Friday, April 29, 2011

The Most Healthiest Diet In The World

The most healthiest diet in the world is…… the Asian Diet. Have you ever noticed how thin Asians and Japanese people are and how healthy looking they appear to be? Asians have less health problems then Americans, why? Because of the foods they eat. There diet strictly consist of adequate amounts of noodles, rice, breads and other grains which creates this foundation.

People in Asian countries also eat sufficient amounts of soy products. Soy is known to give great beneficial health results. Soy helps reduce estrogen levels in premenopausal women and lowers the risk of breast cancer. According to Christopher Gardener PhD, assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford Prevention Research Center in Stanford, California soy is very helpful in many ways. This another reason why the women are more healthier than American women.

Another reason

In China they consume less meat than Americans. Chinese eat 4lbs of beef a year. In Japan they eat more, about 23 pounds of beef and veal a year. The average American chows down about sixty pounds of beef, chicken, pork and other meats. Americans approximately get 33% of their calories from fat, while in Japan it’s about 11 percent.

It’s clear and obvious as to why we are more overweight and unhealthier, at least some of us. Asian people don’t eat many sweets either. Their cholesterol levels are much lower as well. Don’t have the time to eat well, at least take a vitamin and health supplement.

According to Lola O’Rourke, RD, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and a nutrition consultant in Seattle. The benefits of the Asian diet is very profound. It aids in reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. The style of Asian cooking differs greatly from American cooking. In their country meat is admired as a side dish or a condiment. But with Americans meat is the centerpiece of the meal, especially with barbecues and holiday cooking.

The Fruit and Veggies do tell

Asian women are less likely to suffer from heart disease because of their low-fat and high fiber nature of soy. Fruits and veggies play a huge role when it comes to their dishes. These natural foods have high amounts of fiber and antioxidants. Nutritionists say that the daily recommended of fiber is 22 grams. Most Americans only get about 11 to 12 grams, they encourage you to add more to your diet.

The Asian diet is abundant when it comes to fruits, vegetables and other fiber rich foods. So, therefore they get 33grams of fiber and that’s more than the recommended daily amount which is 25grams. Researchers in Harvard School of Public Health did a experiment on 41,000 individuals and it concluded that by increasing your fiber intake by 10grams lowered your risked of getting heart disease by 30 percent.

The Power of Antioxidants

Green tea also is important to their diet too. Drinking at least 4 cups of tea a day lowers your risk of heart complications and boosts your immune system. Asians drink tea by the potful, it is potent with antioxidants which protects the body from illness. Black tea is good and will reduce certain sickness, but green tea is better, it has more nutritional value (antioxidants). Green tea also prevents stroke. Eggs are included in the diet.

Fish is consumed in the diet as well! Eating even 3 ounces of fish per week provides strong protection when it comes to your heart. Because fish is loaded with omega 3’s a fatty oil that is good at strengthening your immune system, improving your skin, nails and leads to greater health. Try to eat a fish meal at least twice a week. Don’t like fish add a omega3 supplement to your diet. Walnuts and olive oil also has omega 3 oil.

Easy Arm Workouts That Work Melt Away The Arm Fat

Arm flab is one of the most difficult to lose. You lose some, but not enough. If you love wearing sleeveless clothing, such as halter tops and dresses and feel insecure about your arms, then it is time to shape them up. Here are some effective and easy workouts that will melt away the unwanted arm fat.

Arm Circles This is an old traditional workout routine, but it works! These exercises works the triceps and biceps. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Stretch your arms out towards the sides. Move your arms forward in a circular motion, do 15 or 20 reps. Then move arms backwards and do 15-20 reps. Perform this workout until you get tired. As you get used to it add more.

Wall push- ups these are great for anyone, but for women usually. Face the wall with feet hip width apart. Place your palms on the wall with your arms straight as if you are pushing the wall. Gently lean towards the wall as if you are trying to get face to face with it. Then gently push yourself off into your original position with hands still on wall.

Add a great weight loss supplement for greater improvement ProShapeRX

These are push-ups, the difference is you are standing. Do at least 10-12 reps and work your way up until you can at least do about 25-30, pace yourself. This exercise tones your triceps, biceps and shoulders. These are very easy and quicker to do than the original push-ups.

