Monday, December 20, 2010

Relationship Advice: How To Know If Your Girlfriend Wants To Breakup

Your in love, things are going great she is the one you’ve been waiting for and all of a sudden things are going down hill, things are not the same. At first you guys couldn’t stand going a minute without one another and the passion was so high one touch and you are ready for love, you are just the perfect couple. Now you are arguing all the time and you barely have enough time to spend with each other, she is always working or too busy to answer the phone. Is she still feeling you or is she going through something to personal to talk about?

Here are some signs that your girlfriend is about to become your ex.

When she doesn’t seem to have enough time to stop by.
Ignoring your phone calls

Conversations seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

Unexpressed emotions.

Sexually activity has dramatically decreased

Walks always when trying to hug her.

Wanting time apart

Focuses on other men rather than you.

Puts you down, just doesn’t seem to be satisfied with you.

Rather spend time with her friends.

Posting profiles on dating sites.

Going out on dates with other men or women.

Knowing that someone wants to break-up with you is the most hurtful thing to ever go through. You can fight for the relationship if it is worth the battle, but never be a fool to anyone who can’t even love you the same way in return. Building a relationship takes hard work and true love, but when it starts to crumble some feel like it is time wasted. But really it is a lesson to be learned. Love should be like a boomerang, not like a heavy weight that’s dragging you down.

Heartache stirs up bad emotions which are understandable and sometimes hard to get rid of, like they say better to live and love than to not to have loved at all. A break-up can be for the best, it can help you discover yourself, see life in a way you’ve never seen before, you never know what you’ve been missing until you split from your spouse sometimes it works that way.

Another way to know if your partner is about to end the relationship is when they make a decision to moved out of town or out of state and don’t even discuss it with you. Physical affection is very important if someone else is getting that affection it makes you feel unworthy, unattractive and lowers your confidence the signs of breaking up are so cruel and visible to the eye, but hard on the heart. Cry, scream, shout, eat your guts out whatever you do, do it and pick yourself back up because life goes on rather you want to or not.

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