Friday, December 31, 2010

Topics On Weight Loss! Easy Weight Loss Success Tips For 2011

Losing weight can be easy, there are ways to lose weight without counting everything you eat. The key to weight loss is watching your portions. Everyone wants to look better and are always looking for ways to be healthier. Losing weight not only reduces your fat and gives you a smaller waist it also makes you look younger. Here are some effective and easy ways on how to reduce your hunger.

1. Before each meal or before dinner drink a glass of water, V8 juice or eat a slice of fiber bread.

2. Use a smaller plate when eating, this is a easy way to reduce your portions.

3. Eat a salad before your meal.

4. Add more veggies to your plate or fruit

5. Keep your willpower by being around people that support you.

6. Get those pair of jeans that you have not worn in years and hand them in your room in sight to remind yourself of your goal.

7. Put post-it notes on the fridge saying "eat right", "no junk"

8. Exercise, if you don't like working out make it fun and use the Wii game to get your body moving.

You have to be creative when you are trying to lose weight so that you won't get bored and want to give up. Try new recipes and new ways on being physically active. Simple things can burn calories such as;


Raking the yard

Shoveling snow


Mowing the lawn

You have to really want to lose weight in order to accomplish success. Having friends that are trying to do the same is a positive way and effective method that will help you become great. Remember you can still eat your favorite foods, treat yourself at least once or twice a week. Watch out for portion control, when you are able to at least eat some of your favorite foods, more people seem to do better at losing fat and having weight loss success.

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