Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sexuality and Relationship Issues: Toy Or The Real Thing

I had confided in my sister about the problems that my friend and her significant other were having. They’ve have been together for 14 years and things were pretty good at times. I mean no couple is perfect, there will be little arguments or even big arguments. They laughed at the same jokes and they really enjoy each other, but the one thing that has not been so enjoyable lately is the sex life. She’s not happy with it. I didn’t know what to tell her, I mean I’m no expert.

In a relationship after a while you begin to work with each other’s flaws like leaving dirty socks on the floor, not putting the toilet seat down, snoring and other annoying things that comes along. I know sometimes that special moments will keep and so will bad one’s. When my friend told me about her boring sex life, I simply advised her to try new sexual positions. If you want to be happy in the bedroom you should be willing to try new things.

So a few weeks later she called and I asked her how things are going. Her response was “it sucks!” I thought to myself “oh no I really don’t want to hear this.” My girlfriend tried my advice and her man liked it, only for about 5 minutes and went right back to the same old traditional routine. I told her, look you have to be upfront, stand your ground. “How is he ever going to know how you feel if you don’t tell him how you like it?”

Personally to me I think a great sex life adds the frosting to the cake along side with some vanilla ice cream. Sometimes he pleased her and most times she was left hanging over the edge. This is crazy, but she told me she can count on one hand how many orgasms he has given her. Of course I felt deeply sorry for her. I went to my sister and talk to her because I didn’t know what to tell my friend, I didn’t know how to help.

I just wanted it to end, I felt uncomfortable with the ongoing conversation. When I chatted with my lovely sister the first time, she really didn’t have much too say. I thought I give it a second round. To my surprise she revealed a secret too me. She uses a sex toy, I was like ok. I mean I was speechless, I know there’s nothing wrong with it, there are many people who uses them. I just didn’t want to know that my sister uses one.

I’m use to the real deal, you know? Does it even feel like the man’s part? Of course my sister says yes. I would feel a little funny if my guy open up my drawer and found what looks like his piece hiding underneath my panties. Then it would be a situation of choosing him or the toy, which one do I want tonight, I don’t know.

I was always curious about them, but never had the pleasure for one. She simply suggested that my friend go get her a adult toy and use it. My sister referred the website sextoyfun.com, it’s her favorite. I told my friend, she thought twice about what her lover would think. I simply said “hey he gets his, there’s nothing wrong with you getting yours.” She gave in and tried it out. Now this girl is the happiest I’ve ever seen her and there’s no more talk about the boring sex life. Thank goodness!

I love my sex life, although there’s nothing wrong with improving it. I’m thinking about trying a toy out myself (laughing). The real thing is good sometimes, but other times I guess it doesn’t hurt to have your own big O on the side.

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