Sunday, December 14, 2008

8 Things Women Want From Men

Being in a relationship is a lot of work. Loving each other unconditionally can be a challenge if your partner has few flaws more then you. We as women need a lot of support, more emotionally though.

If you are having problems with your partner and she gives you signs that something is wrong. Then you need to figure out what's going on. If she tells you she doesn't fee appreciated enough and you don't know what to do. These tips can be of help. Believe me; you want to keep her happy, because when she's happy and satisfied then you'll be happy and not worrying about feeling the lumps in the couch or feeling a cold draft in the bedroom. Get the picture?

We are more sensitive and emotional then the opposite sex. So, it's no wonder we want commitment and that mental and physical support. Give her what her little heart desires and her heart is forever yours. These are the most important things we need and want from you guys if you want no trouble:

Communication - There's nothing more thoughtful then a man that listens. If you sit and actually listen, not listen while watching sports. Listen to her needs and wants that's something that will be very much appreciated. Whether there's a problem with a girlfriend and it's something you care not to hear. Listen, be there. Knowing that you took the time and effort to sit there is very considerate and caring.

Honesty - The one thing that will kill a relationship is a liar. There's just no way will she dedicate her life to you knowing there's no trust. Giving your opinion on something, finances, or your social life, are the type of things I'm talking about. I'm not saying you have to give out the glory details about your day. Just make her feel like she can trust you know matter what.

Emotional Support - With the changes we tend to go through like hormones, being a mom, problems at work and the good old fashion sensitivity. It's really important that you be her shoulder to cry on. Comfort her; make it feel like you are her iron of steel. Even if she needs a little air, let her know that whenever she is ready you are still there. Support her in big decisions that she might have to make. Even if it might effect you, talk about it and be supportive.

Physical Support - Being there physically is just as important as being there emotionally. Be tentative, help out around the house. Let her know she is greatly appreciated by giving her the day off. Take the kids out, so that it can be some mom time. Cook dinner and compliment her on her job with the kids and the things that get done around the house, because it is no easy job.

Financial Support - If your partner is independent, and then let her know that you are there and you got her back. Offer to help out by paying for dinner, paying half on a bill and buying her a nice gift. She's got 50 of the relationship and so do you. Your money is her money. If there are no trust issues then this should not be a problem.

Great Sex - Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, but it is necessary. Even if it is not done very much, it is still good to have a happy and healthy sex life. Be spontaneous and take your time to enjoy her body. Make her want more.

Romance is the key to having her heart swept away. Surprising her with flowers, a romantic candle lit dinner or a tube full of bubbles with candles. Massages are a great idea, being sensual is so sexy and a good way of showing how you adore her.

Independent Men - Last but not least. You can not be living at home with mama! You need to have your own car and a job. As long as you are making honest income and living on your own it is expected. It can be a little uncomfortable inviting her over while you mom is in the next room.

Those are the 8 most important things women want from a men. Men I'm not saying that you do not need support too. We all want to be treated as an equal. We all want to feel special and appreciated. Love equals happiness.

Lorna Darden

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HD said...

Well, what about independent women? Why is it we frown on men still living at home at 35, but never women in the same situation? If you require your man to pay his own bills and whatnot, you better make sure you're doing the same as well.

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