Saturday, June 18, 2011

Want A Baby? The Best Ways To Have A Baby Solve Fertility Problems Foods And More

Infertility is hard to deal with, especially if you are anxious and ready to have a child.

If you want to get pregnant some women have sperm insemination done and many couples had great outcomes. Did you know that infertility problems are 50% the man’s fault? The reason be is because at times the sperm does not swim to the egg when it is suppose to. So, men should also take steps in making alternative choices when making a baby.

If you can’t afford invitro fertilization, which costs about $10,000. You can try these ways to conceive, methods are foods that make you pregnant to nutrition, clothing and more. Did you know that hygiene has something to do with fertility? Well, you soon will find out why, in the meantime here are ideal reasons why you are not pregnant yet.

Reasons why

According to Kim Hawn of the Conceive Magazine says, that eating trans fat and high saturated fats are not good when you are trying to have a baby. So watch your diet and eat right.

The longer you wait the harder it will be. If you are in your 40’s then your chances of being a mom will be lower than your chances than if you were in your twenties. For some adults adoption and choosing a segregate mom will be a better option.

Smoking and drinking should be avoided if you are trying. Both interfere with your fertility.

Bad hygiene is another thing to think about. Usually you would not think about proper hygiene when trying to conceive. You actually should, if you are not properly cleaning yourself bacteria gets in the blood and then travels to the sperm, which will then cause problems. Men, make sure you wash your body and keep those teeth clean. Of course this case is for those who really have bad hygiene issues.

The saying that briefs are not good when you want a family, is not true. Men don’t have to switch from briefs to boxers, why? Well, the boxers don’t keep the testicles at the right temperature. If the testicles are not at their right temp then the process of the sperm won’t be at it best. Guys keep in mind that briefs covers better and keeps the two guys comfortable and warm.

Do you smoke grass? Marijuana is illegal, in most states in away. In addition marijuana has bad side effects on the male’s body. Not to mention it causes some memory loss, it also affects the sperm and can create impotency in men. If you smoke weed and have impotency problems then address the joint next to you and throw it out!

Physical activity is great and it keeps the body strong and healthy. Excessive workouts are good if you are trying to lose weight fast, but are not so great if you want to get pregnant. For the gentleman if you love vigorous workouts, try to slow it down a little. Why? Because It puts too much pressure on the testicles and increases the temperature, therefore they have to be at the right degree in order to shoot to the moon. Same goes for hot tubs and bicycle riding.

Last but not least, the controversy about the side effects of cell phones is a big issue when it comes to health. According to Kim Hawn, “cell phones can cause impotency in men“. If you wear your cell phone on your hip it can send harmful signals to the genitals that will make it hard to make a baby.

That’s a lot of information, I know. With that said you have some more reading to do, but if you want to know the best ways to get pregnant then I’m sure you won’t mind reading a bit more.

Foods That Make You Have A Baby

Stay away from trans fats and saturated fats.

Pancakes made with buck wheat is a great food that will increase your chances of conceiving.

Iron is a important mineral that well all need. Turkey burgers are full of iron, it helps keep blood flowing properly and that’s important when it comes to your genitals.

Pasta and asparagus contains folic acid and antioxidants. Folic acid prevents birth defects in childbearing and pregnant women.

Dark chocolate cheesecake is so good, yes chocolate cheese cake made without butter is healthy for you. Dark chocolate has antioxidants which is good for maintaining a healthy and well functioning body. It also has flavoniods which is good for the skin.

Reduce your sugar intake, too much of it will increase insulin levels that can lead to diabetes and infertility. If you have tried everything make sure to see a fertility specialist.

Take these tips in mind when thinking about adding an addition to your family. For a more stronger chance of increasing fertility the supplement Fallodox has been known to promote healthy fertility with successful outcomes with women who want to have a child.