Monday, December 27, 2010

One of My Poems: I Try

Life is not easy and it tosses it roller coasters, but when does it actually end? When does the hurt go away? I try to be right and influence my loved ones to do the same, but will it ever be better? I try to love right and teach right, everything seems like a merry go round.

I try to love right, do right and live right. Why is it so hard? Some have it easier than others, I guess God has a different path for me. I try to do what’s best, what’s right, but still I struggle and fight!

Why oh why is it so hard for me? I just don’t understand. Maybe it’ s that broke man, that’s holding my hand. Waiting on my fortunes to fulfill his dreams, but it seems so right at least to him and it feels so mandatory to me.

I try to do what is right, I struggle and I fight and I feel this big load on my back, that is keeping up a lot of slack! I want success, I want financial freedom, I can do better and I will. The best of me is just waiting to burst out and when it does I hope there’s no man to help me scream and shout! Shoot! He can get his own scream and his own dream!

I try and try to live my life, but still I struggle and fight! It’s hard, it’s complicated. Love can paralyze you, it can make you forget about who you once wanted to be. Never let anyone stand in the way of your dreams and though it seems you try and try, try harder and harder and harder because your day and my day will come. Shine like the beautiful woman you are, you are a star!

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