Saturday, February 28, 2009

Signs Cheating Spouse

In the beginning, it is so sweet. Being with your lover is all you seem to think about, giving you that great intimacy that you need, besides sex. Making you feel like no one else can, you feel so special and happy that you have found the right one. Years go by and things are still quiet
the same, but something has changed. ,their behavior, coming in late and always having to work over time, secretive phone calls and lack of sex. You put a lot into this relationship and to be betrayed is something that will not be tolerated. If there is no trust in a relationship, then there is no relationship. You think you know what is going on, but you are not sure. You hope it's not what you imagine it to be, but you are too ashamed to ask. Maybe these signs will give you an answer. If you see your spouse doing a few of these things, it necessarily does not mean they are cheating. If they are here are the events that take place when someone you love is cheating.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse:

A change in his underwear like buying new underwear that he normally does not wear.

Whispering on the phone in a secretive way.

Hangs up the phone the moment you walk into the room.

Lack of conversation on the phone; meaning not saying much, just answering yes and no questions.

Immediately taking a shower after coming home

Smell of someone else's perfume or cologne.

Lipstick on the collar

Leaving out the house to go the store and does not come back for hours.

Provoking arguments so that they have an excuse to leave the house.

Always having to work late.

Coming in at late hours.

Lack of sex

Strange charges on the credit cards that you know nothing about.

Quick to throw an attitude at you, getting less attention and makes you feel like you done something wrong.

Strange behavior like being extra nice because of guilt.

Short conversations on the phone with you, never having time to talk.

Not having enough money to support the hours that came from working over time.

Marks on the body that could have came from sexual contact.

May not be able to get an erection or sexually aroused from sexual activity with someone else.

Attracting an STD and gives it to you.
Strange phone calls like hang-ups every time you answer the phone.

Having two cell phones so that he won't get caught up.

Having to call before you come to visit.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating these are just some signs to watch out for, confront this person and ask or if you do not want to ask do some investigating. You deserve to know, you do not want your life with a loved one to be based on a lie, and
it is not healthy.

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