Thursday, April 9, 2009

Healthy Salad On The Go

Hey to my dear followers, hope all is well with you. Hope you are enjoying my posts. Here's a quick recipe for those always on the go.

* Chopped lettuce, rinse thoroughly
* Tomatoes chopped into chunks, rinse before cutting.
* Chopped some red onions, not too many about a hand full
* Low-fat Kraft cheese or whatever suits you. Put about a handful of cheese
* Fat free croutons about half of a handful or whatever you like.
* Cut up chicken breast from a deli pack.
* Half of a Cucumber slice thin or what u prefer.
* Spinach, a half a cup. Rinse as well.
* Sprinkle some cashews on top

Enjoy with some vinegar, salt and garlic powder, or some low-fat dressing. If you don't like low-fat dressing use regular, but in moderation. Enjoy hmmmm! Delicious!

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