Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Real Natural Weight Loss: Benefits Of A Low-Carb Diet

A low-carb diet will help you lose a significant amount of weight, but people that are on the diet assume that they need to cut out the carbs completely, that is not the case. Our bodies actually need carbs, it just depends on what kind of carbs you eat that will make it bad for you and cause gain weight. Back in the caveman days, they ate a healthy diet of avocados, nuts, vegetables, healthy fats, lean rabbit or other lean meats, which have a great amount of protein that is why they were not overweight.

How the carbs work

Today too much of our foods contain refined carbs and that is not good for us at all. Refined carbs like white bread, white rice, white pasta, white flour and many other snacks foods will make your body quickly convert sugar into glucose. When you eat a large of amount of those foods your body produce more glucose than it actually needs and the rest is stored as fat. All good carb foods are vegetables, depending how they are cooked and fruits, all contain sugar.

Good carbs

Unrefined carbs like, whole-grains, beans, vegetables and whole fruits contain fiber that helps your body absorb the food more slowly, which suppresses your appetite and less carbs are stored as fat. Eating the wrong carbs can lead to type2 diabetes because the bad carbs produces too much glucose, about 70% of Americans will have an insulin response, which leads to weight gain. The rest of the population are genetically bless because they can eat and not gain weight says Carol Forman Helesrstein a clinical nutritionist.

Other refined foods are pretzels, crackers, candy, soft drinks and other snacks and should be avoid or eaten in moderation. Low-carb diets works because they stave of hunger better than low-fat diets. Eating more protein and controlling your blood sugar levels helps you feel fuller, this diet also helps lower the risk of heart disease. After 20 years of research, it was discovered that women who have higher amounts of protein and fat are less likely to get heart disease. Women who were protected from heart disease received their fat and protein from vegetables resources.

Shrinks belly fat

A low carbohydrate diet does so much more like reducing belly fat. Insulin causes fat to be stored in the belly, and belly fat is related to heart disease and diabetes. This diet controls your insulin and that means you will get a smaller waist. Without the carbs the brain wouldn’t be able to function properly, you will lose concentration, get mood swings and experience fatigue.

How much should you eat?

The Institute of Medicine in Washington, D.C., which sets the recommended daily intake of nutrients, advises getting 130 grams of carbohydrates a day, the average American is getting much more.

Tips on what foods to eat

Limiting your meals to 500 calories or fewer will add more results to your weight loss, eating more than that according to Dr.Helerstein will increase your insulin and cause weight gain.

Go for foods that contain low glycemic index to avoid type2 diabetes, doing this will keep your glucose under control some low GI foods are artichokes, peppers, apples, old-fashion oatmeal and kidney beans. Leaner meats like beef are better for you, some are London broil, top round, sirloin, and T-bone steaks are excellent options for a low-carb diet. Eating a steak with a baked sweet potato or broccoli makes it the perfect low-carb meal.

Fat would be no problem if we avoid all processed foods and at only the carbohydrates, that Mother Nature intended for us to eat, which are barley oats, whole grains, whole-wheat pasta and bread, brown rice and oats.

Shop around the areas of the store where the fresh fruit, veggies and low-fat dairy products are. Try adding a glass of red wine or beer with your meal, twelve ounces of light beer contains only 6 grams of carbs, the regular beer had 13 grams and a glass red wine has only 2 to 3 grams.

Fitness and Exercise

Everyone knows that a workout routine will increase weight loss and tone the shape of your body. You really don’t have to do any real exercises to get the benefits, if rather do the real deal than these fitness and fat loss e-books will get you the professional results you are seeking, flatter abs and a toned body. If you rather not do the workouts just basic household cleaning like sweeping, mopping and dusting burns calories. A normal walk that last at least 15-20 minutes will do.


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