Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breast Health: Mammograms Reduces Breast Cancer Deaths 30%

Breast cancer can be a deadly disease if not detected early enough. It is important for women to have their mammograms when needed. You should go regularly for checkups, especially if you are in your 40's or have a family history of breast cancer.

One of the most longest studies lasted 29 years and had 100,000 women involved during the experiment.

According to Health News having and going to your mammograms regularly reduces breast cancer deaths by 30%. That's why it is crucial you stay updated with your check ups. Getting screened for breast health will save 20,000 lives a year.

So, don't miss that appointment get screened. A mammogram can be uncomfortable, but it's not as uncomfortable as finding out you have breast cancer and knowing that you could have done something earlier for a better outcome.

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