Boxing is a very effective approach to obtaining nice, toned and attractive arms. Checkout Billy Blanks Tae Bo workout videos. Billy Blanks shows you how to box, burn fat and get toned with fun and easy to perform exercises. His workouts focus on abs, arms, legs and more! Strengthen your core, get fit and lose weight!

Jumping jacks old fashion, but highly effective, they are great! They work your legs and arms. These really gets the heart rate pumping which in return burns more calories and fat. Abundantly increase your workout by wearing arm belts. Arm belts makes you sweat more which will aid you in losing more calories and fat.

Sweeping is very worthwhile. Instead of vacuuming, sweep! Doing this really puts the arms to work. Believe me I do it all the time and when you sweep the rug you will feel it in your shoulders and arms. It really makes your arms stronger.

These are effective ways to tone arms. With effort you will see results, you have to be committed. Gardening is also another way to tone triceps and biceps. Gardening is a lot of work! Create a beautiful flowers while working out your upper body at the same time. Add weights to your workout regimen once you start to lose weight.

Dancing with the added arm belts is a very great method as well.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Want Sex Again? Have It Now! HerSolution Can Give You That And Some

 It always seems like once one problem is solved it is always another one right after. Besides everything else that goes on, you haven’t even stop to remember the last time you had or even craved sex.

Leading our busy life can interfere and cause certain problems, such as neglect of intimacy in a relationship. You probably lay in bed and think about having sex. But, you are too tired, the sexual desire is lost and you don’t know how to approach your partner about it and don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Women that suffer from a low libido, usually don’t realize it until it becomes a problem in the relationship.

A low-libido means having a low sex drive, losing interest in sex, not being able to be turned on. It’s not mental, it’s physical and a medical condition. If you miss that desire, the passion and making love you have to figure out how to get it back! There are female enhancements that will increase sexual urges so that you can have a happy and healthy sex life.

Hersolution was created with women in mind, It is specially made for women who are looking to restore there sexual desires. Hersolution is just what it says, it’s your solution to solving bedroom problems. This libido supplement is made with natural ingredients and doctored approved.

Natural ingredients:

Step by step these herbs works with your body for quicker and satisfying results.

Ginkgo biloba- I’m pretty sure some of you have heard of this herb it is used to treat many health problems. Ginkgo biloba reduces symptoms of menopause and helps increases the ability to orgasm in women.

Cayenne- Intensifies orgasms, and provides vaginal lubrication

Melatonin- balances the female reproductive cycles

DHEA- increases sexual thoughts

To read more about other ingredients and what they do go to

A low-libido can be caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, illness and medical conditions and diseases. Millions of women have bedroom problems, but are not willing to admit it. It can be embarrassing, on the other hand it is quite normal. Your sex drive goes down as you age. Evitable is the word, it goes and it just depends on what you are going to do about is what counts.

Hersolution knows the process your body is going through specifically, that’s why it works so well at restoring sexual urges and putting the crazy hormones back into place. This female enhancement gives your body everything it needs for a stable sex life with no side effects. Make love again, have more sex and dish the sex issues! Reunite that passion, enjoy lovemaking, boost your confidence and make you and your lover happy.

Strawberry Intimate Wipes For Her

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Healthier Choices No Dieting! Lose Weight With These Fast Food Low-Fat Meals

Here are some great restaurant breakfast meals that are low in calories and fat. Accommodate yourself and satisfy your appetite with these meals.

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, with 1 apple or 1 pkg. Apple dippers ( without caramel)

Other low-calorie foods

1 serving whole-grain cereal (up to 150 calories) 1 cup of skim milk 1 mini box of raisins or 1 apple.

1 energy bar or cereal bar (up to 150 calories) 1 medium piece fruit, 1 cup lite yogurt.

1 can Slim-Fast or 1 packet instant breakfast prepared with 1 cup skim milk, 1 medium piece fruit 5 almonds

Restaurant meal from Burger King

3 piece French Toast Sticks and 8oz 1% milk

Restaurant meals for Lunch and Dinner

McDonald’s 1 Premium bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken, 1 packet low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, 1 fruit and yogurt parfait with granola.

These meals inspired a woman to create the McDiet and that woman was, actress Julie Dove. She did an experiment a few years ago with it and in return she dropped a size in 30 days. To see more about this experiment go to

Having problems with appetite control? ProShapeRX naturally suppresses the appetite so that you eat less without starving your body.

