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How To Cure Hemorrhoids And The Symptoms

Hemorrhoids can be very painful and if left untreated it can become worse over time. Rectal bleeding is usually a sign of this medical condition, but there may be other factors that can cause rectal bleeding such as colon cancer or anal cancer. The symptoms of this condition include:

Small amounts of bleeding in your bowel movement or when you wipe your butt and usually there’s no pain.
Pain and discomfort
Hemorrhoids protruding from your anus
Swelling around your anus
A sensitive or painful lump near your butt hole
Leaking feces

Straining or irritation can damage the delicate hemorrhoid when passing stool and cause it to bleed. Straining can push the tissue through the anal and this can cause pain and irritation. External ones are under the skin and around the anus, when annoyed it can itch, bleed and sometimes blood might leak in it causing a clot (thrombus) resulting in pain, swelling and inflammation.

Bleeding during bowel movements is usually the first sign of it. If you are passing, black, tarry or maroon stools and blood clots consult your doctor right away! You need to seek help especially if you are experiencing lightheadedness, dizziness or faintness.

There are many ways on how to treat hemorrhoids, home remedies, health supplements, diet changes and etc.

I know of someone who suffers from this and believe me I feel so sorry for him. When it would flare up he would be in so much pain, too stubborn to go to the doctor I guess he was ashamed but I told him imagine how it will feel if it had gotten worse. So eventually he went to a physician and thank God he did.

For those who want to seek a remedy from home this program is a great and in addition so is another method. It is a treatment program created by a person who suffered from the same medical condition for a long time. This is a at home program that will cure hemorrhoids, it shows you step by step how to permanently get relief.

Workouts For Legs! The Best Way To Lose Leg Fat

Thin Thighs Workout Program

Squats are one of the best ways to getting those firm legs. It also helps tighten the muscles in your buttocks, start with about 25 squats a day. Stand with your feet shoulder length apart looking straight ahead arms on your hips. Push yourself down with your butt almost touching the floor while holding in your stomach. This is a good way to work that abs. If you cannot go that far go down as far as you comfortably can. Rise up slowly and release your abs, then exhale slowly. You can rest after 12 reps and finish the rest if you cannot do the whole 25 at one time. I have worked my self up to doing 50 of them; try to do these three-fives times a week.

Lounges are my favorite they work your legs, butt and hips. Stand with your feet shoulder length apart looking straight ahead. Step with the right leg in front of you and the left in the back. Slowly bend the right leg forward, inhale going down and exhale coming up. Rise up and put the right leg back in its position with the legs shoulder length apart. Put the left leg in front of you and bend down with the left leg. Rise back up with the left leg in the position it was in before, shoulder length apart. Repeat this position until you have done 25 of them, if you cannot do 25 then do how many you can and work your way up.

Thin Thighs Workout Program

When doing this position make sure your balance is right, you can hurt your knee or ankle if you do it wrong. Add 5lb weights to advance it. Do arm curls as you go down, do as many as your body let you do. Do not over do it, try to do this about three- five times a week. Try to run about 10-20 minutes a day if you are an outdoor person. Work your way up until you can jog for about 30 minutes to an hour a day, for three or five times a week. Make sure you have good running shoes it is very important when it comes to being comfortable and supporting your legs.

Elliptical or Treadmill ride for about 20-30 minutes a day for at least three-five days a week. Start slow, you do not want to do too much at one time. Just gradually work yourself up to an hour if you want doing 30 minutes is fine.

This is what worked for me and is still working for me. You can figure out what days you want to do which exercises or combine them in a week's time, whatever works for you. I am looking good and you can too. Also, watch out for what you eat, tries eating foods with more water for fullness. Eat more fiber and less fat and cholesterol. Make sure you do not lack in nutrition it is very important in maintaining good health and energy.

Thin Thighs Workout Program

Topics On Weight Loss! Easy Weight Loss Success Tips For 2011

Losing weight can be easy, there are ways to lose weight without counting everything you eat. The key to weight loss is watching your portions. Everyone wants to look better and are always looking for ways to be healthier. Losing weight not only reduces your fat and gives you a smaller waist it also makes you look younger. Here are some effective and easy ways on how to reduce your hunger.

1. Before each meal or before dinner drink a glass of water, V8 juice or eat a slice of fiber bread.

2. Use a smaller plate when eating, this is a easy way to reduce your portions.

3. Eat a salad before your meal.

4. Add more veggies to your plate or fruit

5. Keep your willpower by being around people that support you.

6. Get those pair of jeans that you have not worn in years and hand them in your room in sight to remind yourself of your goal.

7. Put post-it notes on the fridge saying "eat right", "no junk"

8. Exercise, if you don't like working out make it fun and use the Wii game to get your body moving.

You have to be creative when you are trying to lose weight so that you won't get bored and want to give up. Try new recipes and new ways on being physically active. Simple things can burn calories such as;


Raking the yard

Shoveling snow


Mowing the lawn

You have to really want to lose weight in order to accomplish success. Having friends that are trying to do the same is a positive way and effective method that will help you become great. Remember you can still eat your favorite foods, treat yourself at least once or twice a week. Watch out for portion control, when you are able to at least eat some of your favorite foods, more people seem to do better at losing fat and having weight loss success.

Self-Help Topics For Women: Never Forget That You Are Sexy Bring It Back

Life gets the best of us and makes us forget that divine beauty that we have about ourselves. Being sexy should always be as natural and irresistible as possible. Sure we tend to get comfortable with our spouses, we figure we’ve caught a man and he’s not going anywhere so there’s no need to be sexy as often as you used to, but on the contrary you should. We feel better about ourselves when we look good.

Men like it when we get our hair done, have our nails painted, smell like sweetness and be waiting in the bedroom with some naughty lingerie on. Sure you can’t do it all the time with the kids and work and everything else. Of course it is very important to take some time out on the side and make yourself up, don’t do it just for him do it for the both of you. You will realize how good you really look and he will appreciate what beautiful woman he has.

Bring your sexy back, it’s been put away too long. Dust off those cob webs and make yourself not only look good but feel good! Buy some sexy new lingerie, or a dress and shoes even some new perfume, anything different can be a good experience for the both of you or just for you. Try new things in the bedroom, spice it up make it fun and exciting again. WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD YOU FEEL GOOD!


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Health Tips! How To Prevent A Hangover

By Chef M. Travis Ball

Picture it: You and the boys are planning a big night out on the town -- the kind of night that gives rise to those legendary stories. Well, just because you plan to have a smashing time, doesn't mean that you have to have a smashing reminder.
Here are some tips that you can use before, during and after your big night out, to avoid a hangover.

What is a Hangover?
Simply put: Alcohol is a toxic substance. When you ingest toxins, your body is going to feel the aftereffects. A hangover is an umbrella term that describes what's happening to your body as it recovers from the poison you ingested the night before. Symptoms often include fatigue, headaches and dehydration.

Before You Get Drunk...
Eat: Don't drink on an empty stomach. A lot of guys like fatty foods before they eat because the fat sticks to the stomach lining longer and absorbs more alcohol. But the main idea here is to put volume in your stomach, which will dilute the effects of the alcohol. So be sure and eat something.

Drink milk: Milk coats the lining of your stomach and can help minimize the amount of alcohol you absorb. At least, that's the theory. A lot of guys use this one, but there isn't any evidence to support it. Still, most nutritionists will tell you that a glass of milk a day is part of a healthy diet, so there's really no harm in trying this one.

