Sunday, December 26, 2010

Men's Health: How To Build Muscle In Your Arms and Chest No Weights!

Pull ups are great; doing this exercise requires you to pull up your whole body weight. You will need a bar that attaches to the door, or you can use one at the gym. Place your hands shoulder width apart, let your legs hang loosely but keep them together. Pull yourself at chin level with the bar and lower yourself back down until your arms are straight.

Continue to do this until your arms feel weak, take a break and continue again. Doing these exercises two to three times a week will strengthen your arms, chest, hands, fingers and shoulders, it also develops stamina and core strength.

Tips: Make sure to keep it smooth, jerking movements can damage the muscle and nerves.
Breathe deeply and smoothly during the workout.
Do not over do it, you will damage your muscle tissue and nerves.

Push ups are very effective if you do them the proper way, these exercises are very popular when it comes to chest and arm exercises. Lay on your stomach lift yourself with your arms shoulder length apart, gently come down and raise yourself back up. This workout will tone your shoulders, elbows, back, arms and chest. Inhale as you slowly lower your chest just above ground level, exhale as you push your arms up make sure they are straight when you push up.

This routine will also help firm your stomach and abs. If this is your first time try starting off with doing 20-25 reps and work yourself up, repeat this workout about three or four days a week.

The chest expander exercise stretches your chest while toning your shoulders, chest, and breasts and loosens your shoulders. It is very simple to do, but very effective. Stand with your back straight and your feet shoulder length apart, bend your knees slightly and sink your weight into your legs.

Then fold your arms, open your arms and begin swinging them to the side and fold them back in front of your chest. You should feel your chest stretching, do at least 15-20 reps.

Tips: Breathe smoothly, evenly and deeply throughout the workout.
Begin slowly and work your way up to doing it faster.
Expand your chest out more with each rep.

These are great and effective workouts, if you are way past these techniques and are looking for advanced moves, has workouts that will help you achieve muscle toning success, and this is the #1 body toning site on the internet.

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