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Dangerous Weight Loss Low-Calorie Cleanses Celebrities Use

Quick weight loss is used like water when it comes to an alternative way to change body image in Hollywood. Celebrities will do almost anything to lose weight fast, especially when it comes to getting a role in a movie. If it were me I probably would risk my health for a few weeks just to make, what about a couple of million of dollars! Is it worth it? It depends on how far you are willing to go.

Some Celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, Gwyneth  Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker love their cleanses. When I was reading about this fast way to lose weight, it didn't really appeal to me. I guess if you are willing to get rid of those unwanted pounds, you will do what needs to be done.

These crazy cleanses are dangerous and deprive you from the most valuable nutrition that your body needs. There was one that wasn't so bad, I still wouldn't do it. The liquid diets can lead to lightheartedness and can harm in other ways, but who cares, right?

Beyonce master cleanse consist of 14 days drinking a drink that contains lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, and eating fish to lose weight for her movie Dreamgirls. Beyonce says it was hard and she felt weak, but she did it. I'm not sure how often she does it. This master cleanse got an extreme rating. Expert analysis L.A. nutritionist Phillip Goglia, author of Turn Up The Heat,  warns, "I would do two days on the plan, one day off, up to seven days.'' The calorie consumption is 600-1,300 a day.

Gwyneth's cleanse is a no- calorie- count diet of smoothies and organic foods like chicken and veggies. Doesn't sound so bad. It was created by Dr. Alejandro Junger, who also gives a herbal laxative for sluggish bowel movements. This safer than the master cleanse, it got a rating of 2. She uses this to shedd excess holiday pounds.

There are many ways to lose weight some are good and others are too risky. In Hollywood some celebrites make sacrafices to keep up their beauty. Wanting to be thin and staying thin is what it is all about. Cleanses are good for you, the best way to get the most benefits from them is to talk with your doctor before you start one.

Last but not least, Sarah Jessica Parker Blueprint cleanse is a 10 day concoction of 6 daily tonics a day made of pineapple, apple, mint juice and cashew-nut milk. It has a intensity level, for newbies the Renovation cleanse has the highest calorie count (1,200), while the more experienced one has 1,100 calories per day. Foundation Cleanse, and veterans can opt for the Excavation Cleanse (1,000 calories per day). The purpose of this is to rid the body of food and alcohol with the inclusion of diuretics, such as spinach and apples.

Living on fluids alone is too dangerous for you. This cleanse got a extreme rating of 3.

The medical risks:

Most cleanses can cause lightheadedness, irregular heart rhythms, irrability, mood changes and low energy. Why? Because your body is not getting the calories it needs which is energy. You are depriving your body of electrolytes, potassium and magnesium. Dr. Eric Baverman, author of Younger Thinner You Diet says, many of these cleanses are not well balanced, are missing vital nutritients and vitamins. They can lead to anemia.

Dr. Goglia suggests that, "dieters should only use a cleanse once or twice a year. And use colonics with caution: Ultimately, your body will start to shut down", because the colonic are doing things for you that your digestive system should be doing on its own.

There are other dangerous cleanses out there, so beware. Another one to watch out for is at the We Care Spa. This drink contains only 400 calories per day  with a liquid of wheatgrass, lemon water and vegetable juice and colonics. This weight loss method can last for about three days to a month. It has gotten a extreme rating of 4. It detoxifies the body greatly and gets the job done, but it is not a pleasant experience.

These are only short-term weight loss methods. If you are looking for permanent weight loss then seek another resource.

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