Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Relationship and Sex Problems Friends With Benefits Is It Too Difficult Or Easy

So, you just broke up, been dumped or you have something against commitment. And you whether just fool around without all of the other responsibilities. No attachments, no emotions and definitely no falling in love, just friends with benefits.

Monogamy makes your skin crawl, but you still need something, you need physical attachment without the issues. Just about everyone has had a relationship based strictly on sex. It’s fun in the beginning, the sex is good, lingering until that special night you two will meet, it’s like an adrenaline rush.

Friends with benefits is the purpose of two people who are involved based on hot sex. Entwining with each other to let off frustration, stress or just have that urge to release the big O. How can two people get interact with one another and not get emotionally attach?

Yes, the physical attraction is there and you give each other something you both need and are satisfied with, but what about how you feel. A man might not get emotionally involved like most women do. Women tend to fall in love more easily because we are soft, nurturing and more sensitive.

Some people might be fine with and has never shared a love with their partner. To those who have you are good, because with me if I’m sleeping with someone, eventually I’m not going to lie, I will be falling in love. You can’t control how you feel, that’s why it is so difficult to have sex with someone continually and not develop those feelings.

In the beginning the sex drive is extreme! The smell of each other and the passion that’s there when your two bodies touch and rub against each other is like fire! Exploding and enjoying the rush and the great sex that you just can’t seem to get from anyone else is unique and breath taking. It’s not easy, not to me. It is so easy to avoid how you how you feel, but difficult to forget.

Friends with benefits will eventually end up a broken heart story. Falling in love is inevitable. Love is in thee air whether you are looking for it or not. I fell in love with my sex partner, with my friend and it did not end so well. It’s fun at first, then later on down the line it the atmosphere changes between you two.

Emotions rise and you begin to miss them, want to know more about them and wondering if they are sleeping with someone else. It can become a huge dilemma in your sex life. You unknowingly see how attracted you are towards your sex partner not just intimately but whole heartedly. What can you do? You want to say something, but don’ t want to ruin what you already have.

Friends with benefits is too difficult to me, I been there, done that and not looking back again. There can be a bright side, it how some couples found their soul mate. On the other hand it can get worse and you could have your on fatal attraction hiding in your closet or investigating your every move. It’s exciting for some and not so exciting for others.

What do you think?

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