Thursday, July 7, 2011

Prevent Fungus Growth After Working Out

When you do strenuous activity you sweat and that's a good thing. Sweating is a sign that you are getting that heart rate up and that you are burning calories during your workout. Being physically active is important when it comes to your overall health such as, bone health, heart health and weight loss.

Sweating means you are losing water from your body. I particular don't like it unless I'm working out and even then I wish I didn't sweat at all. During your exercise routine make sure to hydrate between your activity. Listen to your body when it is thirsty then give it what it needs so you can be at your best.

After the workout you feel good, good that it's over! What do you do afterwards? Do you sit for a bit and eat or watch TV? Do you go tend to something that needs done around the house? If so that's not a great idea.

After that fat burning workout you need to immediately hop in the shower. Those sweaty clothes are bad for your private parts. When you get to much moisture down there you are allowing fungus to seep it's way through your body parts.

Afterwards remove the sweaty workout clothing and bathe right away. Fungus is a common bacteria infection and it is curable.

The signs of a fungus or yeast infection are:

  • White discharge from vagina
  • intense or mild itching everyday
  • painful sex
  • fishy odor before or after sexual intercourse
  • burning when urinating
Symptoms could be different with each individual. So the best way to prevent a yeast infection and fungus growth is to keep it dry down there. After your physical activity  remove clothes and take a shower. When you get out of the shower pat your genital dry before putting on your underwear.


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