Drink olive oil: This is an old Mediterranean remedy and it works on the same theory as eating fatty foods. Personally, I'd rather eat dinner than swallow a spoonful of olive oil, but if there's any truth to this theory, I suggest you dip some bread in olive oil rather than slather it with butter (if nothing else, most doctors would agree that your heart will thank you).

Take multivitamins: You should take vitamins either way, but when you go out for that big night, it's even more important to make sure that you take your vitamins. Why? Drinking depletes the nutrients in your body; vitamins will help you minimize the loss.

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Men's Health: How To Get Bigger Muscles

Developing a nice tone body takes time and effort, if you really want it you will become successful at getting the body you want.

Xtreme Muscle Builder can help you create excellent muscle mass, while providing you with ultimate nutrition. It is a phenomenal health supplement especially made for bodybuilders, beginners and the intermediate. Look at the benefits you get from this product, when you add this supplement to you daily muscle exercise routine your will get outstanding results!

A fast acting muscle enhancer
L-Arginnine that works naturally to bulk you up
Have more confidence in yourself and appearance
Naturally builds muscle mass

This product is very effective; it is safe and has been featured in the Men’s Health Magazine because of its powerful effects. It also has clinical studied ingredients, here’s more on what it can do for you. Xtreme actually makes you stronger, delivers more oxygen to your muscles, has a combination of proprietary ingredients that will dramatically enhance your performance and it is safer and more effective than other supplements.

While using this product it gives you more oxygen and when you have more of that you gain more muscle growth, improve your body’s chemistry and advance your workouts. Adding it to your diet not only provides you with the stamina to get the job done, it also works so well with the body that the results are very satisfying. The ingredient L-Arginnine provides beneficial actions to your body, it boosts metabolism, supports your cardiovascular system and naturally stimulates your immune system.

Disadvantages: Actually there are none, if you want to checkout more about this item go to Before using this product examine it more you won’t be disappointed, the ingredients and results will show for it. You can develop and create that hardcore body in no time with the right health product, fitness is all about knowledge and strength and choosing the most effective source.

Vince Delmonte One of The Best Bodybuilding Trainers Around Also Has Great Tips On Achieving Great Muscle Growth

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How To Get Bigger Breasts Without Surgery Fast And Effective

Breast Enhancement - Making the Right Choice

If you've been wondering about breast enhancement, you're not alone. In 2007 there were 397,330 breast augmentation procedures performed in the United States alone, making it the leading surgical cosmetic procedure performed in the U.S. While it is clear that her breasts are vital to her confidence and positive self-image as a woman, the question whether breast augmentation is necessary, or healthy, remains an individual choice. Fortunately, there are healthy and affordable options to make your breasts as vivacious and beautiful as you desire.

What are the Options?

While there is a variety of options available to enhancing your breasts, they generally fall into the categories of surgical and non-surgical. Breast implants are an established and popular breast-enhancement procedure among North American women. Stem cell fat transfer augmentation is another surgical enhancement procedure, while breast enlargement pumps and padded bras round out the non-surgical breast augmentation options. Do they work? Some do - breast implants are wildly popular. But they're expensive, at $2,500- $5000 per procedure. They can also lead to ongoing breast health issues, including difficulty detecting breast cancer, ongoing soreness and problems with breast feeding. Contrary to popular belief, breast implants are not permanent, and frankly, some women find the though of having their breasts sliced open downright unappealing.

Fortunately, there is one final option.

Natural breast enhancement is a non-surgical, safe and effective method to enhance and celebrate your breasts. Unlike the other options, natural breast enhancement uses phytoestrogens, which tighten and lift breast tissues. Moreover, this method balances the natural hormone levels produced by your body, and promotes overall breast health with herbals, nutrients and hormone balancers. Natural breast enhancements are often available in a three-step therapy system, consisting of a daily supplement, a gel and an exercise regiment. When looking for a daily supplement, be sure find one that contains buckwheat leaves, damiana leaf and watercress, as found in Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy, as these ingredients are known to fight breast cancer, and produce breast milk and tissue.

Additionally, natural breast enhancement yields another secret ingredient proven to grow natural, healthy breasts. Volufiline is a recent development in natural breast enhancement that contains sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lipogenesis, causing the fatty tissue in breasts to grow in quantity and volume. In a recent clinical study, 32 women between the ages of 18 and 35 applied Volufiline to one breast, twice daily. Scientists looked a the results on days 28 and 56 of the study. The results? Twenty-five per cent of the women saw a 6.6% increase in breast size after 28 days. As a testament to its effectiveness, Volufiline is a key ingredient in Total Curve Lifting & Firming Gel and Volufiline has now been clinically proven to increase breast size by up to 8.4% in under 60 days.

It's Your Choice

Breast enhancement does not have to be painful, nor expensive, and many women would argue that any breast enhancement procedure should compliment and work with a woman's body and its natural balance of hormones and phytoestrogens rather than (literally!) tearing her breasts apart. Natural breast enhancement, as promoted by Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy, is a celebration of the female form and its beauty. The choice is yours.

How To Lose Weight! The Best Foods To Make You Lose Fat

From AOL Living and Netscape

The Best Foods to Eat for Weight Loss
If you want to lose weight, exercise and eat protein.

A high-protein diet seems to enhance the benefits of exercise, helping you to lose fat without losing muscle, according to researchers from the University of Illinois. The best foods to eat for weight loss are meat, dairy products, eggs and nuts.

The study: In this four-month study, 48 obese female volunteers were divided into two groups. One group ate a protein-rich diet designed to contain specific levels of leucine, one of the essential amino acids. A second group consumed a diet based on the food guide pyramid, which contained higher amounts of carbohydrates. Both groups consumed the same number of calories, but the first group substituted high-quality protein foods, such as meats, dairy, eggs and nuts, for foods high in carbohydrates, such as breads, rice, cereal, pasta and potatoes. The study included two levels of exercise. One group walked two to three times a week, but less than 100 total minutes. The others participated in five 30-minute walking sessions each week, as well as two 30-minute weight lifting/stretching sessions.

The results: The obese women who exercised most days of the week and consumed a reduced-calorie diet of 1,700 calories that was high in protein, lost more fat and less muscle than the women who ate a diet high in carbohydrates. "Both diets work because, when you restrict calories, you lose weight. But the people on the higher-protein diet lost more weight," researcher Donald Layman, a professor of food science and human nutrition at the University of Illinois, said in a news release. They also lost more weight in the abdomen.

"There's an additive, interactive effect when a protein-rich diet is combined with exercise. The two work together to correct body composition; dieters lose more weight, and they lose fat, not muscle," says Layman. The higher-carbohydrate, lower-protein diet based on the USDA food guide pyramid actually reduced the effectiveness of exercise, Layman said.
While this protein-rich diet works for everyone, it seems to be even more effective for people who have high triglyceride levels and carry excess weight in their midsection--a combination of health problems known as Syndrome X. "The protein-rich diet dramatically lowered triglycerides and had a statistically significant effect on trunk fat, both risk factors associated with heart disease," Layman said. "Exercise helped dieters lose an even greater percentage of body fat from the abdominal area."

The study findings were published in the Journal of Nutrition.

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One of My Poems: I Try

Life is not easy and it tosses it roller coasters, but when does it actually end? When does the hurt go away? I try to be right and influence my loved ones to do the same, but will it ever be better? I try to love right and teach right, everything seems like a merry go round.

