Tuesday, June 28, 2011

About Tanning How Dangerous Are Tanning Beds?


It seems these days that everyone mostly, wants a tan especially the younger adults. Most choose to tan in these salons and spas because they tend to think that it is safer than posting under the sun because of UV rays. Sure, the color is nice and compliments most. But, how safe are tanning beds?

Actually the tanning beds would be the safest, they would be better to your skin than the sun, right? The answer to that is no! Laying in these tanning machines are quite dangerous. How dangerous? If your way of getting a tan is the bed, than you are putting yourself at greater risk when it comes to cancer.

According to “The Doctors” and Researchers the tanning bed is 3 to 4 times more damaging than the sun’s UV rays. This machine that gradually changes the color of your skin can cause the most deadliest form of skin cancer, and that’s called Melanoma.


It can affect your skin by damaging and destroying cells, which then causes serious side effects from the skin disease called Melanoma. It appears as a mole, but a mole that is not shape normal according to “The Doctors”. These are images of melanoma skin cancer. It will spread to your blood vessels and organs if not discovered on time. If it happens to get to your organs, there is a high risk that it is incurable.

The skin cancer melanoma is one of the fastest growing diseases. Two percent of people are diagnosed with it every year. If you see a mole or some type of scar that wasn’t there before and it keeps changing or getting bigger, you should seek your doctor right away. Skin cancer treatment may be a option and if it has not progressed, than your doctor can remove these moles before they spread and get worse.

If you are a tanner and lover the tanning beds you are 75% more likely to get this skin cancer. It can disfigure the body, dramatically damaging your image. When you have skin cancer on a part of your body the doctors have to remove the infected skin. That means that they have to cut around the tissue to extract the skin that has cancer and if the cancer has spread to the face this may leave horrible scars and disfigurement. This procedure will cause you to have skin graphs to improve your appearance.

Tan safer, use tan sprays or lotions. Using this method will save your life and remember to always where sunscreen when out in the sun.

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