Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Healthier Choices No Dieting! Lose Weight With These Fast Food Low-Fat Meals

Here are some great restaurant breakfast meals that are low in calories and fat. Accommodate yourself and satisfy your appetite with these meals.

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, with 1 apple or 1 pkg. Apple dippers ( without caramel)

Other low-calorie foods

1 serving whole-grain cereal (up to 150 calories) 1 cup of skim milk 1 mini box of raisins or 1 apple.

1 energy bar or cereal bar (up to 150 calories) 1 medium piece fruit, 1 cup lite yogurt.

1 can Slim-Fast or 1 packet instant breakfast prepared with 1 cup skim milk, 1 medium piece fruit 5 almonds

Restaurant meal from Burger King

3 piece French Toast Sticks and 8oz 1% milk

Restaurant meals for Lunch and Dinner

McDonald’s 1 Premium bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken, 1 packet low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, 1 fruit and yogurt parfait with granola.

These meals inspired a woman to create the McDiet and that woman was, actress Julie Dove. She did an experiment a few years ago with it and in return she dropped a size in 30 days. To see more about this experiment go to MyMcDietMovie.com

Having problems with appetite control? ProShapeRX naturally suppresses the appetite so that you eat less without starving your body.

Wendy’s 1 large bowl of chili with shredded cheese 7 saltine crackers, 1 mandarin oranges cup.

McDonald’s 4 pc McNuggets, 1pkg dipping sauce and 1 small order of fries.

Subway 6-inch sub (300 calories or less), plus cheese, 1 cup lite yogurt and 1pkg. Apple slices

Arby’s 1 regular roast beef sandwich, 1 packet Arby’s sauce and 1 applesauce

Kentucky Fried Chicken 1grilled chicken breast and drumstick, 1 sweet and sour sauce, 1 side mashed potatoes and gravy and 1 side of green beans.

I’m pretty sure you get the picture, you have to be smart about your eating habits. If you have to, ask for the nutritional value of the meal you order. Julie Dove lost weight eating these meals, of course it wasn’t everyday that she’d ate them, but it is just evidence that you can eat fast food without gaining weight and you can lose weight while eating these foods. Make sure to scrutinize your fast food choices. To prevent overeating take ProShapeRX clinically proven to suppress your appetite for greater weight loss.

Still eat your favorite foods and lose weight. Eating fast food is a matter of making the right choice of foods. Eat well, be happy and live longer

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