Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Cannot Wait For Christmas To Be Over!! Ugh Christmas Shopping!

I love the holidays and what they stand for, but what I do not like is how the holidays always seem to break my bank account. Don't get me wrong I love waking up watching my kids open their Christmas gifts and observing how happy they are, that is the best part. It is just with kids these days nothing is cheap, especially with the continuing updated game consoles, cell phones computers and etc.

Christmas is about sharing and spending special time with family and friends. If it was up to me the only gift everyone would get is a well cooked meal, goood conversation and a glass of their favorite alcohol beverage. I know there are others who feel the same way, I've ran into a couple of people who dread the holidays because of consequences of shopping.

I am blessed to share another Christmas with my family and friends, I just wish I could be bless just one holiday when I do not have to come out of my pockets and worry about trying to make up what I've over spent lol!

Share your opinions about Christmas shopping. How does it affect you?

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