Friday, May 6, 2011

Great Smelling Candle Massage Oils For Your Bedroom And Skin

A nice aroma in the air can be relaxing and calming. Depending on the scent it can be a strong attraction towards the senses and alternate your mood. A great smell such as the freshness of strawberries, cut lemons, fresh peeled oranges and the scent of a woman or man abundantly gets attention. One thing I do love besides the scent of a man and the smell of lemons is candles.

Candles enlighten the mood and brings a sense of purity and delightfulness to your home. The lavender and chamomile candles are very intriguing and claming, they are one of my favorites. I also adore vanilla, clean linen and sweet jasmine. Inhaling the fruity aroma changes me in a way, a good way. I love using them when taking a bath.

My hubby bought me a cherry and vanilla candle a few months ago for Valentine’s day. I love it, it is something about the scent of burning wax and fragrance that lures me to a state of stability and peace. Candles are perfect for enhancing the mood for love. They compliments the bedroom and entices the room for a more romantic atmosphere.

Here are some great smelling candles for the bedroom, they are candle and massage oil all in one. Where you have to purchase these items is at an adult website, just to warn you.

Vanilla is a warming and sensual smell, the massage candle desire has the scent of pure and genuine vanilla. This candle fragrance the room leaving a soft and beautiful aroma. Melt the candle for about 20 minutes and use the melted oil to massage yourself or your significant other. It costs $14 at this website

The Lelo massage candle/snow pear and cedarwood is purely made of soy wax, shea butter and apricot kernel oil. The lightly scented candle melts down into a moisturizing massage oil formulated with Vitamin E. It nourishes your skin leaving it soft, lightly absorbs for a silky smooth feeling and has a long lasting burn which is why it differs from other brands. It’s non greasy, contains shea butter and burns for up to 36 hours. It costs $23.34 at this website

The massage oil candle libido has a sexy and fruity smell that will add a sweet and exotic fragrance to the room. Women love it because it enhances the mood while making the room smell feminine and fresh. The aroma will captivate any man, luring him to his knees. If romance is what you want, then this sexy scent will initiate it. Price for this item is $14

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