Saturday, March 26, 2011

How To Be Prepared When Natural Disaster Strikes Earthquakes, Hurricanes etc

To prevent death and to make sure you are prepared for you and your family here are some tips that will help protect you and your family for when nature decides to get out of control.


A earthquake is very, very scary there are things falling around you, houses and trees collapsing, it is horrible! When this happens this is what steps to take to prevent losing lives and how to stay safe until help comes.

Take cover near heavy furniture, if you have a wall cabinet duck underneath it if there is space.

Stay away from windows anything that has glass and stay away from kitchen appliances.

Do not try to run stay in a safe place because running could put you in danger of falling objects.

Things to have for earthquake

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher in your home and a survival kit.

Always have extra flashlights and a battery operated radio. A generator is a great thing to have too.

Store extra water just in case, it is good to always have it you never know especially if you live in a state that is prone to earthquakes such as California.

Most important a first aid kit is very important just in case of injury and a charged cell phone.

How to be prepared for Tornadoes

Tornadoes are very dangerous and it is very easy to be prepared for this type of disaster. Sometimes a tornado doesn’t leave much damage and sometimes it does. Anyways it is very smart to have the essentials needed just in case.

It is always crucial to have somewhere to hide when it takes place. Make sure that you have somewhere that is secure and underground like a basement or a underground cellar.

Have plenty of water available. Never run outside for anything and don’t try to follow it.

If you happen to be in a car when the tornado hits, never try to drive away from it because it can sweep you up and kill you. Drive in a ditch to be safe and stay there.

Store a battery operated radio with extra batteries. Keep a charged cell phone at all times and flashlights.

Have nonperishable items available to avoid starvation such as canned goods, crackers and etc. In addition get a generator.

How to be prepared during a Hurricane

According to Dave Price on CBS news hurricane winds can be 74mph, if major 111mph or over and if more severe 155mph. Hurricane Katrina was hit with winds of 155mph which caused a huge horrific tragedy. Many were killed and thousands lost their homes.

Here are some tips to help you be prepared

If you hear the word hurricane on the news, the best thing to do is to evacuate, get out of town as soon as possible.

Have a generator available, if you happen to be caught in the hurricane.

Always keep extra gasoline

Make sure to have at least a gallon of water per person or more.

Because of the weather machines might malfunction and electricity may be lost. Before it hits go to a ATM and get plenty of cash out in case of this event.

Store canned goods, have food that will not spoil such as peanut butter, crackers and anything else that is nonperishable.

Tip: A great way to keep clean drinkable water during a weather disaster is, fill the tub up with water get a thick piece of plastic cover it up to avoid any debris or bugs from getting into the water.

Blackout how to be ready

Leave at least one light on in the home so that you will know when the lights are back on.

Don’t open the refrigerator to avoid the food from spoiling so quickly.

Never use the oven for heat

Buy candles, flashlights with extra batteries and a battery operated TV so that you can be entertained.

Having a generator as stated in the other tips is always a smart choice.

Flameless candles that are LED made is a safe and smart way to keep light in your home.

Blizzard how to be ready

Stock plenty of food when it comes to a blizzard because you never know how long you will be trapped in your home.

Keep a charged cell phone

When you shovel always go at a steady pace, take breaks in between. If you over work yourself you can cause a heart attack to occur. Shoveling takes a lot of energy, it is a lot of work and a strain on the back. When you shovel use your legs to lift the snow, not your back.

If you are outside stay together, never separate. Just in case someone gets lost in the blizzard, plan a location to meet so that you can easily be found.

These are some very good tips, so please for your safety and others follow them, if you have to print this article and keep it, you never know when natural disaster will strike. These tips are from the TV Show “The Doctors”.

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