Wendy’s 1 large bowl of chili with shredded cheese 7 saltine crackers, 1 mandarin oranges cup.

McDonald’s 4 pc McNuggets, 1pkg dipping sauce and 1 small order of fries.

Subway 6-inch sub (300 calories or less), plus cheese, 1 cup lite yogurt and 1pkg. Apple slices

Arby’s 1 regular roast beef sandwich, 1 packet Arby’s sauce and 1 applesauce

Kentucky Fried Chicken 1grilled chicken breast and drumstick, 1 sweet and sour sauce, 1 side mashed potatoes and gravy and 1 side of green beans.

I’m pretty sure you get the picture, you have to be smart about your eating habits. If you have to, ask for the nutritional value of the meal you order. Julie Dove lost weight eating these meals, of course it wasn’t everyday that she’d ate them, but it is just evidence that you can eat fast food without gaining weight and you can lose weight while eating these foods. Make sure to scrutinize your fast food choices. To prevent overeating take ProShapeRX clinically proven to suppress your appetite for greater weight loss.

Still eat your favorite foods and lose weight. Eating fast food is a matter of making the right choice of foods. Eat well, be happy and live longer

How To Make Hair Healthy Black Hair Care Itchy Scalp Relief

There are many things that can cause itchy scalp. Hair chemicals is one of them. Perming your hair and dying it takes out essentials oils from your hair that is very important when it comes to having healthy hair and scalp. Relaxing your hair can cause dry scalp, split ends and hair breakage if not properly cared for.

Coloring your hair will also cause damage to it, try using hair color that does not have harsh chemicals. Choose hair dye products like Dark & Lovely. I have been using this color product since I was allowed to color my hair. My mom and I are the only two in the family who uses it and I have never had anything bad to say about it.

Blow drying your hair will make it dry and brittle. When washing your hair, if you have time let it air dry. Gently squeeze the water out of your hair, rubbing it roughly will add more frizz. Itchy scalp means that your head is not in its best shape. There are a few methods that I use to get rid of my itchy head and I have not itched since, except when it was time for a wash.

Follow these hair care tips to get rid of itchy scalp and to get your hair more healthier than ever!

Use a deep conditioning shampoo that will soften and strengthen your hair without over drying it. Wash hair at least once a week.

After shampooing use a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment. If you prefer use both, leave the regular conditioner in for a few minutes and rinse. Then apply hot oil treatment and leave on for at least a half an hour with a plastic cap on and rinse completely out. You can use the hot oil treatment every week and then once every two weeks once your hair is back healthy again. Giving your hair this treatment will keep it strong and healthy.

After conditioning your hair and once it is dry, before you begin to style it take time to lightly grease your scalp before applying heat to it. Massage your scalp with grease or Luster’s pink oil lotion. This will nourish and stimulate the scalp, which will open up the hair follicles and let them breath and allow your hair to sprout out more new growth.

Later in the week if you feel your hair is dry, gently grease and massage it again making sure it gets the oils all the way through and comb. A good hair and scalp conditioner to use for your head when moisturizing it is Softee African Shea Butter. It is a exceptional hair care product without the big price. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the best results. You can find this product at your local Family Dollar or Dollar General store for only $2.

And furthermore wear a satin cap to bed every night. A satin cap not only holds your hairstyle it also aids in locking in the essentials oils from your hair. It will maintain your hair nutrients, prevent breakage and keep it healthy looking. I say this because lying on the pillow causes friction towards the hair which will dry it out and set off breakage and split ends.

Healthy hair frames the face elegantly and compliments your image.

One more tip: If you want to try a medicated hair grease, try Sulfur8 it is a great product with natural and medicated ingredients that will soothe the scalp and provide itch relief.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Could It Be The Best Stretch Mark Remover? Skinception Equals Beautiful And Clear Skin

Stretch marks are embarrassing to some and can ruin your confidence when it comes to your body. They can prevent you from wearing your favorite clothing and interfere with your sex life. They can appear in different colors such as red, brown, white or purple.

Moisturizing is very important when it comes to caring for your skin. These marks do not have to be a problem, there are ways of getting rid of stretch marks. There are many stretch marks creams, but this one has caught my eye and it’s called Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy.