I try to love right, do right and live right. Why is it so hard? Some have it easier than others, I guess God has a different path for me. I try to do what’s best, what’s right, but still I struggle and fight!

Why oh why is it so hard for me? I just don’t understand. Maybe it’ s that broke man, that’s holding my hand. Waiting on my fortunes to fulfill his dreams, but it seems so right at least to him and it feels so mandatory to me.

I try to do what is right, I struggle and I fight and I feel this big load on my back, that is keeping up a lot of slack! I want success, I want financial freedom, I can do better and I will. The best of me is just waiting to burst out and when it does I hope there’s no man to help me scream and shout! Shoot! He can get his own scream and his own dream!

I try and try to live my life, but still I struggle and fight! It’s hard, it’s complicated. Love can paralyze you, it can make you forget about who you once wanted to be. Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams and though it seems you try and try, try harder and harder and harder because your day and my day will come. Shine like the beautiful woman you are, you are a star!

Women's Health: The Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

The cancer begins in the ovaries the two twin organs that produce the women’s eggs and the main source of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Treatment for it has been effective in recent years and have greater results if you catch the disease early.

The signs of this disease are:

Pain in the abdominal
Bloating and pressure in the belly
Pain in pelvis
Feeling full too quickly during meals
Urinating more frequently

The signs also could be from another medical condition, if they persist daily over several weeks consult your physician. The woman odds of developing cancer is higher if she has a family history of breast, colon and ovarian cancer. If you have a strong family history check with your doctor for a medical follow up.

Age is a strong risk factor, ovarian cancer is more likely to develop after a woman goes through menopause. Using postmenopausal hormone therapy may increase your risk. It seems that the risk of getting it is stronger when taking estrogen without progesterone for over 5 to 10 years.

Obesity plays a factor as well, women who are very heavy have higher chance of ovarian cancer. Death rates are increased to in obese women with the disease. There are two ways to screen for it and that is a blood test to your protein levels and a ultrasound on your ovaries. CT scans and ultrasounds can determine whether it is cancerous or not.

The stages of it are:

Stage 1: confined to one or both ovaries
Stage 2: spread to ovaries and uterus
Stage 3: spread to lymph nodes or abdominal lining
Stage 4: spread to distant organs such as the liver or lungs

The majority of the tumors are epithelial ovarian carcinomas. These are malignant tumors that form on the surface of the ovary. Some are not clearly cancerous. The survival rate for this type of condition can be frightening it usually ranges from 89% to 18% with epithelial cancer, it depends on where the cancer was located. Keep in mind that these statistics are from 1988 to 2001.

Surgery is needed to diagnose ovarian cancer and its stage. The goal is to remove as much of the cancer as possible or if the doctors have to they may have to remove the ovaries. Chemotherapy is usually given after surgery, which is used to kill the remaining cancers that may be lurking in your body. The medicine can be given through a IV, the mouth or straight through the belly. For women who tumors were not serious, chemotherapy is not needed unless they grow back.

Researchers are working on therapies that target the way ovarian cancer grows according to WebMD. A process called angiogenesis involves the formation of new blood vessels to feed tumors. A drug called Avastin blocks this process, causing tumors to decrease and stop growing. Avastin is used for other cancers, but for ovarian cancer the researchers are still testing.

For women who have had their ovaries removed they can no longer produce estrogen and this causes them to go into early menopause. The drop in hormone levels can increase the risk of osteoporosis. After treatment many find that they suffer from fatigue, getting involved with gentle exercises slowly increase your energy levels and your emotional well-being.

Risk reducer
Also women who have had biological children are less likely to get ovarian cancer than women who have never given birth. The risk decreases with every pregnancy and breastfeeding offers added protection. Women who take birth control pill have a lesser chance of getting ovarian cancer, the pill reduces ovulation which helps prevent the cancer.

Tubaligation may offer protection against it as well. And having a hysterectomy will also reduce the risk, removing the ovaries in women over the age of 40 is a good option too. What you eat can make a difference as well, a low-fat diet that is maintained for at least four years has shown great results in lowering the risk of the disease.

If you have any of these symptoms contact your doctor immediately. Your health is your wealth.

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Men's Health: How To Build Muscle In Your Arms and Chest No Weights!

Pull ups are great; doing this exercise requires you to pull up your whole body weight. You will need a bar that attaches to the door, or you can use one at the gym. Place your hands shoulder width apart, let your legs hang loosely but keep them together. Pull yourself at chin level with the bar and lower yourself back down until your arms are straight.

Continue to do this until your arms feel weak, take a break and continue again. Doing these exercises two to three times a week will strengthen your arms, chest, hands, fingers and shoulders, it also develops stamina and core strength.

Tips: Make sure to keep it smooth, jerking movements can damage the muscle and nerves.
Breathe deeply and smoothly during the workout.
Do not over do it, you will damage your muscle tissue and nerves.

Push ups are very effective if you do them the proper way, these exercises are very popular when it comes to chest and arm exercises. Lay on your stomach lift yourself with your arms shoulder length apart, gently come down and raise yourself back up. This workout will tone your shoulders, elbows, back, arms and chest. Inhale as you slowly lower your chest just above ground level, exhale as you push your arms up make sure they are straight when you push up.

This routine will also help firm your stomach and abs. If this is your first time try starting off with doing 20-25 reps and work yourself up, repeat this workout about three or four days a week.

The chest expander exercise stretches your chest while toning your shoulders, chest, and breasts and loosens your shoulders. It is very simple to do, but very effective. Stand with your back straight and your feet shoulder length apart, bend your knees slightly and sink your weight into your legs.

Then fold your arms, open your arms and begin swinging them to the side and fold them back in front of your chest. You should feel your chest stretching, do at least 15-20 reps.

Tips: Breathe smoothly, evenly and deeply throughout the workout.
Begin slowly and work your way up to doing it faster.
Expand your chest out more with each rep.

These are great and effective workouts, if you are way past these techniques and are looking for advanced moves, has workouts that will help you achieve muscle toning success, and this is the #1 body toning site on the internet.

Great Casserole Recipes For The Winter

Spinach Manicotti

1/2 package manicotti shells (7 pieces, or 4 ounces)
2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
2 cups firmly packed baby spinach leaves
1/4 cup finely diced onion
1 clove garlic
8 ounces part-skim ricotta cheese
1 large egg
1 cup prepared tomato-based pasta sauce of choice
1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese

Cook manicotti shells according to package directions. Drain and set aside.

Meanwhile, preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a small casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray and set aside.

In a medium skillet, heat oil over medium heat. Add onion, spinach and garlic. Stir and toss until spinach wilts, about 2 minutes. Remove from heat.

In a medium bowl, combine spinach mixture, ricotta cheese and egg. Mix well. Scrape cheese mixture into a quart-size, zipper-top plastic bag. Cut one corner off the bag to make a small diagonal slit. Using the bag like a pastry bag, squirt cheese mixture into both sides of each manicotti shell until filled. Repeat with each shell. Place filled shells into prepared casserole dish. Top with pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese.

Bake, uncovered, 10 minutes or until heated through and beginning to bubble along edges.

Serves 3 generously
Start to Finish: 30 minutes

Courtesy of Kitchen Scoop

Another Recipe From JudijTexas

In my part of the world the King Ranch Casserole is always the favorite. However, it is a bit time consuming but today there are lots of ways to shorten the process, that were not around when the original recipe came out.

