Thursday, May 5, 2011

Make-Up Tips: How Long Should You Wait To Apply Make-up After Facial Moisturizer

Skin care is prominent in the beauty world. Healthy skin is most wanted, because we all want to look our best for as long as possible. In order to have good skin you must follow certain skin care regimens. Make-up compliments your image in a fresh and beautiful way if applied tastefully, but you have to be cautious.

One of my skin care steps that I’m always consistent with is moisturizing. Keeping your skin hydrated is very important. Dry skin flakes and ages prematurely and you don’t want that. When you moisturize your skin, you help it out by holding on to your skin’s collagen.

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Collagen is what your skin produces in order to keep it firm and tight. As you get older, you lose some of that collagen which will eventually give you loose, wrinkled and sagging skin. If you want to boost your collagen, some might go for the expensive collagen injections which can cost about $700-$2,000 a year. You can be wise, save money and choose a different alternative. Buy an effective anti-aging cream that will do exactly what the injections will do.

So, anyways I love to moisturize my skin and love wearing make-up. What I didn’t know was that there’s a certain time limit when applying your moisturizer and make-up. The TV Show “The Doctors suggest that you wait at least 15 minutes after moisturizing your face before putting on your make up foundation. This will give your facial cream more time to settle into your skin.

How long should you wear your make-up?

The average time to wear your cosmetics is 12 hours. If you keep it on longer than that it can clog pores and then there’s goes the ugly acne bumps! Very important, use a deep cleanser to remove all traces of it. A deep facial cleanser will open up your pores and allow them to breathe. Afterwards wipe your skin off with a astringent or facial toner. Don’t forget to moisturize to maintain beautiful and younger skin.

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