Thursday, April 9, 2009

Heart Health: Smart Balance Spreads Helps The Heart

Smart balance is 50% less fat & calories than butter or margarine
Includes Vitamins A, B6, B12,D & E added

No Hydrogenation, Precisely balanced fats

No Palm Kernel oil, Gluten & Gelatin Free
It is also Lactose free and no trans fatty acids.
This delicious spread has a real butter taste and help improves heart function and High Cholesterol

I love this butter I just started using it a few weeks ago and it is so good and beneficially so healthy for you.

Your blood pressure might tend to rise as you get older. Make sure you check it on occasion. If you have high blood pressure this butter is perfect to use than using regular butter or margarine.

As we all know make sure you get enough veggies and fruit whenever you can. Eating healthy is the way to great life and beauty

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