Monday, February 16, 2009

We Love Caffeine, But Is It Good For You And What Harm Can It Cause?

Caffeine is a bitter tasting, mild central nervous system stimulant found in more than 60 plants including coffee beans, tea leaves, kola nuts, and cocoa beans. It can also be man-made. It belongs to the same alkaloid as nicotine, morphine,and cocaine. It is an ingredient in diet pills, cold medicine, wake-up pills, nonprescription drugs, and allergy pills.

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I love my coffee when I first wake up in the morning, I do not think I am addicted to it. I have gone days without drinking my cup of jo and it did not bother me. For those who work long hours and need the pick me up than that is a different story. Caffeine is a drug, but not many think that it can do such harm to the body. Caffeine can dehydrate the body because it acts as a diuretic. There has not been any medical report of caffeine overdose, but there has been reports of "Caffeine Jitters" anxiety, insomnia, gastrointestinal problems, and shaking. A 250mg dose in a short period of time can cause nausea, headaches, tense muscles, and irregular heartbeats.

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Over 80% of Americans use caffeine to make a difference in the way they feel and act. Caffeine is added to more than 1,000 over-the-counter drugs. You can have withdrawal symptoms and psychological dependence with the use of caffeine. Hypercaffeinated beverages have become very popular among teens and young adults, especially club-goers who order alcoholic drinks using these products. Energy drinks and supplements can be harmful to little children, people that are on medication, and the elderly. When consuming caffeine please use in moderation it can harm the body even when you think it is ok. Although I heard that there are more antioxidants in coffee rather then in tea, still when you drink coffee or any other drink that contains it try to drink less of it.

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