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Fitness: Live Longer Find Out How

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Did you see that article on MSNBC about living longer?

"While the quest for the proverbial Fountain of Youth is endless and typically fruitless, one method known to extend the human lifespan by up to five years has quietly become accepted among leading researchers. The formula is simple: Eat less. It could add years to your life, several experts now say. And done in moderation, it could at least help you live a more healthy life."

Really? Eat less. Live longer?

Who'd thunk?

But seriously, why is this the case? And more importantly, why do so many other health and fitness pros give the opposite advice, often asking you to eat 5-8 times a day? Is there some common ground?

Yes there is. But first let's look at why eating less can mean living longer.

That article went on to say:

"Calorie restriction, as it is called, is as close to a real Fountain of Youth as any known technique comes. Even scientists who are cautious about anti-aging hype say it works, both by cutting risks for some diseases and by allowing all body cells, somehow, to hang in there longer.

"This is just part of the story. As usual, the mainstream media doesn't always bother to give you the entire picture.

Eating less is a bit over-simplistic. Caloric restriction is based on "quantitative" reduction, not simply eating like a bird or starving yourself. That will never work. You won't stick to it and your body certainly won't bother to burn off its spare bodyfat when it thinks you're in a stone age famine.

The key is to avoid overtraining in the gym like the plague. Too much training and you'll be forced to eat more food -- usually not a good thing.

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