Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can Your Partner Keep Up? Sexuality

Intimacy is a beautiful thing between two people. When thinking of intimacy people tend to think about sex, it goes a long ways. Well in this case the issue is sex. If you are having a high sex drive and your partner is the same then good for you. Suddenly if your partner feels drained and can't go another round, does it make you feel like he wasn't satisfied the first time and just does not want anymore? Or could it be that you have more energy then partner does?

Would it cause problems in the relationship if you wanted sex more often and couldn't get it? With some this is an excuse to cheat and with others it's just a problem that needs to get resolved. Who doesn't love sex? It's a way for us to show each other how much we enjoy one another. What do you do when you want it more and your companion does not?

Well, talk to your lover find out what's going on with him. Be gentle, don't have a attitude, just find out why he or she is just not giving it up as often.

If it is a mental problem, which means your significant other has a lot on their mind, then ask your partner if they want to talk about it. If not don't pressure them let them know you are here to listen when they are ready.

It could be a physical condition. They probably are having problems with their hormones or testosterone and may have to see a doctor for medication. A lot of things can cause a low sex drive; side effects from certain medications, stress, hormonal imbalance, age, boredom in the bedroom and etc.

Try spicing up the bedroom if it turns out to be boredom. Try new positions, try exotic lingerie or even some adult toys. You never know unless you try.

Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, but after awhile you are goin to have that craving for it.

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