Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Get Relief From Vaginal Dryness and The Causes

I’ve personally myself have experienced vaginal dryness, it is nothing to be ashamed of because every woman goes through it at some point in their lives. Vaginal dryness not only causes a disturbance to your body it also interferes with your sex life. There are treatments for this condition, but before searching for treatments you should take the time to know why you are so dry down there. A better understanding of how your body works will help you deal with the situation a little easier.

When you have vaginal dryness it can make it very uncomfortable during sex. It can cause burning, itching, painful sex and cause you to have a sexless relationship. There are prescribed moisturizing treatments and over the counter treatments for lubricating the walls of your vagina.

I didn’t know that! The Causes

There are many things that can cause this condition such as menopause. When a woman goes through menopause her estrogen drops. Estrogen is what keeps the vagina healthy, thick and elastic. During menopause the estrogen hormone levels drop and reduces the amount of moisture.

In addition estrogen levels can also drop from childbirth and breastfeeding

Radiation and chemotherapy treatment

Removal of the ovaries

Anti-estrogen medications used to treat uterine fibroids

Other causes of vaginal dryness are:

Sjogren’s syndrome ( an autoimmune disorder that attacks the cells of the body that provide your body with moisture.

Douching, allergy and cold medications


Not turned on enough during the initiation of sex, meaning not enough foreplay.

How it is diagnosed

Your doctor will get a history, give you a pelvic exam and take some cells from your vagina, find out how long it’s been going on and ask questions about what you do that might have cause it such as douching or other medications.

Girl Do Something! Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

Well there are prescribed treatments and over the counter medications that will give you relief from vaginal dryness. Depending on how moderate or sever it is your doctor may give you a estrogen ring that will be inserted inside of you, give you a estrogen tablet or give you a vaginal estrogen cream to use several times a week. The side effect of estrogen products can set off vaginal bleeding and breast pain.

Women Extenze is a female enhancement pill that not only increases your sexual desire but provides you with much needed lubrication for better sex. It contains potent levels of herbals and natural aphrodisiacs that increases vaginal lubrication. Easy to take, no more “I’m not in the mood” no more dryness just comfortable and painless sex.

Vigorelle is the same as extenze but are for those who prefer not to take the pill. It is a spray that provides you with instant results for more enjoyable sex. It is also safe and natural.

There are other lubricants that you can find in your local drugstore for easier convenience or if you want privacy checkout the product above without the creams and oils mess. No matter what you do get treatment because the dryness can cause a urinary tract infection as well.


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