Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dangerous Side Effects Of Pain Killers

The number one reason of people becoming addicted to pain killers is by an injury or medical condition that causes them to have to take them to maintain pain. Even though they are miracle workers for those who suffer from agonizing and excruciating pain, they actually do more harm than good.

Pain pills after a long period of time can cause liver damage. It affects the mucus lining of the liver which protects it from harmful bacteria inside the stomach. If the mucus lining is deteriorating it can lead to ulcers (open soars inside of the belly).

Liver damage can lead to death and make you have a major operation called; liver transplant. It can be a life and death situation. The side effects of pain killers is especially more dangerous for alcoholics. Alcohol abuse also is very unhealthy for the liver and causes scerolsis of the liver.

Prescription pain killers are more dangerous than over the counter pain medicine because of the increase of the dosage. Consider lowering your intake to prevent more health problems

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