Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To Have Great Sex and Last Longer In Bed

The warm weather is deteriorating, outdoor activities will cease, the swimming pools are finally put to rest and soon the snowflakes will be falling. It was fun while it lasted, but not to worry the winter is just the best part. Couples will be spending more time indoors, cuddling while enjoying the warm heat that lingers from the fireplace, but the fireplace won’t be the only thing that will be heated up this season. The winter is perfect for putting you imagination to the test when it comes to sex, so I will be discussing sex tips for men and sex tips for women.

Solve your problems

It’s probably been a long time since you and your partner has had intercourse. if you happen to find ice icicles hanging from the corners of the ceiling, dust on your lingerie and webs on your private part, which we call coochy cob webs (laughing) it’s the truth, than it has been way too long since the room has had any sexual heat to it. Well it is time to turn up the spice and add some excitement into the bedroom! You should not act nonchalantly when it comes to a plight situation in your relationship, talking saves a lot of wasted time spent being angry, if you must read about love and romance tips.

If you want to be wild and have better orgasm browse around for some new sex toys. Sexual health is very important, there’s the act of being careful by using contraceptives, taking the time to learning each other’s feelings, discovering ways to pleasing each other and having and learning creativity so that your sex life doesn’t go cold. You two probably fell off because of the extra hours at work, conflict erupted and disable your sexual urge, lover showing the signs of a cheating spouse, medical condition or whatever the case something should be done so that you two can go back to having a healthy sex life.

It’s a stinky situation

Maybe you partner doesn’t want to be intimate with you because your breath might stink or you happen to have occasional body odor, it’s something that is keeping the fire out. Seriously you have to think about; what could be preventing you and your husband or wife from expressing the love you two have for one another? Figure it out, make some changes; brush your teeth, take a shower at least once a day and if that is too much than bathe every other day, in addition throw some perfume or cologne.

Some of you might be laughing but it is so true, sometimes couples get so comfortable with one another they stop doing the things they use to do to please their significant other when it comes to their appearance and behavior. Fellas take off those smelly socks before getting into bed with your woman, there is nothing worst than to be turned off by some 2-day sour smelling sock, yuck!

Show some love

Men be more romantic, bring her some roses every once in a while, cook for her, surprise her by cleaning the house and when it comes down to it affection is powerful, give her a hug a long hug and tell her how much you appreciate her presence. You necessarily don’t have to be a sex expert or a relationship expert to figure out how to solve your problems. If a lot of people take the time to spot the conflict and discover a solution a lot of relationships would be saved and money.

Ladies you can put your part in it as well. Tell your man how much you love him, give him praise and show how proud you are of him even when he tries and things don’t turn out so great. And do these simple things and watch how much the intimacy between you two grow stronger. A fictitious sex life can be recovered, be willing to accommodate when it comes to each other’s needs.

Don’t be shy do what you got to do

Experiment a little and try out some sex toys, at first you might be like ewe! But actually they can improve your relationship and advance the feeling of climaxing; they can be fun and naughty for the both of you. Some women like the real thing, and there’s nothing like it and others like their toy, all in all it is positive going both ways, so don’t feel like you can’t please her, just go with the flow and it can turn out to be a great night for you two.

Nothing says I want you and set off your sex drive like erotic lingerie! Search around for alternative night wear at where you also can find adult games and many other items that will create a sensual and pleasurable atmosphere for your bedroom. And if you already have the skills of using these products and have grown bored, try out some new sex toys at the website I’ve stated above.

Reading about women’s sexual health may help out. There are many women who suffer from a low libido (low sex drive) and some have discovered the benefits of using female enhancements. The well known product called; HerSolution which was presented on the TV talk show The Doctors has caused up a stir in the media. It increases blood flow and sensitivity to the vagina while supplementing your overall sexual pleasure. So say goodbye to that sexless relationship!

Furthermore, Men’s sexual health is a subject that should come to mind too! Millions of men have complications when it comes to performance and that is why many have chosen to investigate male enhancements products. Nowadays more and more couples are searching for ways on how to have better sex and with the cold weather approaching sales will hit an all time high! These best selling male enhancement pills naturally work with the male’s body by increasing blood flow to the penis, which will result in longer erections and more enjoyable sexual performance for the future.

So the story has come to an end, give thought towards the sex advice I have given try it out and it will definitely change your range of mind when it involves sexuality activity. Oh, one more thing! Throw out those old lovemaking moves and explore with some new sex positions! If you have to use your fingers to rectify the situation you know what I‘m talking about (smiling), hey no one is judging whatever makes her happy.

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