I’ve never heard of it before, but it looks interesting especially the benefits you get from it. I was skeptical, there are companies out there that promise this and promise that just to make a buck. Filling your head with false claims and deceiving you so they can get rich. This stretch mark cream appeals to be every woman’s dream, but does it really work? Can it really erase these marks and give you back your beautiful skin?

Well, there were numerous studies and participants that have proven that yes, this cream seems to be the one, it is a genuine miracle worker!

What makes it different from other stretch mark remover creams?

The name alone Skinception means business, but the ingredients says and proves it all! I see why they called it stretch mark therapy because that is exactly what it does to your skin. It supposedly gives effective and deep therapy through each layer of the skin in every way for visible and remarkable results.

What’s in it?

These 3 advanced active ingredients combined have been clinically proven to give anyone who uses it beautiful skin. Ingredients are very potent and are only used to visibly reduce and erase stretch marks, firm skin and give it back its natural tone. It impeccably gets rid of these marks anywhere from the body, breasts, butt, stomach, upper arms and thighs.

1st Regestril was applied to 13 women in a clinical study, the importance of this study was to focus on the depth and width of these marks. In 2 months these women seen a difference in their stretch marks, they had seen a change in the color, indentation and width of the stretch marks., therefore revealing a 72% improvement in their skin.

2nd ingredient Darutoside was used by volunteers on a 4 week study. The purpose of this ingredient was to test the reduction of length and smoothness of the skin. The volunteers applied 1.5% over the affected area twice a day. 52% improvement, the streaks had shrunk 52%, smoothness of skin increased 14%, deepness of the marks reduced 55% and the length and structure of the skin reduce 52%. This study proved that this ingredient effectively works to restore your skin back to its natural condition.

3rd Pro-Coll-One is another ingredient use to work the body’s own collagen. Collagen is what keeps the skin tight and firm, this active ingredient boosts collagen levels up to 1190%. 78% of women saw a difference in their skin in a 56 day study. They seen how smoother their skin had become. To read more about this study go here.

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is a sure winner! By science it is one of the best stretch mark creams ever made. Amazingly restoring the elasticity of your skin, boosts collagen levels for firmer skin and decreases the deepness of your stretch marks. Read more about this beauty cream and how it was created, go to the Skinception website.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sexy And Seductive Fragrances For Him And Her Attraction Is In Thee Air

Love is in thee air, the smell of a woman can be alluring and same goes for a man. The type of perfume or cologne you wear says something about you. Are you sweet and delicate? Strong and soft? Wild and fun? Sexy and irresistible? Which ever suits you, you are your own unique individual.

Your smell is you, it says everything about you. If you are trying to attract the opposite sex a perfume or cologne with pheromones is the way to go. Pheromones triggers an instant reaction, a sexual reaction. It draws attention towards you with a great scent, depending on your choice. If you are looking for perfume for her or cologne for him here are some of the best fragrances that he or she wouldn’t want to go without.

Crazy girl sexy body mist is a light and sensual spray that contains pheromones. It is very seductive and lingering to the opposite sex. Lasts all day, smells so good, tantalizes all that is around you. When you walk by everyone will be admiring your beautiful scent. $8 Click Here to purchase

Yes! Cologne for Men is a powerful and a profound fragrance made especially for men. Just a few sprays last up to 8 hours. Concentrated with pheromones, a few drops will have women sticking to you like bees to honey! The scent is very attractive, draws sexual attention and has a unforgettable smell. Makes you the superior one in a room full of men, women will go wild! $9 Click Here to Purchase

Pure Instinct is a unisex fragrance and it is one of the most popular items! Customers really love this product! It has many reviews because of its distinctive smell. The best part is that it has that expensive scent, but at a low price only $9.22. This one of a kind cologne is a mood enhancer, works perfect just before sex. It arouses sexual desire and lures you into the web of attraction. When you wear it everyone will be asking you “what is that you are wearing”? It’s that appealing and irresistible towards both sexes. Click Here to Purchase

Make Your Skin Clear and Healthy With Neutrogena Naturals Facial Cleanser

I don’t know if it’s hormones, but lately I’ve been breaking out often. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is acne, I utterly hate it! The pimples with the heads on them (pus) is just disgusting. I know they say it’s not good to pop the pimple because it will leave blemishes on your skin, but I cannot help it! I mean who wants to walk around with bumps on their faces filled with nasty white pimple pus, yuck!

