Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caught Him Cheating, But He Says He's Not What To Do?

This might be a crazy question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. What would you do if you'd found out that your partner has set up a dating profile on one of the most prominent cheating dating websites called; Ashley Madison? The first thing I would think, is why would he or she want to stray. Why do they need another when I'm giving them everything they need?

My friend found out that her boyfriend of 10 years sign up at this dating website to meet other women. When she first told me this the first thing I thought was, how far did he go. Did he meet these women and had sex with them or was he just online for the entertainment?

Of course she was devastated and she confronted him about it. Well, he said that he was just checking it out. Her significant other of a decade said "I just wanted to see what will happen." This wasn't the wisest thing to do, now my friend has doubts that he might have cheated. Even if he didn't meet with his contacts, still it says CHEATING all the way.

Let's say he did not hook up with any of them. That little voice in your head says "he is trying to cheat." And that doesn't make it any better. It's obvious that when he set up his profile on Ashley Madison, he was looking for a side dish. Oh, that's not even the good part. On his profile he states that he is single and looking for hot sex and a good time. I'm no rocket scientist, but I would say that's cheating. Yea, he didn't physically cheat, not yet. He mentally cheated and by the looks of it he was planning on taking this course of action very soon.

I told her that whatever she decides I'm there for her 100%. If I had it my way I would give him a piece of my mind and the words wouldn't be clean and kick him to the curb. It's so easy to mess up, in the long run it takes time and patience to repair what was damaged. Relationships have problems, the purpose is learning how to deal with them while mending your heart.

If it were me, I would be heart broken and shocked. I know with my attitude it will definitely be war! I know no one is perfect, it's still a complicated situation when you discover the love of your life is thinking about cheating and spreads it all over the Internet. Furthermore, I think he cheated!

What would you do?


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