Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tips For Having An Incredible Sex Life

At Some point and time the sex life goes down the drain. There’s work, maintaining a family and other things that can kill the urge of wanting sex. I think passion, understanding and strong attraction is the key to a phenomenal intimacy no matter what gets in the way.
If you happen to be suffering from a sexless relationship or it has gotten boring here are some great tips that will make lovemaking more spicier.
Try to be more flexible when performing certain sexual positions. If you find it difficult, but want to be more stretchable, yoga is a great way to learn how to stretch those muscles towards go use. I know you are thinking it’s not that serious, on the other hand it’s a effective way to be physically fit and when you are in great shape you can perform activities more efficiently than you did before.
Lingerie is sexy, but for how long? Once you put it on it comes right off. Actually wearing it is extremely enticing and entertaining. Ditch the old lingerie and go for more seductive and erotic clothing when it comes to turning on your spouse.
Introduce a new member into your intimate moment. A sex toy can spike up arousal and increase orgasms. Sex toys add enormous sexual pleasure and improves the sexual chemistry.
Instead of taking a shower and moisturizing yourself, get your partner to do it for you. That way you get foreplay, a sensual and passionate massage. Stepping out of the shower soak and wet is by far one of the sexiest moves. While he’s at it make sure he doesn’t miss one spot, if you know what I mean.
Sex it up, be spontaneous. If you are in a public place and there’s a spot you can get down in, go for it! This gets the adrenaline up and makes doing it even more hotter.
Just because you’ve been together for a long time does not mean you are not allowed to flirt. Flirting is fun and a great way to show your significant other how attractive they still are to you.
Take time to enjoy each other’s bodies. Don’t rush through it. Watch and learn the sensitive spots on your lover’s body.
New sex positions are fun and challenges your body. Be patient and observe your partner’s emotions while making love. If you have to ask, do it. Ask him or her does it feel good and is that the spot. Is that how they like it? If you learn what she wants or what he wants, you will for sure have mind blowing sex.
Don’t be ashamed of your body. The guy is not worried about scars or stretch marks, they are aiming for one thing and it’s not how confident you are with your image. Let the lights stay on and let it ride! If you lack confidence when it comes to your image, convert that energy into your performance. Make it good! Lights don’t have to be on, use candles.
The inner thighs, behind the ears, back of the thighs and buttock are very sensitive spots. Explore with your tongue, you don’t have to go down town to please, unless that’s your thing.

Keep up your beauty. Make him see you as the day he first met you everyday. Sure, there are times when you feel like lounging in pajamas and baggy shirts and you hair looks like it was shocked by electricity. Managing your appearance is a turn on too.

Creativity and passion should be the main ingredient to a hot sex life.

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