I especially breakout when I sweat, like during the summer, because your pores tend to clog up when sweating too much, at least that is what mine do. I am particular about my skin care regimen, I don’t just wash with soap and water. I use a soap that’s non-drying such as Dove or Ambi, I use with hazel for astringent and I moisture day and night before going to bed, especially under the eyes. The thing that bothered me was facial acne, I didn’t have anything to treat it. I would rub alcohol on them to dry them out, but in thee end I still had to squeeze out the bacteria from the zits.

So, I decide enough was enough, I can’t look good if I have a pimple here and a pimple there! I was sitting down and seen a Neutrogena skin care commercial, I’ve always loved their products. I can’t remember why I stop using them, oh well it got my attention, the commercial. Their new product Neutrogena naturals is a purifying facial cleanser that digs down deep to clean your skin eliminating any and all bacteria and dirt for a more cleaner and healthier look without drying out your skin.

Healthy and clear skin, that’s exactly what I need because my hormones were just going crazy! One day I would have clear skin and the next I would feel a pimple growing. You know that feeling when you feel a bump coming and there’s a soreness to it? That is what I’m talking about, I can’t stand it! I’m 34 years old and dealing with acne skin is the last thing I need, other than that I had no problems. You might want to checkout Clear Pores Natural Acne system for more severe acne.

I went to Walgreen’s to look for this new facial cleanser to read more about it and what do you know they had it on sale for $6.76, it’s original cost is over $8 I forget the exact price. Neutrogena naturals states that it gently removes impurities and improves complexion for fresh, clear skin. It is a willow bark bionutrient rich cleanser that detoxifies pores. Sounds good right? I turn to the back and what do you know, it is perfect for acne prone skin Cha-ching!

When I first started using it was very refreshing, did not dry my skin out at all. My skin feels smoother and I don’t get that tight dry feeling of my skin like you get when you wash your face with other soaps. I love it! A few days later I see my acne clearing up and my complexion has a glow and healthy look to it. This is a great facial cleanser, “Neutrogena Naturals”, you should try it. If you have more severe acne you should checkout Clear pores acne system.

Monday, April 11, 2011

No More Water Weight How To Get Rid Of It And Lose Weight Finally

Water weight which is known as (edema) is one of the causes of weight gain. If you are wondering why you are losing weight, but are not losing the way you should, it could be this. Retaining too much body water is unhealthy and causes health issues. According to Mayo Clinic fluid is trapped inside the tissues which in turn creates swelling in the feet, hands, ankles, legs, face and stomach.

One factor that can set it off is by drinking too much caffeinated beverages such as coffee, soda and energy drinks. Caffeine causes frequent urination which will cause dehydration to the body. Drinking more water than, caffeinated drinks is a better choice.

Salt intake is one that can lead to this type of weight gain as well. Eating too much salt can lead to high blood pressure and of course water weight gain. The average American consumes 5,000mg to 6,000mg a day. The doctor recommends 2,400mg daily, but if you are sensitive to salt such as if you have high blood pressure, it would be at least 1,000mg a day or less.

Pregnancy and gaining weight is two of many issues to when it comes to water retention. Pregnancy and weight gain will give you swollen ankles, feet, hands, face fat, extra belly fat and stubborn weight loss. There are methods towards getting it under control and out of your life.

How to get rid of water weight

In some water weight gain differs because it could be because of a medical condition, pregnancy or improper nutrition. Don’t worry there are ways to get rid of it, taking care of your health should be your #1 priority. Losing fluid retention is much easier than losing weight.

Physical activity
is a safe and healthy way to release the unwanted water from your body. Doing vigorous exercises will release fluids by causing frequent urination, increase the heart rate, dilate the blood vessels and excrete salt from your body. Be more productive when it comes to your health, make the most out of your daily activities.

Taking the supplement
 GenF20 Plus is another way to get fluid retention out of your body. It increases the body HGH (human growth hormone) which improves your health, gets rid of water retention, increases metabolism, fat loss, and energy, which then leads to natural weight loss. It can be used for improving many health problems, but this is one of them.

Taking diuretics
(water pills) will also help release the extra fluid that is swimming in your body. Before you take them make sure you talk to your doctor. If you have high blood pressure then your doctor probably has prescribed you some, since it causes water weight gain.