Pre-cooked, frozen chicken is a huge time saver and can be used in all kinds of chicken recipes, as well as buying a rotisserie chicken and putting that in. Lots of sauces are now available and can be used in casseroles. For those in Texas and near an HEB store, they sell a wonderful Green Chile Sauce that just needs fajita chicken, tortillas and a little cheese and one has a version of the KR that's so easy and good. But... for our friends who have not that luxury... Here is my original copy of the recipe that goes back to the late 60's.

1 large fryer chicken Purchase 1 pkg frozen fajita grilled chicken breast slices
1 med onion chopped Cut chicken into bit-sized chunks
3/4 c chopped celery
1 tspn salt mix soups with low-sodium chicken broth
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
12 corn tortillas cut in pieces
1 chopped green pepper use frozen or leave out
1 can Ro-tel tomatoes with chiles mix with soups
1 c sharp cheddar cheese

Boil chicken, onion, celery & salt until chicken is tender
Remove chicken from broth and cool, remove bones, chop chicken
Boil broth down to 1 1/2 c & add soups & mix
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Arrange tortillas in pieces in bottom of buttered 8 x 12 in casserole Layer tortillas, chicken pieces and then soup/tomato.
Cover and heat until bubbly. Top with cheese and melt.
Cover tortilla pieces with chicken chunks
Sprinkle with green peppers
Cover with Ro-tel tomatoes
Pour soup mixture over all of it
Cover with foil & bake 35 to 40 min.
Remove from oven and remove foil
Sprinkle with cheese, return to oven, cook til cheese is bubbly
Serve hot


Another take on the Stuffed Cabbage casserole:

1 pkg ground turkey (don't get 100% breast meat as that can get dry)
1 qt bottle spicy red pasta sauce (I like Emeril's Kicked up)
1 small onion, chopped
equal amount of chopped celery and bell pepper
Or... buy frozen Cajun seasoning (it has all 3 and 1 or 2 pkgs will work just fine)
1 small head cabbage (coarsely shredded)
1 cup or more to taste, shredded cheese (I use fat free for dietary purposes)

Steam cabbage until soft. In a large skillet, saute the veggies in a little olive oil, put on a plate and then add in the turkey and brown it. Drain, if any extra fat is in the pan. Mix turkey, veggies and pasta sauce. Season to taste.

Layer cabbage, then sauced turkey in an greased 8x12 casserole ending with turkey, cover with foil, and heat at 350 until bubbly. Top with cheese and return to oven until cheese melts. Serve hot.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Poetry Love, Hurt Life: My Hurt Is My Sunshine

My heart was broken it cracked and then shattered, I gave love and love turned on me. I opened my heart and it was injected with pain, never again will I get hurt again. My heart was field with joy, it was happy and now it is confuse, and I want to run but cannot move. Why does love paralyze you? Why does it warms the body and interrupts the mind and then darkens the soul?
My hurt is my sunshine because it shows me my mistakes and though it cannot be erased my life can be restored.

Love rather from a friend, family or partner is harmful because you are vulnerable towards deceit, lies and betrayal. My hurt is my road to recovery, I refuse to let it disintegrate my life although it hurts for a moment it can feel like a lifetime. My hurt is my sunshine; it has taken me into another world of fulfillment and strength.

I embrace life it’s delicate like a rose petal can be easily broken, as fragile as it is it must be treasured. You never know when the world will turn on you, you don’t know how long love will last and when or who will be the one to cause damage to your heart. In the end all that really matters is how you bounce back and educate yourself from past actions.

My hurt is my sunshine because it shows me my mistakes and though it cannot be erased my life can be restored. Love rather from a friend, family member or partner is harmful because you are vulnerable towards deceit, lies and betrayal. My hurt is my road to recovery, I refuse to let it disintegrate my life although it hurts for only a moment it can feel like a lifetime.

My hurt is my sunshine; it has taken me into another world of fulfillment and strength.

The evil ones broke me down; it hurts so badly, I can cry forever. Each day I have to remember that my hurt, my pain is darkness and I’m the only one who lead me into my own sunshine. I now can smile with my whole heart, my hurt is my sunshine.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To Have Great Sex and Last Longer In Bed

The warm weather is deteriorating, outdoor activities will cease, the swimming pools are finally put to rest and soon the snowflakes will be falling. It was fun while it lasted, but not to worry the winter is just the best part. Couples will be spending more time indoors, cuddling while enjoying the warm heat that lingers from the fireplace, but the fireplace won’t be the only thing that will be heated up this season. The winter is perfect for putting you imagination to the test when it comes to sex, so I will be discussing sex tips for men and sex tips for women.

Solve your problems

It’s probably been a long time since you and your partner has had intercourse. if you happen to find ice icicles hanging from the corners of the ceiling, dust on your lingerie and webs on your private part, which we call coochy cob webs (laughing) it’s the truth, than it has been way too long since the room has had any sexual heat to it. Well it is time to turn up the spice and add some excitement into the bedroom! You should not act nonchalantly when it comes to a plight situation in your relationship, talking saves a lot of wasted time spent being angry, if you must read about love and romance tips.

If you want to be wild and have better orgasm browse around for some new sex toys. Sexual health is very important, there’s the act of being careful by using contraceptives, taking the time to learning each other’s feelings, discovering ways to pleasing each other and having and learning creativity so that your sex life doesn’t go cold. You two probably fell off because of the extra hours at work, conflict erupted and disable your sexual urge, lover showing the signs of a cheating spouse, medical condition or whatever the case something should be done so that you two can go back to having a healthy sex life.

It’s a stinky situation

Maybe you partner doesn’t want to be intimate with you because your breath might stink or you happen to have occasional body odor, it’s something that is keeping the fire out. Seriously you have to think about; what could be preventing you and your husband or wife from expressing the love you two have for one another? Figure it out, make some changes; brush your teeth, take a shower at least once a day and if that is too much than bathe every other day, in addition throw some perfume or cologne.

Some of you might be laughing but it is so true, sometimes couples get so comfortable with one another they stop doing the things they use to do to please their significant other when it comes to their appearance and behavior. Fellas take off those smelly socks before getting into bed with your woman, there is nothing worst than to be turned off by some 2-day sour smelling sock, yuck!

Show some love

Men be more romantic, bring her some roses every once in a while, cook for her, surprise her by cleaning the house and when it comes down to it affection is powerful, give her a hug a long hug and tell her how much you appreciate her presence. You necessarily don’t have to be a sex expert or a relationship expert to figure out how to solve your problems. If a lot of people take the time to spot the conflict and discover a solution a lot of relationships would be saved and money.

Ladies you can put your part in it as well. Tell your man how much you love him, give him praise and show how proud you are of him even when he tries and things don’t turn out so great. And do these simple things and watch how much the intimacy between you two grow stronger. A fictitious sex life can be recovered, be willing to accommodate when it comes to each other’s needs.

Don’t be shy do what you got to do

Experiment a little and try out some sex toys, at first you might be like ewe! But actually they can improve your relationship and advance the feeling of climaxing; they can be fun and naughty for the both of you. Some women like the real thing, and there’s nothing like it and others like their toy, all in all it is positive going both ways, so don’t feel like you can’t please her, just go with the flow and it can turn out to be a great night for you two.

