Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walk Your Weight Off Lose Weight And Have Fun Doing It.

Walking is a good form of exercise. It can be fun when you bring along some music. Walking is very effective at losing belly fat as well as other areas of the body. Exercise is good for your skin and your heart. It boosts energy and strengths your immune system. It's also a good way to shed the unwanted fat around the thighs. When you speed walk for 13 minutes for one mile, you burn more calories every mile that you speed walk for those minutes. For beginners it is best to increase the distance of walking before moving up to speed walking. If you decide to walk go slow and gradually increase the distance. Be safe when walking, walk in well lighted areas if you are walking a night. Grab a partner, a friend of relative to walk with, it makes the walk more fun and makes the time fly by.

Use this Calculator to measure your speed, distance and calories burned

Walk you weight off and look good doing it.

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