Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Potatoes Are Better Than White

White potatoes are good, you can eat them as French Fries, mashed potatoes, scallop, grilled or baked. You can create potato salad or even boil them to eat. They are delicious and are loaded with fiber and potassium, but they have bad carbs. The bad carbs converts into sugar when you eat them and the sugar then coverts into fat. It's ok to eat white potatoes in moderation, so watch how often you consume them.

Sweet potatoes contain good carbohydrates which processes in the body as energy. They have fiber, protein, vitamin C, A, potassium and iron. White potatoes has just about the same nutrition as the other one. The sweet potato has the good carbs which gives you energy and digests better. Eat better with food that is better for you and your health.

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