Nothing says I want you and set off your sex drive like erotic lingerie! Search around for alternative night wear at where you also can find adult games and many other items that will create a sensual and pleasurable atmosphere for your bedroom. And if you already have the skills of using these products and have grown bored, try out some new sex toys at the website I’ve stated above.

Reading about women’s sexual health may help out. There are many women who suffer from a low libido (low sex drive) and some have discovered the benefits of using female enhancements. The well known product called; HerSolution which was presented on the TV talk show The Doctors has caused up a stir in the media. It increases blood flow and sensitivity to the vagina while supplementing your overall sexual pleasure. So say goodbye to that sexless relationship!

Furthermore, Men’s sexual health is a subject that should come to mind too! Millions of men have complications when it comes to performance and that is why many have chosen to investigate male enhancements products. Nowadays more and more couples are searching for ways on how to have better sex and with the cold weather approaching sales will hit an all time high! These best selling male enhancement pills naturally work with the male’s body by increasing blood flow to the penis, which will result in longer erections and more enjoyable sexual performance for the future.

So the story has come to an end, give thought towards the sex advice I have given try it out and it will definitely change your range of mind when it involves sexuality activity. Oh, one more thing! Throw out those old lovemaking moves and explore with some new sex positions! If you have to use your fingers to rectify the situation you know what I‘m talking about (smiling), hey no one is judging whatever makes her happy.

How To Get Whiter Teeth Cheaper Ways

Teeth whiteners can be a little on the expensive side, but some are well worth the purchase. Idol White is very effective at giving you a whiter smile without causing sensitivity, but if you are not into teeth whitening systems here are a few home remedies to checkout that will erase yellow teeth and reveal a whiter and brighter smile.

Peroxide is in just about all of teeth whitening products, hair coloring products and it not only makes your teeth whiter but is excellent at cleaning your gums. Peroxide completely kills bad mouth germs with each use; it can be used as a mouthwash as well. Although it is an ingredient in certain mouthwashes and toothpastes it works better when you use it straight from the bottle. If this sounds like something that will work for you try this; get your toothbrush rinse it with hot water that, which is what I do to clean it before I use. Before applying toothpaste pour a little of Hydrogen peroxide on your toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual.

Try this too as a mouthwash, pour a cap full of peroxide into your mouth and equal that with a cap of water, gurgle for about 15 seconds and brush your teeth. If your gums become sensitive use it three times a week to reduce irritation.

Baking soda can be used for all sorts of things from laundry to getting rid of stains, ingredient in baking, relieves gas, bloating, heartburn, freshens your fridge, it can be used as a exfoliate blended in with your face wash, cleaning and can be used to scrub away stubborn stains off your teeth. Baking soda is an ingredient in most toothpaste whiteners like Crest 3D White, if using regular toothpaste make sure it has fluoride in it; it is an important ingredient that prevents tooth decay.

As we all know the key to keeping healthy gums is by flossing after each meal.
To use baking soda as a teeth whitener at home, wet your toothbrush pour a little soda in your hand and dip the bristles into the soda, apply toothpaste and brush as usual. When you’ve achieved whiter teeth you can break it down to using it every other day. If it irritates your gums reduce usage according to your favor.

How to exfoliate your skin with baking soda

If you are wondering how to exfoliate your skin with baking soda here it goes, after pouring your face wash into the palm of your hands add about a two pinches of baking soda it will gently exfoliate you skin. Continue to rub the facial cleanser onto your skin as you usually do and rinse. You will immediately feel the difference, it scrubs away dead cells.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Cannot Wait For Christmas To Be Over!! Ugh Christmas Shopping!

I love the holidays and what they stand for, but what I do not like is how the holidays always seem to break my bank account. Don't get me wrong I love waking up watching my kids open their Christmas gifts and observing how happy they are, that is the best part. It is just with kids these days nothing is cheap, especially with the continuing updated game consoles, cell phones computers and etc.

Christmas is about sharing and spending special time with family and friends. If it was up to me the only gift everyone would get is a well cooked meal, goood conversation and a glass of their favorite alcohol beverage. I know there are others who feel the same way, I've ran into a couple of people who dread the holidays because of consequences of shopping.

I am blessed to share another Christmas with my family and friends, I just wish I could be bless just one holiday when I do not have to come out of my pockets and worry about trying to make up what I've over spent lol!

Share your opinions about Christmas shopping. How does it affect you?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Relationship Advice: How To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Breakup

Your in love, things are going great she is the one you’ve been waiting for and all of a sudden things are going down hill, things are not the same. At first you guys couldn’t stand going a minute without one another and the passion was so high one touch and you are ready for love, you are just the perfect couple. Now you are arguing all the time and you barely have enough time to spend with each other, she is always working or too busy to answer the phone. Is she still feeling you or is she going through something to personal to talk about?

Here are some signs that your girlfriend is about to become your ex.

When she doesn’t seem to have enough time to stop by.
Ignoring your phone calls

Conversations seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

Unexpressed emotions.

Sexually activity has dramatically decreased

Walks always when trying to hug her.

Wanting time apart

Focuses on other men rather than you.

Puts you down, just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with you.

Rather spend time with her friends.

Posting profiles on dating sites.

Going out on dates with other men or women.

Knowing that someone wants to break-up with you is the most hurtful thing to ever go through. You can fight for the relationship if it is worth the battle, but never be a fool to anyone who can’t even love you the same way in return. Building a relationship takes hard work and true love, but when it starts to crumble some feel like it is time wasted. But really it is a lesson to be learned. Love should be like a boomerang, not like a heavy weight that’s dragging you down.

Heartache stirs up bad emotions which are understandable and sometimes hard to get rid of, like they say better to live and love than to not to have loved at all. A break-up can be for the best, it can help you discover yourself, see life in a way you’ve never seen before, you never know what you’ve been missing until you split from your spouse sometimes it works that way.

Another way to know if your partner is about to end the relationship is when they make a decision to moved out of town or out of state and don’t even discuss it with you. Physical affection is very important if someone else is getting that affection it makes you feel unworthy, unattractive and lowers your confidence the signs of breaking up are so cruel and visible to the eye, but hard on the heart. Cry, scream, shout, eat your guts out whatever you do, do it and pick yourself back up because life goes on rather you want to or not.

The Woman That Is Allergic To Water

I was sitting back checking out the Tyra Banks show and it was about people with the rarest conditions in the world. This show was very interesting and astounding! She had several topics, but the one that caught my attention was a lady that is allergic to water.

In the beginning every thing was good, she got pregnant had her baby and that’s when things started to change. Two days after giving birth she took a bath and something did not seem right. When she got in the tub her skin immediately started burning, she didn’t know what to think she tried it again and she broke out into a rash along with blisters.

This woman went to the doctor and they could not diagnose her condition, there was no cure and they could not even figure out why she was breaking out. Meanwhile while suffering with this medical condition she had to change her life completely! She was not able to touch her son, because of the moisture from the skin. If her son started sweating and she touched him she would instantly breakout. I know this sounds crazy! You just can’t imagine what she is going through.

Because of her condition she had to restrict herself from certain foods and of course drinks as well. The foods that she isn’t allowed to eat are vegetables and fruit because these natural foods contain enormous amount of water. Diet coke is the only beverage she can drink because it has carbonated water in it. This condition is so serious that she would breakout within minutes if she drank a cup of water. If the water would cause her to breakout on the outside of her skin, you can just imagine what it would do to the inside of her body.

