Saturday, July 30, 2011

Love Poetry: I Love To Love But It Don't Love Me

I give, I give and give, but there's no appreciation. I love myself as well as I love others, one thing I see and I know is there's no love for me. Words are only words, it's action that I need. I take my heart and put it in the palm of his hand, there is doubt and confusion. Don't know if trust is lingering, I not sure I'm secure.

I love to love, but it don't love me

I dedicate time to build a bond of a sister, instead she dedicates to knock it down. Go away, go away with your troubles, because I don't have room for yours and mine. I love family I really do, in time they are the ones who will challenge you. Family are the ones who will love you and then deceive you. It is what it is.

I love to love, but it don't love me

He say he loves me and I truly believe it. In the back of my mind there is the growing vines of negativity. His sweet lips speak what my ears need to hear. The body feels so good, so warm and so sensual, the air captures me with the scent of his Cologne.

Security needs to be like titanium. Not only do I want to be love correctly I want to be surrounded in a world of you and only you. Your inner love is what I need, all you can give. When I look at you something is missing, my heart. What happen to it, I put it in the palm of your hands and now it is missing.

I love to love, but it don't love me

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