight gain
  • Cause digestive problems, including bloating, gas and cramps
  • Make you feel drowsy and lethargic
  • Interfere with concentration
  • Cause mood swings
  • Affect fertility and libido
  • Weakens joints, clog arteries and causes heart disease
  • Cause blood clots
  • Promote toxic activity within the body, which in years can lead to cancerous growth
  • Weaken immune system
  • Trigger headaches and asthma
  • Increase pain and swelling of arthritis
  • Give you unhealthy-looking skin, nails and hair
That's a lot of damage to the body. Right now I know you are thinking about throwing out all of the food that is not good for you. It's a lot to take in, so imagine what your body is going through while you consume the wrong things, it's a ticking bomb and can explode any minute. With all this comes along high blood pressure, diabetes, heart complications and other serious medical conditions and diseases.

Not eating properly means your body is not getting the necessary nutrients that it desperately needs to function the right way. Whole grains, fresh fruit and adding more veggies to your plate aid you in good health. Grilling and baking your meats is a great idea, it saves you from chowing down on extra fat. Eating fish once a week and increasing chicken should be in your new lifestyle change too.

To be the best you can be you have to look at what you are munching on. Nutrition is golden when it comes to your life and well-being. Eat better for you and your family.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Dangerous Weight Loss Low-Calorie Cleanses Celebrities Use

Quick weight loss is used like water when it comes to an alternative way to change body image in Hollywood. Celebrities will do almost anything to lose weight fast, especially when it comes to getting a role in a movie. If it were me I probably would risk my health for a few weeks just to make, what about a couple of million of dollars! Is it worth it? It depends on how far you are willing to go.

Some Celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, Gwyneth  Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker love their cleanses. When I was reading about this fast way to lose weight, it didn't really appeal to me. I guess if you are willing to get rid of those unwanted pounds, you will do what needs to be done.

These crazy cleanses are dangerous and deprive you from the most valuable nutrition that your body needs. There was one that wasn't so bad, I still wouldn't do it. The liquid diets can lead to lightheartedness and can harm in other ways, but who cares, right?

Beyonce master cleanse consist of 14 days drinking a drink that contains lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, and eating fish to lose weight for her movie Dreamgirls. Beyonce says it was hard and she felt weak, but she did it. I'm not sure how often she does it. This master cleanse got an extreme rating. Expert analysis L.A. nutritionist Phillip Goglia, author of Turn Up The Heat,  warns, "I would do two days on the plan, one day off, up to seven days.'' The calorie consumption is 600-1,300 a day.

Gwyneth's cleanse is a no- calorie- count diet of smoothies and organic foods like chicken and veggies. Doesn't sound so bad. It was created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, who also gives a herbal laxative for sluggish bowel movements. This safer than the master cleanse, it got a rating of 2. She uses this to shedd excess holiday pounds.

There are many ways to lose weight some are good and others are too risky. In Hollywood some celebrites make sacrafices to keep up their beauty. Wanting to be thin and staying thin is what it is all about. Cleanses are good for you, the best way to get the most benefits from them is to talk with your doctor before you start one.

Last but not least, Sarah Jessica Parker Blueprint cleanse is a 10 day concoction of 6 daily tonics a day made of pineapple, apple, mint juice and cashew-nut milk. It has a intensity level, for newbies the Renovation cleanse has the highest calorie count (1,200), while the more experienced one has 1,100 calories per day. Foundation Cleanse, and veterans can opt for the Excavation Cleanse (1,000 calories per day). The purpose of this is to rid the body of food and alcohol with the inclusion of diuretics, such as spinach and apples.

Living on fluids alone is too dangerous for you. This cleanse got a extreme rating of 3.

The medical risks:

Most cleanses can cause lightheadedness, irregular heart rhythms, irrability, mood changes and low energy. Why? Because your body is not getting the calories it needs which is energy. You are depriving your body of electrolytes, potassium and magnesium. Dr. Eric Baverman, author of Younger Thinner You Diet says, many of these cleanses are not well balanced, are missing vital nutritients and vitamins. They can lead to anemia.

Dr. Goglia suggests that, "dieters should only use a cleanse once or twice a year. And use colonics with caution: Ultimately, your body will start to shut down", because the colonic are doing things for you that your digestive system should be doing on its own.

There are other dangerous cleanses out there, so beware. Another one to watch out for is at the We Care Spa. This drink contains only 400 calories per day  with a liquid of wheatgrass, lemon water and vegetable juice and colonics. This weight loss method can last for about three days to a month. It has gotten a extreme rating of 4. It detoxifies the body greatly and gets the job done, but it is not a pleasant experience.

These are only short-term weight loss methods. If you are looking for permanent weight loss then seek another resource.