Tyra ask her, and so would anyone else. How do you get clean? Her special guest said that she takes a 30 second shower three times a week. I don’t know about you, but it takes me 30 seconds just to get my body wet and how can you wash your whole body in that amount of time. She has learned to deal with her situation and what a situation it is.

Well, she was referred to a Dermatologist and she explains what she was going through and he did a simple test on her. The doctor put some water on her skin and told her she is allergic to water. There is no cure; she literally had to change her life in a drastic way. There are only 30 people in the world with this rare medical condition. The doctors said that it started from a hormonal imbalance after her pregnancy. So all in all her pregnancy is what caused her to have this allergy towards water.

This woman resides in England and it is usually always rainy out there. When ask, what do you do to prevent yourself from getting wet? she replied, “I try to stay in when I know it is going to rain or snow and when I do go out I wear this special raincoat that protects me from the rain, but I don’t have it anymore because it has been stolen, I’m not able to get another one because the coat was very expensive.”

Poor lady, it just breaks my heart! No one would ever think that a medical condition like this would even exist, but it does. I have other topics of this subject, I will write two more pieces about people with the rarest medical conditions so watch out for the others.

Foods That Boost Your Immunity

According to WebMD these are the foods that boost your immune system for better health and a stronger body.

1.Elderberry. An old folk remedy, extract from these dark berries appears to block flu viruses in test tube studies. And a few small studies done in people show it may help you recover more quickly from flu. But scientists caution that further study is needed. The fruit itself is rich in antioxidants and may also have the ability to fight inflammation.

2.Button Mushrooms. Don't dismiss the lowly mushroom as nutrient poor: It has the mineral selenium and antioxidants. Low levels of selenium have been linked to increased risk of developing more severe flu. And the B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, found in these mushrooms, play a role in a healthy immune system. Animal studies have also shown mushrooms to have antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-tumor effects.

3. Acai Berry. Hawked as a "super food" along with produce like blueberries, the little acai berry's dark color signals that it is high in antioxidants called anthocyanins. While the acai is not scientifically linked to specific disease- or illness-fighting ability, antioxidants may help your body fight aging and disease. Acai berries can be found most often in juice or smoothie form, or dried and mixed with granola.

4. Oysters Aphrodisiac? Immune boosters? Maybe both, thanks to the mineral zinc that's found in oysters. Low zinc levels have been associated with male infertility. And zinc appears to have some antiviral effect, although researchers can't explain why. However, they do know it is important to several immune system tasks including healing wounds.

5. Watermelon. Hydrating and refreshing, ripe watermelon also has plenty of a powerful antioxidant, glutathione. Known to help strengthen the immune system so it can fight infection, glutathione is found in the red pulpy flesh near the rind

6. Cabbage. This is another source of immune-strengthening glutathione. And cabbage is easy and inexpensive to find during the winter months when it's in season. Try adding cabbages of any variety (white, red, Chinese) to soups and stews to sneak in extra antioxidants and boost your meal's nutritional value.

7. Almonds
A handful of almonds may shore up your immune system from the effects of stress. A recommended 1/4 cup serving carries nearly 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin E, which helps boost the immune system. And they have riboflavin and niacin, B vitamins that may help you bounce back from the effects of stress.

8. Grapefruit
Grapefruits have a good amount of vitamin C. But science has yet to prove that you can easily get enough vitamin C through foods alone, without supplementation, to help treat cold and flu. However, grapefruit is packed with flavonoids -- natural chemical compounds that have been found to increase immune system activation. Dislike grapefruits? Try oranges or tangerines.

9. Wheat Germ
Wheat germ is the part of a wheat seed that feeds a baby wheat plant, so it is full of nutrients. It has zinc, antioxidants, and B vitamins among other vital vitamins and minerals. Wheat germ also offers a good mix of fiber, protein, and some good fat. Substitute wheat germ for part of the regular flour called for in baked goods and other recipes.

10. Low-Fat Yogurt
A daily cup may reduce your chances of getting a cold. Look for labels listing "live and active cultures." Some researchers believe they may stimulate your immune system to fight disease. Also look for vitamin D. Recent studies have found a link between low vitamin D levels and an increased risk of cold and flu.

11. Garlic. Garlic offers several antioxidants that battle immune system invaders. Among garlic's targets are H. pylori, the bacteria associated with some ulcers and stomach cancer. Cooking tip: Peel, chop and let sit 15 to 20 minutes before cooking to activate immune-boosting enzymes.

12. Spinach. Known as a "super food," spinach is nutrient-rich. It has folate, which helps your body produce new cells and repair DNA. And it boasts fiber, antioxidants, such as vitamin C, and more. Eat spinach raw or lightly cooked to get the most benefit.

13.Tea. Green or black? Both are loaded with disease-fighting polyphenols and flavonoids. These antioxidants seek out cell-damaging free radicals and destroy them. Caffeinated and decaf work equally well.

14. Sweet Potato. Like carrots, sweet potatoes have the antioxidant beta-carotene, which mops up damaging free radicals. Sweet potatoes also boast vitamin A, which is linked to slowing the aging process and may reduce the risk of some cancers

15. Broccoli. Easy to find at the grocery store and incorporate into meals, broccoli is an immune-boosting basic. One study reported a chemical in broccoli helped stimulate the immune systems of mice. Plus, it's full of nutrients that protect your body from damage. It has vitamins A, vitamin C, and glutathione. Add some low-fat cheese to round out a side dish with immune-enhancing B vitamins and vitamin D.

What Are Almonds Good For?

According to Fox Chicago News and Doctor Oz Almonds are good for:

Controlling your risk for type 2 Diabetes

Helps lower your chances of heart disease

They also contain VitaminE which helps with your skin by keeping it firm and moisturize.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Men's Health: What Are The Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects African American men more than any other race. 200,000 new cases and 30,000 deaths are the cause of this type of cancer in the U.S. The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system that produces the most fluids that makes up the semen, the thick fluid that carries the sperm. It is the size of a walnut and is located beneath a man’s bladder and surrounds the urethra, it is the tube that carries urine from the bladder. The function of the prostate is run by testosterone, a male sex hormone that is mainly in the testicles.

Prostate cancer usually affects men over 50; it can develop before than but is usually rare, some experts do believe that there are traces of it in elderly men. In Asia, Africa and Latin America this cancer is rare, there is a high death rate with this cancer in African American men. About 85% of American men are diagnosed in the early stages of the disease, in some there are no symptoms because it is a slow growing tumor and if there are symptoms it occurs in the advanced stages of the disease.

Taking a health supplement for your prostate can help maintain healthy function and prevent this disease from taking over your health. Buy a prostate supplement to support the function of your prostate and to help you stay at your best health.

Prostate cancer can spread outside of the prostate and when that happens it can infect the lungs, lymph nodes and bones and this is not curable. If the disease has spread through the body men can expect to live at least 5 years or more. Here are some of the symptoms of prostate cancer, there is no early warning signs, the symptoms unfortunately happens when the malignant tumor has caused the prostate to swell.

According to WebMD Here’s what to watch out for:

Having frequent urination, especially at night.

Having a difficult time stopping or starting the urine stream.

A weak or interrupted urinary stream.

A painful or burning sensation during urinating or ejaculation.

Blood in your pee or semen.

These are the advanced stages of the prostate cancer;

Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and weight loss.

Fatigue and swelling of your genitals.

Deep pain in the pelvic, ribs, lower back, upper thighs and arthritis like pain in your bones in that area.

