Friday, April 29, 2011

Easy Arm Workouts That Work Melt Away The Arm Fat

Arm flab is one of the most difficult to lose. You lose some, but not enough. If you love wearing sleeveless clothing, such as halter tops and dresses and feel insecure about your arms, then it is time to shape them up. Here are some effective and easy workouts that will melt away the unwanted arm fat.

Arm Circles This is an old traditional workout routine, but it works! These exercises works the triceps and biceps. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Stretch your arms out towards the sides. Move your arms forward in a circular motion, do 15 or 20 reps. Then move arms backwards and do 15-20 reps. Perform this workout until you get tired. As you get used to it add more.

Wall push- ups these are great for anyone, but for women usually. Face the wall with feet hip width apart. Place your palms on the wall with your arms straight as if you are pushing the wall. Gently lean towards the wall as if you are trying to get face to face with it. Then gently push yourself off into your original position with hands still on wall.

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These are push-ups, the difference is you are standing. Do at least 10-12 reps and work your way up until you can at least do about 25-30, pace yourself. This exercise tones your triceps, biceps and shoulders. These are very easy and quicker to do than the original push-ups.

Boxing is a very effective approach to obtaining nice, toned and attractive arms. Checkout Billy Blanks Tae Bo workout videos. Billy Blanks shows you how to box, burn fat and get toned with fun and easy to perform exercises. His workouts focus on abs, arms, legs and more! Strengthen your core, get fit and lose weight!

Jumping jacks old fashion, but highly effective, they are great! They work your legs and arms. These really gets the heart rate pumping which in return burns more calories and fat. Abundantly increase your workout by wearing arm belts. Arm belts makes you sweat more which will aid you in losing more calories and fat.

Sweeping is very worthwhile. Instead of vacuuming, sweep! Doing this really puts the arms to work. Believe me I do it all the time and when you sweep the rug you will feel it in your shoulders and arms. It really makes your arms stronger.

These are effective ways to tone arms. With effort you will see results, you have to be committed. Gardening is also another way to tone triceps and biceps. Gardening is a lot of work! Create a beautiful flowers while working out your upper body at the same time. Add weights to your workout regimen once you start to lose weight.

Dancing with the added arm belts is a very great method as well.


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