Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sexy And Seductive Fragrances For Him And Her Attraction Is In Thee Air

Love is in thee air, the smell of a woman can be alluring and same goes for a man. The type of perfume or cologne you wear says something about you. Are you sweet and delicate? Strong and soft? Wild and fun? Sexy and irresistible? Which ever suits you, you are your own unique individual.

Your smell is you, it says everything about you. If you are trying to attract the opposite sex a perfume or cologne with pheromones is the way to go. Pheromones triggers an instant reaction, a sexual reaction. It draws attention towards you with a great scent, depending on your choice. If you are looking for perfume for her or cologne for him here are some of the best fragrances that he or she wouldn’t want to go without.

Crazy girl sexy body mist is a light and sensual spray that contains pheromones. It is very seductive and lingering to the opposite sex. Lasts all day, smells so good, tantalizes all that is around you. When you walk by everyone will be admiring your beautiful scent. $8 Click Here to purchase

Yes! Cologne for Men is a powerful and a profound fragrance made especially for men. Just a few sprays last up to 8 hours. Concentrated with pheromones, a few drops will have women sticking to you like bees to honey! The scent is very attractive, draws sexual attention and has a unforgettable smell. Makes you the superior one in a room full of men, women will go wild! $9 Click Here to Purchase

Pure Instinct is a unisex fragrance and it is one of the most popular items! Customers really love this product! It has many reviews because of its distinctive smell. The best part is that it has that expensive scent, but at a low price only $9.22. This one of a kind cologne is a mood enhancer, works perfect just before sex. It arouses sexual desire and lures you into the web of attraction. When you wear it everyone will be asking you “what is that you are wearing”? It’s that appealing and irresistible towards both sexes. Click Here to Purchase