To prevent cancer or the progression of it see you doctor regularly, exercise and eat right. Although it might be hereditary in your family, do your best and treasure your health.

Women's Health: How To Improve Your Sex Life

A sexual relationship comes with its issues, at first when you began dating the flame of passion was high and then you find yourself wondering when the last time you were intimate with your partner. Your husband or boyfriend finds you attractive, but there are some things that you do that tends to turn him off or strip away the passion that’s suppose to be there during lovemaking. You could be keeping yourself from having the best orgasm you’ll ever experience and might be preventing him from giving his all when it comes to performance.

Body Image Don’t Be Insecure

We as women care very much about our appearance, especially when it comes to being naked. If there is a certain part of our body we are not happy with, we become insecure and that can block certain expressions. When you two are making love he is not thinking about the extra belly fat or your big thighs that you seem to have a problem with. The only thing that he is focus on is the feeling, the movement and the will to express his love for you.

Insecurity can affect you a great deal it can prevent you from climaxing, in order to really enjoy sex you have to block all of that negative thinking out and enjoy the moment. No one has to be fit to have sex. Having great sex is not about checking out one’s body and yes it is the physical aspect that draws the attraction, but it is about expressing the passion you two have for one another. Except yourself for who you are, we are not made to be the same. If you don’t your weight then do something about, don’t make it seem like you are stuck, you want to lose weight then no one is stopping you but you.

Don’t Wait For Him Initiate Sex

Back in the days it was more respectful for men to be the first to initiate sex, but nowadays that traditional still goes on but not as much. I think it is sexy for a man to come and put his hands on you and rub you the right way, sometimes the woman can take that place as well. While you may feel you need to wait for his response he may sometimes be wondering when you are going to make a move. Men find it very attractive when a woman can be dominating in the bedroom. Dictating can improve the atmosphere and the mood when it comes to lovemaking.

Never worry about being meticulous about the sex positions or the movement, just go with the flow let loose and free your emotions believe me it will make your sex life so much enjoyable. So don’t wait on him to make a move, step up and give your man what he wants!

Don’t Work So Hard

Over half the time he always cum first, this can be a problem. Try to pause during sexual activity, I know you want to put it on him, but sometimes it can be too much and there he goes! Take your time if he feels like he is about to pop then stop and do some caressing and kissing etc, you get the picture. Creativity improves so many things, in different kind of ways.

Toss out The Traditional lovemaking positions

Take charge, your spouse should not be the one riding all the time, be spontaneous and more active. When a man sees how confident you are in yourself, it just makes the sexual relationship so much spicer. There may or may not come a time when you need aid in sexual positions, it’s ok not everyone no matter how old they are or how long they’ve been as a couple have expertise in every field when it comes to sexuality. Interact with one another; experiment with each other foreplay entwines with lovemaking once done the fulfilling pleasure is imminent.

Having great sex is about knowing each other wants. It is about touching the sensitive spots and showing your true inner feeling. Take time there’s no need to rush, if you have to do a little bondage; hey go with it as long as you two are being pleasured equally. It does not hurt to throw in a sex toy or two either.

5 Steps To Youthful Flawless Skin

Five Complete Steps to Amazing Youthful Skin

There are way too many claims for youthful skin. Try this cream for wrinkles, this cream for age spots, this cream for dark circles. Where can you get all this and more in just one complete skin rejuvenation system? Well the answer is simpler than you realized. All this can be had in one simple anti aging cream – Kollagen Intensiv. This amazing revolutionary cream is all you will need to start looking younger. How does it do it? Well the answer is simple – there are five complete steps that will start to work from the first application.

Step 1 – Kollagen Intensiv increases your natural collagen production. It has been especially formulated to increase your collagen production as this is necessary for your skin to remain firm and subtle. As we get older, our bodies start to produce less collagen, and less collagen means more wrinkles. Kollagen Intensiv has used the latest medical research to produce a cream that encourages your skin to naturally increase collagen production for a visible reduction in wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and more.

Step 2 – Kollagen Intensive boosts your natural moisturizing factors. Proper moisturizing is important to keep skin looking younger. Water retained in the epidermis prevents it from becoming too dry. Dry skin looks older and less supple. Kollagen Intensive has been formulated to include natural moisturizing factors that will help lock in moisture which helps keep skin hydrated and looking younger.

Step 3 – Kollagen Intensiv reduces photoaging which is caused by damage from the sun's powerful rays. Photoaging is the result of too many times laying in the sun or even just from normal exposure to UV radiation. As we age, our skin is more affected by photoaging, and the effects are seen by more fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, increased skin roughness and more. Kollagen Intensiv offers protection against photoaging with various UV protecting ingredients, as well as factors that help to rejuvenate and repair skin from previous sun exposure.

Step 4 – Kollagen Intensiv protects against wrinkles caused by glycation. Around 35, women are usually affected by a change in their hormone levels. And as these hormones become more erratic there can be higher levels of interleukins in the plasma, and these inflammatory proteins slow tissue regeneration, causing stiffening and wrinkling of the skin and reducing overall healing potential. Kollagen Intensiv helps your skin to counteract any effects from glycation on your skin which helps skin retain its elasticity, youthful contours, and even tone.

Step 5 – Kollagen Intensiv does something else that every woman is looking for and that is to also help reduce those unsightly dark under eye circles, puffiness and crow's feet. Nothing shows age faster than our eyes and those signs of aging all make you look and feel way older. Kollagen Intensiv has been specially formulated to be your total facial "anti-aging" and skin rejuvenation solution – taking years of aging signs off your eyes by firming and plumping this sensitive skin to reduce the appearance of crow's feet. It also helps to reduce the occurrence of dark, under-eye circles. What great news!

For more information, please visit the Kollagen Intensiv Homepage.

How To Lose Weight 10 Best Ways! Great Fat loss Tips

1. Most think that subtracting food from your plate is a good way to overeating. But on the contrary adding food is better. Start by placing more fruits and veggies in your meals. Fruit and vegetables contain high amounts of water and fiber which suppresses your appetite therefore making you eat less.

Exercise or Don’t

2. Avoid working out if you do not have the time or simply hate it. If you don’t like exercising go for activities around the house such as sweeping, mopping or dusting. Make if fun by doing it with music. You can exercise without actually calling it a workout, in your mind it does not have to be exercise. It can be just fun things you like to do such as bike riding, washing the car, playing Frisbee, hiking, making snow angels, playing with the dog or even having great sex, whatever rocks your boat.

3. Are you an outdoor person? Going for a walk, riding the bike, walking the dog, sweeping the driveway, shoveling snow, mowing the lawn and anything else that might interest you when it comes to outdoor activities will work great as well.

Hydrate yourself

4. According to David Anthony a information technology consultant for Atlanta drinking water will keep you from filling famished. Water suppresses the appetite when drinking it before a meal. It is a great way to eat less! Another method that will help with your appetite and digestive system is fiber. Make sure you add it to your diet almost daily.

5. Try switching your high calories foods to low-calorie. Don’t forget that drinks have high amounts of sugar so instead of sipping on your favorite sugary beverage go to the alternative, light sodas and juices. This way will help you knock down some of those extra daily calories. Magee, who writes the “Healthy Recipe Doctor” blog for WebMD, adds that for the compulsive snacker it is a great idea to keep a no-calorie beverage at hand” as a way to keep your mouth busy and makes you unlikely to snack on junk food.

