Thursday, February 17, 2011

How To Become Sexually Attractive To Women How To Get Her Attention

Altering your appearance or even your approach can make a huge difference when communicating with someone. In order to make the attraction equal you have to take a step back and think about what you are doing wrong. Take a minute to indulge in her interests, don’t just be into her because you want sex be real and confident towards her and about yourself.

Women love a strong, confident, fertile, independent and strong man that will satisfy her needs, but in order for you to satisfy them it needs to be a two way street. It is common sense to see how a woman wants to be treated. Wait, I take that back because other men’s perspective of how a woman should be treated can be a blur. Honesty, a good image and a exceptional personality is the first things we tend to look for.

We as women are more emotional, sensitive and dedicated and when you can understand her it is exactly what she needs. Sometimes it is hard to understand, but as long as you are there then it really does not matter if you don’t get her every once in awhile. Take an interest in what she likes, many men don’t know how to approach, you can ease on in there by complimenting her on her skin or hair.

Here are some tips to observe on how to make her sexually attractive to you:

One thing that could be throwing you off is your breath. Make sure it is fresh especially if you are going to be having face to face communication. No dragon breath!

Yes we love to look at men that have that hot, toned, six-pack body, even though it attracts us body image can be overlook if she is being treated right.

Be there. No matter what a good listener always get points. Grab one of her favorite movies this is perfect especially if she has had a long hard day.

Change your cologne get some Calvin Klein or Michael Jordan, scent has a very profound affect. Pheromones are in certain colognes which draws a woman attention. Scent has power especially if it contains pheromones.

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Treat her like a lady open the doors for her, pull out her chair and make her feel comfortable.

Romance her off her feet by sending her some of her favorite flowers or even taking the time to cook her a good meal. There’s nothing like a home cooked meal made from your heart.

Don’t forget chocolate! Most women love it, you just can’t go wrong when you bring a woman chocolate. Be genuine, be yourself and you can also add little humor in there too.

Don’t smother give room to breathe! If you appear too clingy and obsessive then you are ruining it for you. Give her room to open up to you and approach you herself.

When you are there and if she is attracted to you she will see you in a different light because you are being the man she deserves from the bottom of your heart even if it does turn out to be one night of passionate lovemaking. Make it even better and be prepared for that special night 500 lovemaking tips and sex secrets.

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