Drinking water
 will help get rid of it too. If your body is dehydrated your body finds fluid and this is what causes edema. Drink more water and lose weight. Women should drink at least 9 cups a day and men should drink 13. Consume a little water and your body will retain fluids. Adding more water to your diet will reduce your sugar intake. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes, and other health issues.

Eating a diet rich with potassium and fiber is another approach to getting relief. The Dash Diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) is a another alternative when it comes to eating healthy and maintaining edema. Many health organizations are influencing this eating plan. Eating a diet high in fiber also suppress appetite and will lead to better and quicker weight loss.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Care For Skin: Healthy Skin Care How To Nourish And Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

There are many ways to nourish and protect your skin and that’s by knowledge of foods, health supplements for skin and knowing which skin care products to buy. If you want to protect your skin from UV rays here are some simple skin care tips that will benefit you for a long time.

Fun in the sun is good for you, but too much sun can harm your skin. The sun helps the body to absorb Vitamin D which is use for the proper use and absorption of calcium. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays can cause major health problems when it comes to your skin. Skin cancer is caused by this.

Protect your skin from sun damage

  • Always wear a SPF lotions and some good ones are Vaseline intensive care for your body, Neutrogena, Roc, Aveeno and Olay.
  • Try to avoid the sun as much as possible, too much is not good.
  • Wearing a straw hat is a good way to block the sun rays
  • If you love sitting outdoors, try grabbing a chair under the tree or if you have a table with a umbrella that will work too. The sun is not good for your eyes as well, so wear sunglasses.

How to reverse sun damaged skin

  • Sun damage skin eats away at the cells which causes, premature aging, age spots and wrinkles.
  • Eat foods with antioxidants. Antioxidants fights the harmful free radicals that are body produces setting off premature aging and illnesses. You can find antioxidants in fruits, veggies and vitamin supplements. Vitamin A, C, D and E are these compounds, eating antioxidants will make your skin cells stronger.
  • Vitamin A is a great source for repairing your skin, checkout some vitamin A supplements.
Top anti-aging products can help resolve any skin damage issues, even severe ones such as KollagenIntensive which is specifically made to rejuvenate and restore the youth of your facial skin and provide your skin with a shield that will block harmful UV rays. Olay, Roc and Aveeno are some to consider too.

How to nourish and improve skin

  • Moisturizing during the day is very, very important and so is nightly moisturization. When you apply a good face cream you provide your skin with hydration and that will prevent dry skin and keep your skin healthy looking.

  • Nutrition is also the key to maintaining and achieve healthy skin. Veggies like kale, spinach and sugar snap peas all have Vitamin E in them. Vitamin E gives you firm skin, helps keeps its elasticity, keeps it toned and younger looking. Read more about KollagenIntensive. You can also find skin nutrition in walnuts, almonds and Brazilian nuts.
  • Use a mild face wash and astringent like witch hazel, it helps tone and clean your facial skin giving it a refresh clean feeling.
  • Wash your face with warm water, if you wash it with hot water it will dehydrate your skin.
  • Slow down on sugary beverages can cause acne.
Thought in my beauty cabinet: My mother uses plain olive oil straight from her cabinet. She uses it everyday, her skin looks pretty good I sometimes use it for a substitute for when I run out of my facial cream. If you want to know more about reversing the signs of aging of your body inside and out read about Genf20.

Well, these are the tips that will help you maintain healthy skin. I hope it can benefit you for many, many years.

Care For SKin: Serious Skin Care Kollagen Intensiv Firms, Improves And Tones Essential Anti-aging

There are many effective and well worth the money anti-wrinkle creams such as Estee Lauder, Anew from Avon, Olay and more. They all are great, but have you ever heard of Kollagen Intensiv? It is a well sought after alternative when it comes to collagen injections. It’s specially made in Switzerland by qualified scientists with the highest quality of natural and effective ingredients needed to provide women with gorgeous skin. And that is why my mother is a faithful fan to it.

Why you should give Kollagen Intensiv a try?

Women want more beautiful and flawless, this products is clinically proven to do just that and more. The results are highly noticeable when using, it deeply penetrates the layer of the skin to impeccably improve your skin. This collagen cream reverses the youth of your facial skin from the inside and out!

