Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My House Nearly Buried 2011 Snowstorm

The snowstorm pictures on the left are of my front porch and shows how my house is nearly buried. The others at the bottom are of my back door and shows how the snow has covered nearly half of my fence in my backyard and the other one is of my hubby trying to work his way through the wall of the snow on the front porch.

When I first heard of the blizzard I really did not take it seriously because you know how the news says one thing and it is always another. Yesterday morning I seen it before it even hit, so I got up and went to stock up on food for a few days just in case it turned out to be bad.

Last night is wasn't looking so good the streets were covered with snow and my drive way was getting deeper and deeper full of it. There were all kinds of reports about the 2011 snowstorm, it was overwhelming.

When I woke up this morning my house was nearly buried in the snow, I couldn't believe it. I took some pictures to keep for memories and to share with the world. It literally snowed 20 inches out in Chicago, I live in Sauk Village and it really hit us.

A Little Information: The news reported that the blizzard conditions are a threat. There was one woman that was walking on Lake Michigan bridge and the high winds had blew her over and she died. 61,000 ComEd customers has lost power and mostly all of the roads in Chicago have been closed. There were drivers stuck on the Lake Michigan bridge for 7 hours, cars are buried and people are warned to stay indoors.

The city is working to the best of their ability to keep the roads plowed. The wind drifts was between 60 to 70 miles per hour. If you do not have to go anywhere Don't! Lake Shore Drive was hit the most, the city has issued a huge apology for all drivers who were caught in the middle of the 2011 snowstorm. Hundreds were rescued from their cars this morning.