Sunday, December 19, 2010

Women's Health: How To Improve Your Sex Life

A sexual relationship comes with its issues, at first when you began dating the flame of passion was high and then you find yourself wondering when the last time you were intimate with your partner. Your husband or boyfriend finds you attractive, but there are some things that you do that tends to turn him off or strip away the passion that’s suppose to be there during lovemaking. You could be keeping yourself from having the best orgasm you’ll ever experience and might be preventing him from giving his all when it comes to performance.

Body Image Don’t Be Insecure

We as women care very much about our appearance, especially when it comes to being naked. If there is a certain part of our body we are not happy with, we become insecure and that can block certain expressions. When you two are making love he is not thinking about the extra belly fat or your big thighs that you seem to have a problem with. The only thing that he is focus on is the feeling, the movement and the will to express his love for you.

Insecurity can affect you a great deal it can prevent you from climaxing, in order to really enjoy sex you have to block all of that negative thinking out and enjoy the moment. No one has to be fit to have sex. Having great sex is not about checking out one’s body and yes it is the physical aspect that draws the attraction, but it is about expressing the passion you two have for one another. Except yourself for who you are, we are not made to be the same. If you don’t your weight then do something about, don’t make it seem like you are stuck, you want to lose weight then no one is stopping you but you.

Don’t Wait For Him Initiate Sex

Back in the days it was more respectful for men to be the first to initiate sex, but nowadays that traditional still goes on but not as much. I think it is sexy for a man to come and put his hands on you and rub you the right way, sometimes the woman can take that place as well. While you may feel you need to wait for his response he may sometimes be wondering when you are going to make a move. Men find it very attractive when a woman can be dominating in the bedroom. Dictating can improve the atmosphere and the mood when it comes to lovemaking.

Never worry about being meticulous about the sex positions or the movement, just go with the flow let loose and free your emotions believe me it will make your sex life so much enjoyable. So don’t wait on him to make a move, step up and give your man what he wants!

Don’t Work So Hard

Over half the time he always cum first, this can be a problem. Try to pause during sexual activity, I know you want to put it on him, but sometimes it can be too much and there he goes! Take your time if he feels like he is about to pop then stop and do some caressing and kissing etc, you get the picture. Creativity improves so many things, in different kind of ways.

Toss out The Traditional lovemaking positions

Take charge, your spouse should not be the one riding all the time, be spontaneous and more active. When a man sees how confident you are in yourself, it just makes the sexual relationship so much spicer. There may or may not come a time when you need aid in sexual positions, it’s ok not everyone no matter how old they are or how long they’ve been as a couple have expertise in every field when it comes to sexuality. Interact with one another; experiment with each other foreplay entwines with lovemaking once done the fulfilling pleasure is imminent.

Having great sex is about knowing each other wants. It is about touching the sensitive spots and showing your true inner feeling. Take time there’s no need to rush, if you have to do a little bondage; hey go with it as long as you two are being pleasured equally. It does not hurt to throw in a sex toy or two either.

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