  • It contains Syncoll a powerful substance that fights the deepest wrinkles, ultimately reducing the toughest signs of aging. Retinol is a powerful ingredient that reduces wrinkles, but Syncoll does it all and some.
  • It works and dissolves into the skin giving you the benefits of collagen injections, only without the needles and the costs. When you realize it, you will discover it is anti-aging at its best
  • This is the solution on how to get firm skin. It naturally encourages your skin to produce its own natural collagen which in return works better, restores and rejuvenates your skin cells.
  • It literally bathes your skin in moisturizers, therefore reducing dry skin and gently hydrating it while providing your skin the nutrients needed to stay healthy looking. It also applies a glow to your skin, works like it orders your skin around, putting it together like the utensils used to created beautiful art.
  • Remarkably tones your skin, vanishes age spots and discolored skin for a more flawlessly and fresh appearance. You lose the unattractive marks and gain beautiful younger looking skin. Creates and rebuilds the elasticity of your skin.
  • Impressively renews old cells and get them flowing properly that results in reducing and reversing the signs of aging. Your friends will wonder how are you looking younger than them, they will be wondering what you are doing.

Need I say more, you will have incredible skin and appear more attractive. This one anti-aging cream does it all. If you are just looking to tone and firm Kollagen Intensiv fills in all of the qualifications and more! Get toned skin, tighten up your eyes and cheeks, get your collagen injection from a jar Kollagen Intensiv. Serious skin care is just one name for it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I’m Bored And Tired I Want Good Sex Now! Rebuild The Passion

Is your sex life so dull that you rather gaze at the walls and imagine great sex? Ladies it is no surprise that when the relationship gets old so does the sex. It takes a lot of work keeping the intimacy alive, I’d rather have self pleasure if that is what it takes to make me happy than to have boring intercourse with my mate.

Couples tend to forget about pleasuring one another, we think about it, but it may be something that is going on in your life that blocks it. You should have fun with each other no matter how long you’ve been together. Having great sex makes the relationship so much better, it is a great stress reliever. Spice things up a little, don’t give up, try new things explore.

Shake out the boring

Make it interesting and let him watch you pleasure yourself with a sex toy, go checkout some at  he may like it and I know you will enjoy it! Surprise your partner with a romantic atmosphere, light some candles in the bedroom, plan a vacation whatever fits. Kick that tired old sex life out the door and add some excitement to your bedroom.

Never tried a sex toy? It is very exhilarating and there’s nothing wrong with it. People get all kinds of pleasure in many ways. Vibrating panties is a great toy for the ladies to get that arousal they need and want. Strip poker can be a fun and interesting way to get the juices flown the right way. If you are craving that profound pleasure, that intensity that adds fuel to the fire take a shower together, slowly wash each other down. Great foreplay always works!

Checkout some body paint, there are sweet and edible paints that are made for sexual art on the body. Be creative, you can find adult games and more at they have everything you need to bring your sex life back to life. Explore your wild side, there is no time being shy, allow your inner tiger to roar (laughing out loud)!!!!! Make sex fun again and wear sexy costumes, exotic lingerie and dip into some new sex positions. Edible panties will work, so will thongs if not for you than get some for him.

Take the time to lick and concentrate on sensitive points of the body. Aim for the nipples, under the breast, buttocks and the inner thighs. Sit him down and explain what you want, how you are turned on so that you can get the full benefits out of making good love without missing out on your pleasure. Sex games should be an option, cater to each other’s needs, be sensual, soft and learn the G-spot and teach him as well. If your spouse wearing a wig turns you on, then by all means do whatever it takes so that you can have explosive and electrifying sex.

Even if you have to pluck the hairs off of his chest, that’s what some people like, I don’t judge to each its own. Let him wear panties or nipple rings (laughing out loud) or pleasure him with a toy, it does not matter make it fun and enjoyable. Sometimes you have to do weird thing in order to have a healthy and active sex life.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't Diet to Lose Weight Eat Healthy Think Healthy I was Ready

My family has a history of high blood pressure and eventually it hit me during my pregnancies and it stayed for good. I ignored that I had this medical condition and ate anything I wanted. I would eat fried foods mostly everyday, drink pops, eat junk food, I just didn’t care. I realized that I had gained weight, it really got to me because I was not skinny I was a size 14 which is what the average women is in the USA. I was not comfortable with my body, I still had kind of a shape, I wasn’t sloppy looking yet I knew I had to do something.

