Friday, March 4, 2011

Foreplay for Couples: Kama Sutra Lover’s Paint Box Arouse Your Imagination With Sexy Art

What better way to start the evening off than with chocolate. Trying new things in the bedroom will spice things up and create a new world of ecstasy. The Kama Sutra Lover’s Paint Box is a great way to add some sweet and spiciness to the bedroom.

This product is a brush on and lick off paint set that is for lovers who crave sweet loving and something different. These rich silky chocolates come in three flavors of milky, dark and white. They come in beautiful tasteful jars and each flavor tastes like real high quality chocolate.

This 3-piece package is very popular with couples. It comes with a paint brush that is used to apply the sweet chocolate to your lover’s body for great pleasure. It is sexy art that is used for fun and exploration, you can easily drizzle it on your partner’s body by just heating them up in the microwave.

If you don’t like finger painting and wanted to try something dealing with paint this is a perfect way to satisfy your interests. Spice up the bedroom with some of your own creativity, you can use all three to make your lover appear to you as a desired and flavorful snack. Slowly licking the chocolate off his or her body is one of the best acts of foreplay.

The taste of the chocolate paint is syrupy and made with corn syrup, which gives it its sweet and irresistible flavor. Go wild in the bedroom, if you have a boring sex life, then it will immediately diminish once you let your imagination run wild! Couples often drift away because lack of interest in sex and that’s because in some cases they have lost their creative side when it comes to having good sex.

Explore and be adventurous with The Kama Sutra Lover’s Paint Box. Satisfy your sweet tooth and arouse your sex drive. You will love every minute of it, this chocolate is so good you can pour it on top of your favorite ice cream. Make foreplay more exciting and pleasurable with this hot, sexy and delicious fantasy box.

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