Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vanishing Belly Fat

After having kids I’ve been struggling with the battle of losing belly fat for years. Ok, maybe I’ve been struggling because I never really did anything to try to lose it. I knew it just wasn’t going to go away on it own, if I ask for one miracle this would be it, but unfortunately I’m not that lucky. We all know that in order to lose the extra fat you have to move around a little and hard as it is, you have to change your diet.

I got tired of wearing my favorite jeans without wearing them with a tight cute tee and holding my belly in just to button them up and then I had to zip them too. Holding your breath isn’t easy while trying to get into those jeans. I was getting older and I was just tired of covering up my ugly belly fat, I had to make a change.

Now what I’m about to tell you works for me, it might not work for everyone, but this is how I lost my stomach and I’m still losing it. My pants are much looser and I’m so comfortable wearing them that it inspires me more to get to my goals.

My number one way of getting rid of belly fat is walking. If you’ve read a few of my articles you will see that I mention walking in some of them. I love walking it’s so relaxing and so invigorating. As you walk you are constantly moving your hips and stomach. Constant movement like that leads to high heart rate, a boost in your metabolism which leads to sweat and burned calories. I walk at least three- four days a week, start off with doing 20 minute walks and work your way up to 40 minutes. One other thing when walking wear a stomach belt it will help you melt that ugly fat away much quicker.

I particularly don’t care for crunches, but I do them anyway. They help tone the muscles inside of your stomach which gives you that sleek, sexy and flat board stomach look. There are many ways to get a flat belly. Another method is changing your eating habits. You know that you have to cut the fat and calories from your daily meals to achieve greater results. Add more veggies, fruits and whole grains to your dishes; getting your daily nutrition is very, very important.

Dancing, I love dancing you move your whole body when you dance and it is so much fun! Doing sexy dance moves which have you to move your hips and to twist is a very effective way of getting that extra baggage off. Check out some of the dance workout videos or if you know how to move that body, create your own workout dance routine. Layoff the beer and the liquor which can make your metabolism unstable and make absorb unwanted extra calories. If you smoke, then stop. Smoking does a great deal of harm to your body; it decreases your appetite, effects breathing, your heart etc. If you don’t eat right and can’t breathe right how are you going to find the energy and the breath to lose weight and exercise?

Go for more grilled foods; leave the greasy foods alone they mean you no good! When grilling, the fat from the foods drips into the grill and makes the meats you eat healthier. Some people tend to forget that the beverages you drink have calories, sugars and fat. So beware and watch the calories from your drinks. Last but not least, stress plays a big roll in weight gain and weight loss. Stress harms the body in many ways so try to stay stress free it will help the body function more properly.

I hope this will be of great benefit to you it has for me. Love yourself and know that being healthy means living longer, looking better and having a more fulfilling life.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Natural and Easy Way For Acne Relief

Acne is can be so embarrassing depending on how bad it is. No one really wants a pimple on their face no matter how small and how quickly it goes away. When I get a pimple I usally get them on the side of my face and by my mouth. Now how embarrassing is that?

I don't know what's going on, I think it's my hormones, but it seems like the more I get older the more pimples I get. For those of you suffering from annoying acne here's a all natural solution that will hopefully give you relief.

For Persistent acne, gently rub your face with coarse salt(an antiseptic) I didn't know that it was antiseptic. Huh! you learn something new everyday. Then rub a few drops on neem oil (an antifungal oil) available at health food stores, says Hema Sundaram, MD, author of Face Value: The Truth About Beauty-and Guilt Free Guide To Finding It. Rinse, then apply a mask of Plain Yogurt for 15 to 20 minutes. The latic acid in yogurt is a natural exfoliant that gives skin a glow, clears acne, and fades discolorations and fine lines.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Got High Blood Pressure Eat Some Chocolate!

The Research on Chocolate keeps piling up, and the news just gets better and better! Studies have shown that a little dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure, it makes blood vessels more flexible, keep blood platelets from forming dangerous clots, and raise your good cholestrol.

Did you know that drinking Dill pickle juice can help relieve leg cramps?

According to reseachers in Israel, pomegranates help prevent blood clots. They also help lower blood pressure. The improve the amount of oxygen reaching the heart for patients with Heart Disease. They may even help prevent Prostate Cancer and fight Arthritis pain.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's a Fact On Memory Lost

It's true! As we get older certain areas of our brains tend to shrink, causing memory loss and slower thinking.

Your Brain On Hormones;
Every month millions of American women endure menstrual migraines. These severe headaches usually occur during the two times of the month when estrogen levels drop.
Migraines are not just a headache, but a complex disease that can cause a painful throbbing, often disabling, pain- usually one side of the head. You can also have a nausea, light and noise sensitivity, and dizzeness.

Some women only get migraines with their period, which is called Menstrual Migraines. It usually happens two to three days before the period begins and on to the fifth day of bleeding.