I got so tired of seeing other women look so much better than me in their clothes, they looked so confident and so secure of their images. I would look in the mirror and hate that extra fat I had hanging under my face, my double chin oooh I hated that. I couldn’t stand that bulge I get when I would put on my jeans, It looked so unattractive to me, I was not happy.

I went to the doctor, it was my monthly check-up and as usual she had to increase my high blood pressure medication again. My doctor was disappointed in me, she wanted me to lose weight so that I wouldn’t have to be on medication, she wanted me healthier than I was. I was embarrassed and so exhausted with myself. I wanted to reinvent my life, I wanted an better outlook. I had to observe and focus, I said “I don’t need a diet solution”, I need to change my mind.

Wake Up
I decided that enough is enough, I put my mind in healthy mode, I needed to make a change and I’m ready to make a change. I put the junky and unhealthy mind in a box and through away the key. I now eat mostly baked chicken and fish meals, eat red meat once a week and have added vegetables and fruit to my diet and I threw away the pop and sugary juices. Nutrition is the golden way, it’s no diet it is just my new way of eating, I’m not following anyone’s diet plan, it is my own and it is not a strict diet. Weight loss is so much easier when you can make your own options as long as it is better for you.

I have lost more than 20lbs and I’m still losing until I get a size 10. I love my new body I finally like what I see and because I like what I see, it makes me want to eat better for life and that’s real. If you are going through what I was going through, you can beat it! You need willpower, if you really want to accomplish a new life, new health and a new and sexy body think weight loss, think healthy.

I still treat myself to some of my favorite foods once or twice a week. It is all about moderation and education, learn what’s healthy and what’s not. Add a vitamin supplement to your daily routine. GenF20 is a great health supplement that will help increase your metabolism, boost your energy, slow down the aging process of your body, improve skin for a younger appearance and your overall health. In addition throw a workout routine about three times week.

I was oblivious to the fact of how to lose weight, but I had to recognize it’s not about just changing the way you eat, it’s about changing the way you think. You scream “I don’t want to diet”! And you don’t have to!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shake It Off! Easy Exercises For Stomach Lose Your Big Stomach Today!

Those who are blessed with good genes and a good body lucky for you because I can’t stand you! I’m just kidding, not everyone has it easy when it comes to weight loss, but with hard work and determination you can lose weight and become proud and love yourself more because you did it naturally.

Belly fat can come from a variety of things such as side effects of medication, overeating, disability and more. If you are ready to make a change and lose stomach fat now, you will be doing a smart thing when it comes to your health. Regain your confidence and look better in your clothes all you have to do is take that first step.

Here are some tips on how to lose that extra belly fat

First, start off by looking at what you eat. Get rid of the high fat foods and the beer!

Second, develop the willpower, let your mind think weight loss and no matter what keep it that way.

Third, go to you doctor if you want and see how much weight you need to lose and to figure out a diet plan. Then choose a health supplement GenF20 which raises the body HGH (human growth hormone) and will result in more energy, increased metabolism and adds a huge boost in burning fat.

Exercises for stomach

With these workouts there are no crunches involved, so don’t worry about hurting your back or struggling trying to lift off the floor. These are great smaller belly exercises.

Twists are very effective for love handles. Have you heard of the song “Do the twist”? If so then I’m sure you know how to twist your body. Doing this dance will help you burn a substantial amount of calories and fat, choose a song that suits you and get to moving!

Hip dancing is fun and well worth a try. The salsa is a great and fun way to start getting the benefits. Sharika the singer has a great song to shake your hips to called “Hips don’t lie”. You will work your whole abdominal core when performing this dance.

Belly dancing is powerful, but combine belly dancing with yoga and it can’t get no better than that! I have recently order “Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Rachel Brice” and it is very good. Rachel Brice focuses on strengthening the core, she particularly teaches you how to make your stomach muscles stronger by showing you isolated positions and combine a yoga workout with it.

Learn specifically how to work your abdominal muscles so that you get a profound workout that will help tighten your tummy and shed excess belly fat. Alongside stretch and strengthen your body muscles while gaining peace of mind and flexibility. Go at your own pace there are 15, 30 and 45 minute sessions. I see a difference and feel in my stomach and its only been over a week. To increase your fat loss add ProshapeRX to suppress your appetite to prevent overeating and quicker results.