Friday, December 17, 2010

How To Make Your Cold Hands Go Away! It Could Be Reynaud's Syndrome

Having cold hands in the winter is pretty normal, but constantly having them could be a sign of a medical condition. If you have suffered from cold hands during the summer too then that is something to think about. It should not take your hands no longer than 20 minutes to warm back up. There is a name for this condition and it is called the Reynaud’s cold hand syndrome.

You may have this problem if you are experiencing constant cold hands, takes more than 20 minutes to warm up and if your hands seem to be two different colors. According to Fox Chicago News hands that don’t warm up could be a blood circulation complication, there are certain medical conditions and diseases that may cause you to have cold hands such as;

Heart Disease
Thyroid Disease

Surprisingly there are several treatments and one of them is used to smooth out wrinkles overall giving you younger skin and it is botox. The botox treatment is used to stop the vessels in the hands from constricting which will help blood flow circulate properly through your hands. This treatment can also be an option for those who suffer from cold feet.

Though botox is injected into the face and lips and reduces wrinkles. And gives you firmer skin and fuller lips, it can help provide you with healthy blood flow for other parts of the body. It relieves blood clots so that your circulation can improve.

Another treatment which is also used is male enhancements such as Cialis and Viagra. Male enhancements provide healthy blood flow for the genital area for better performance and it can be used for the hands and feet to prevent the blood vessels from clotting. Consult your doctor if you decide to go with this method first.

The Reynaud’s syndrome which causes cold hands and feet is when vasopastic attacks in which the blood vessels at the extremities of our body like fingers and toes get constricted and when tend to feel cold when the weather slightly drops. Another way to cure this condition you can use heat bands that are available in markets. These bands use the special material that makes optimum use of the body temperature.

There is a clinic in Chicago that specializes in medical conditions such as this one and it is called Chicago Cold Hand Clinic. There are also home remedies that can cease this disorder. Eating omega-3 rich fatty acids like salmon, herring, anchovies and mackerel the omega-3 fatty acids has a property that is anticoagulant which prevents the blood from clotting. Taking a omega-3 supplement will provide you with proper nourishment as well.

Iron Deficiency will cause cold hands and feet. Build up your iron by eating foods such as tofu, clams, fish, poultry, lentils, green leafy vegetables, and lean red meat serve as iron rich foods. When going outdoors make sure you put gloves on to keep this disorder from getting worst. It can get worse and causes parts of your hand or feet to die or get severe frost bite.

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