6. Share your meals. Sharing your food gives you the option to shorten your portions. Some American restaurants serve big portions of food and it would not be good if you gobbled it all down by yourself. Sharing your meals will help you lose weight and save money.

7. The American Heart Association suggest that you should at least get 15 minutes of physical activity in a day. If you are a TV fan try dancing to the theme song of one of your favorite talk shows, or get up and do a little kickboxing, during commercial break squeeze in some strength training by doing bicep curls with a can of pop or weights. It does not matter what you do as long as you are physical with it.

For added value use an all natural weight loss product such as ProShapeRX. This weight loss system provides you step by step methods to literally help you lose weight and keep it off for good! It was created by Dr. Alexis Vazquez, it’s created for those who are serious about getting into shape and reducing their excess body fat fast. Getting in shape helps you look younger and feel younger and so does GenF20, it is the #1 rated HGH releaser that helps the body fights the signs of aging.

Lose weight faster

To increase your energy for better physical activity use GenF20, it naturally restores your body’s appearance and vitality. This health supplement dramatically slows down the signs of aging of your body by increasing your metabolism, increases fat loss and muscle tone. Now back to the tips!

8. If you tend to eat more when you are bored, focus on things that have nothing to do with food. Help your child with a science project, involve yourself in yoga, painting or any other thing you might be interested in. Don’t just use the time you have to concentrate on your successful weight loss plan, you need to do other things as well, it will keep you from getting so bored with it.

9. "People go by physical cues," when they eat, Grotto tells WebMD. We know we've had enough because we see the bottom of our bowl or plate. So switch to smaller plates and when you do that you eat smaller portions and feel full. And instead of just making you a healthy meal, do it for the whole family. Everyone should eat healthy and it prevents you from cooking two meals.

10. Researchers found that for people who had lost at least 30 pounds -- and kept it off for at least two years -- maintaining that weight loss required less effort as time went on. Remember time mean patience and once you get use to your new eating habits they no longer become difficult to deal with. You have to stay dedicate, keep your confidence and willpower in order to achieve weight loss success. Remember for add support choose a effective weight loss supplement such as ProShapeRX.

Friday, December 17, 2010

How To Make Your Cold Hands Go Away! It Could Be Reynaud's Syndrome

Having cold hands in the winter is pretty normal, but constantly having them could be a sign of a medical condition. If you have suffered from cold hands during the summer too then that is something to think about. It should not take your hands no longer than 20 minutes to warm back up. There is a name for this condition and it is called the Reynaud’s cold hand syndrome.

You may have this problem if you are experiencing constant cold hands, takes more than 20 minutes to warm up and if your hands seem to be two different colors. According to Fox Chicago News hands that don’t warm up could be a blood circulation complication, there are certain medical conditions and diseases that may cause you to have cold hands such as;

Heart Disease
Thyroid Disease

Surprisingly there are several treatments and one of them is used to smooth out wrinkles overall giving you younger skin and it is botox. The botox treatment is used to stop the vessels in the hands from constricting which will help blood flow circulate properly through your hands. This treatment can also be an option for those who suffer from cold feet.

Though botox is injected into the face and lips and reduces wrinkles. And gives you firmer skin and fuller lips, it can help provide you with healthy blood flow for other parts of the body. It relieves blood clots so that your circulation can improve.

Another treatment which is also used is male enhancements such as Cialis and Viagra. Male enhancements provide healthy blood flow for the genital area for better performance and it can be used for the hands and feet to prevent the blood vessels from clotting. Consult your doctor if you decide to go with this method first.

The Reynaud’s syndrome which causes cold hands and feet is when vasopastic attacks in which the blood vessels at the extremities of our body like fingers and toes get constricted and when tend to feel cold when the weather slightly drops. Another way to cure this condition you can use heat bands that are available in markets. These bands use the special material that makes optimum use of the body temperature.

There is a clinic in Chicago that specializes in medical conditions such as this one and it is called Chicago Cold Hand Clinic. There are also home remedies that can cease this disorder. Eating omega-3 rich fatty acids like salmon, herring, anchovies and mackerel the omega-3 fatty acids has a property that is anticoagulant which prevents the blood from clotting. Taking a omega-3 supplement will provide you with proper nourishment as well.

Iron Deficiency will cause cold hands and feet. Build up your iron by eating foods such as tofu, clams, fish, poultry, lentils, green leafy vegetables, and lean red meat serve as iron rich foods. When going outdoors make sure you put gloves on to keep this disorder from getting worst. It can get worse and causes parts of your hand or feet to die or get severe frost bite.

Friday, December 3, 2010

How To Avoid Internet Internet Scams What Should I Know?

I’ve came across a couple of internet scams already and they seem so real before you realize it is a scam. I’ve received emails about winning the lottery or claiming money that is owed to me and I had no knowledge of playing the lottery or money that I’m entitled to. This seemed kind of strange, and the thing of it is I would only receive these emails during the holidays. Right now it is a perfect business opportunity for criminals to make money online. Consumers become more vulnerable over the holidays because of the holiday deals, the convenience of shopping online and the need to earn money for gifts and the special occasions.

Online scams are usually to good to be true, if you receive a email saying you’ve won the lottery and you’ve never even heard of the company or never participated in the contest, then it is false. Here’s an example of one of the emails that were sent to me and they always have African names or are from Nigeria.


Hi, congratulations! You’ve won the Microsoft lottery in the sum of 2,00,000,000 dollars, your winning number is ZXC4567. Contact your lottery agent

Mr. Abdul at (1202)-435-2345 with your winning number, address, phone number, age, DOB.

Again congratulations
Microsoft Team

Now there’s a lot of information missing and a lot of bullsh** going on! First of all if you’ve signed up for something, anything shouldn’t they know your name? There’s no real phone number and Microsoft does not even have a lottery, they use that name because they know that it is a very well known name and it is more believable because it is from a highly reputable company. And the email address is not the company’s address that is a red flag on the spot!

If you have gotten emails stating you’ve won or they need help with a transaction when it comes to money DELETE IT! These scammers are trying to collect your personal information to use which can damage your credit and leave you responsible with expenses you had nothing to do with. Identity theft is more popular online then offline. If you have to send someone money to get money, that is a sign right there and it needs to be ignored! Don’t fall victim to identity theft, you will never get your life back once you do.

A email that wants you to follow another site, but when you get there it is something different than the link do not give out any of your information. Immediately look for a phone number on the website and call it to verify that the web address is theirs. Internet scams are usually too good to be true.

Give out any personal info

Credit card numbers

Bank account numbers

When shopping online do research on the company make sure it is real, a lot of websites look genuine and that’s how a lot of people get scammed. Especially watch out for these type of coincidences on Cyber Monday and another thing, to save money compare your prices, browse around for deals. Don’t just fall for the first one you see. Watch out for advertisements that will have such as “Must buy limited supply”, “limited time only” these companies just want to get people in to buy their products by tricking them into thinking that these products will be gone soon.

One more thing, if you are an associated of a business and a customer does not want to go through the business to purchase products, watch out for that one too. If they want to deal with you directly instead of just ordering through the website take caution. They will try to send you a check that’s well over the cost of their order and get you to send back the remaining balance, do not deal with people like this. You have to think! Why would they send you way more then their total cost? This is a way of getting into your bank account by depositing a phony check and getting you to send them your hard earned money. WATCH OUT! Be safe this holiday season and through out don’t fall for online scams. Shop at websites you are familiar with such as Avon or Wal-mart